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The Bite That Binds (The Est...Laura Redinger

Follow the story of a centuries old vampire coven master Rhames and he finds and binds himself forever to his mate Alli. The local werewolf pack also makes an appearance in the first of this exciting series. PLEASE NOTE: BEFORE YOU BUY, REAmore

The Bite That Binds (The Estate Vampires)
Laura Redinger
Laura Redinger , English

Fast and FuriousTrista Ann Michaels

Average wait: N/A

Allie likes things fast—cars, men, as well as every aspect of her life. She lives for the moment, which is probably how she found herself waist deep in the middle of a Russian drug cartel. As an undercover cop, she thought she had things we… more

Fast and Furious
Trista Ann Michaels
Liquid Silver Books , English

StrangersAlison Tyler

Average wait: N/A

This 2500-word short story originally appeared in the lesbian short-story collection called Blue Sky Sideways, published by Masquerade Books in 1996.Excerpt:I could fix you, I wanted to say. I could make you whole again.How I wanted to slid… more

Alison Tyler
Pretty Things Press , English

Bukkake BrideTaryn Brooks

My name is Beth and I’m happily engaged to a beautiful man who gives me everything that I want or need…except for one thing, which he refuses to give me…a monster facial. He says it’s out of respect but I think facials are hot and sexy…. more

Bukkake Bride
Taryn Brooks

Giving It Up (The Lost Girls 1)Amber Lin

2 ratings
Average wait: 56d, 15h

Giving It Up is original, affecting, emotionally draining, but well worth reading if you are brave enough to go along for the ride.” —Annabel Joseph, author of Comfort ObjectAllie prowls the club for a man who will use her hard and then d… more

Giving It Up (The Lost Girls 1)
Amber Lin
Loose Id LLC , English

I'll stop lying...soon. BOOK...Melinda Williams

Average wait: N/A

This is Book Two of the “On the Run” Series. “I’ll stop lying…Soon. Book Two” follows Allie in her incredibly brave journey fighting abuse of all kinds. Allie runs into someone from her past that appears to be her savior and her worst abu… more

I’ll stop lying…soon. BOOK TWO (On the Run Series )
Melinda Williams
Melinda Williams , English

Snowed In: A Sexy Romantic S...Maura McKeely

Average wait: N/A

Fleeing her ex-boyfriend and sadistic boss, Allie takes a wrong turn on a back-country road and ends up lost in a snowstorm. A passing motorist is there to save the day, but Allie is suspicious when he invites her back to his cabin to spend… more

Snowed In: A Sexy Romantic Short Story
Maura McKeely

Lesbian Sex Stories 4: Naugh...Victoria Andersen

Average wait: N/A

Ms. Allie takes lesbian seduction to a new level. Approximately 2,500 words

Lesbian Sex Stories 4: Naughty Ms. Allie
Victoria Andersen

Skin DeepJ.M. Stone

4 ratings
Average wait: 70d, 18h

Oh, who was she kidding? Emma knew that going to the tattoo shop with her best friend, Allie, would result in getting badgered until she ended up with some sort of needle piercing her flesh in one way or another. What she didn’t plan on was… more

Skin Deep
J.M. Stone

The Argument (Allie's Diary)Allie Blocker

Sometimes marriage is hard. Allie and Lewis are no strangers to the normal tiffs that couples sometimes have. It is just how they resolve their issues that makes their relationship unique. Lewis takes his time coming to find me. So much so … more

The Argument (Allie’s Diary)
Allie Blocker
Shara Azod, LLC , English

The Foot PrincessK.D. Browne

Average wait: N/A

The Foot Princess is an erotic tale of one man’s foot fetish and his love for high heels as well as women’s feet. It’s a secret he keeps to himself as his experience from his last relationship didn’t end so well.Thomas is now committed to f… more

The Foot Princess
K.D. Browne

Tats (Journals of a Man in Love)Zade Ryar

Lewis and Allie declare the nature of their love permanently for all to see. I can feel her sigh as she burrows her head into my chest and says, “I love you, Michie.” Leaning down, I kiss the top of her head, stroking her b… more

Tats (Journals of a Man in Love)
Zade Ryar
Shara Azod, LLC , English

Their First Time (Christian ...Rachel White, Evan White

Average wait: N/A

Good girl Allie has been waiting her entire life to marry the man of her dreams, Andrew Reed. She’s never regretted her decision to save herself for marriage, but now that the big day is finally here, she’s a ball of nerves. She wants every… more

Their First Time (Christian Erotica)
Rachel White, Evan White

The JourneyMelanie Wilber

Average wait: N/A

Melissa and Allie are as opposite as two friends can be. Now in their third year of high school, life is becoming more complicated every day. And changes are on the horizon for both of them they can’t foresee. Can they ride the waves of … more

The Journey
Melanie Wilber

Yard Work (Stepbrother and S...Natalie Deschain

Yard work is hard work! Allie and Billy are outside getting all sweaty taking care of the chores while their stepparents are away. As the day wears on, they find it harder and harder to contain their attraction to each other, and when a lit… more

Yard Work (Stepbrother and Stepsister Taboo Erotica)
Natalie Deschain

Returning Home (The War for Eden)Molli Fields

It’s been seven long years since Madison left her home. It’s been seven years of the Damnatus army wreaking havoc on the beautiful realm of Eden. And it’s been seven years since she saw her family. The worst part—Madison knows none of this…. more

Returning Home (The War for Eden)
Molli Fields

Allie's Diary- The First TimeAllie Blocker

The story of Allie and Lewis from Allie’s point of view. Get a glimpse of how their romance began and blossomed through Allie’s eyes.

Allie’s Diary- The First Time
Allie Blocker
Shara Azod, LLC , English

THE ROOM (Allen and Allie Se...Chase Boehner

Average wait: N/A

Part II in the Allen and Allie Sex AdventuresAllen and Allie are a sexy married couple still wild for each other after 15 years of marriage. In Part I, Beginnings (Allen and Allie Sex Adventures), Allen has finished the room he made for All… more

THE ROOM (Allen and Allie Sex Adventures-Part 2)
Chase Boehner
Chase Boehner , English

Search and Seizure (Cops & Hotties)Roxie Rivera

When college freshman Allie breaks curfew, her detective step-daddy gives her the third degree. After searching her purse and making a shocking discovery, he decides it’s time to frisk her.But having his big strong hands roaming her body ha… more

Search and Seizure (Cops & Hotties)
Roxie Rivera
Night Works Books , English