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High School Literary Club - ... - Paul Swearingen

High School Literary Club - ...Paul Swearingen

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Joining her high school’s literary club was not what fifteen-year-old Alex intended to do when she complained about her lost submission to the school literary magazine. She could never foresee what saying “yes” could lead to - a mashed foot… more

High School Literary Club - The Climax (The High School Series)
Paul Swearingen
Life Is But A Dream - Debbie Reis

Life Is But A DreamDebbie Reis

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You never know when lessons from a past life will catch up with you… A few minutes before Lauren awoke; her life took a dramatic turn. She remembers dreaming of a man who was so connected to her, he could have been her other half. How does … more

Life Is But A Dream
Debbie Reis
Sweet Soul Publications , English
Naughty Secrets 2 - Estaban Steel, Eden Skye

Naughty Secrets 2Estaban Steel, Eden Skye

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Derrick has wanted Kendra since they first met, but Kendra has stopped his advances until she can find a way to get out of her troubled marriage. All of that changes when Kendra comes home early one day to find her husband Alex balls deep i… more

Naughty Secrets 2
Estaban Steel, Eden Skye
Dark Sensations , English
Hematite: The Last Stone (preview) - Jarrell Witherspoon

Hematite: The Last Stone (preview)Jarrell Witherspoon

Hematite is the odd, quiet, outcast of lakeshore high. Everyone sees how she acts school, not knowing everything she goes through. Her father died when she was little leaving only her mother and little brother Alex. Something has always bee… more

Hematite: The Last Stone (preview)
Jarrell Witherspoon
Daddy's Revenge (First Time ... - Alyssa Cross

Daddy's Revenge (First Time ...Alyssa Cross

For my 18th birthday my step-dad, Alex, threw me a special party—just me and him. My teasing pushed him over the edge, and before I knew it, I was all grown up! For revenge, I seduced the sweet-but-dorky neighbor boy next door and gave th… more

Daddy’s Revenge (First Time From Behind) (Naughty College Girl Next Door)
Alyssa Cross
Into the Dark - Kay Dillaway

Into the DarkKay Dillaway

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Into the dark.Into the dark is about the fight between good and evil.Simon wants to rule the world and the only way to do that is to allow Satan to take control of his body.Alex, his sister, is pregnant. She knows that Simon must use her u… more

Into the Dark
Kay Dillaway
HOOK 'EM SNOTTY (Gary Paulse... - Gary Paulsen

HOOK 'EM SNOTTY (Gary Paulse...Gary Paulsen

“I’ve had enough …” Alex let go of her horse and hit Bobbie like a tigress, driving her back and knocking her on her rear. “Now we’ll see if you have problems with your rump.”Bobbie leapt to her feet. Her lips were tight. She stalked pa… more

HOOKEM SNOTTY (Gary Paulsen World of Adventure)
Gary Paulsen
Yearling , English
A Place to Run (The Making o... - Diane Adams

A Place to Run (The Making o...Diane Adams

3 ratings

School’s out and Alex is home, but things aren’t going as smoothly as he hoped. Jared is hesitant about advancing their relationship and fixated on the fact that Alex’s mother doesn’t know he’s gay. When she discovers the truth, her extreme… more

A Place to Run (The Making of a Man)
Diane Adams
Silver Publishing , English
My Demon - Lisa Hinsley

My DemonLisa Hinsley

Clive beguiles and seduces and only Alex can see, hear, touch the Demon. He comes bearing a gift … and a warning. With the fate of their universes in the balance, Alex is the best candidate, hand-selected to save the human race, and Clive o… more

My Demon
Lisa Hinsley
Pfoxmoor Publishing, PfoxChase , English
Terrance (The Severing) - D.J. Manly

Terrance (The Severing)D.J. Manly

Something wakes Terrance in the middle of the night, a voice that won’t let him sleep. Alex, his lover, has accepted that Terrance can talk to the dead, but this time it’s different; this time the voice is dead… dead serious. This time, the… more

Terrance (The Severing)
D.J. Manly
Silver Publishing , English
Children's Book: Sir Alex an... - Michael Yu

Children's Book: Sir Alex an...Michael Yu

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Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE on your Kindle device A Gorgeous Illustrated Children’s Picture Ebook for Ages 2-8.

Alex is bored! He doesn’t want to clean up the house, he just wants to play. Then, Alex gets an ide… more

Children’s Book: Sir Alex and the Missing Toys (A Fun Children’s Picture Book)
Michael Yu
Fat Moon Books , English
Blue Smoke and Madness - Lisa C Hinsley

Blue Smoke and MadnessLisa C Hinsley

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Blue smoke and madness: that is what Alex finds when a being only she can see, touch and hear enters her life.

Clive is a demon. Not figuratively, but literally - a real life demon complete with red cat-suit and velvet horns. Initially pla… more

Blue Smoke and Madness
Lisa C Hinsley
Stranded - Angela Knight

StrandedAngela Knight

1 rating
Average wait: 412d, 4h

Genre: BDSM/FetishSociety-girl Alex has a smutty secret: she craves domination. One night, while fantasizing about the man who can claim and master her, Fate drops her in his arms.Literally.Hawke’s been alone in the ‘Goldfish Bowl’ for far … more

Angela Knight
Loose Id LLC , English
A Day for Heroes - Adam Klein

A Day for HeroesAdam Klein

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A father and his son while on a camping and hunting trip are pulled into a major battle being fought by the Colonial Commonwealth, an earth centric colonial administration, and those that wish to secede from them. Follow Alex, his father an… more

A Day for Heroes
Adam Klein
Kids:Just Little Old Me (Rhy... - Joyce Mitchell

Kids:Just Little Old Me (Rhy...Joyce Mitchell

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LITTLE LEAH the FROG meets her friend, ALEX the FISH next to a lily pad in the murky old pon… more

Kids:Just Little Old Me (Rhymes ebook) (Early Learning:Adventure & Education) (Picture Books)
Joyce Mitchell
Author Joyce Mitchell , English
The Shadow of Minecraft: The... - Kevin Reed

The Shadow of Minecraft: The...Kevin Reed

Limited Time Discount! (Regular $3.99)

The Shadow of Minecraft: The Voice

I am not sure what is real anymore. I look at my reflection in the mirror and the person I used to be is no more. I am but a shadow looking at a reflection of a … more

The Shadow of Minecraft: The Voice - A Minecraft Novel
Kevin Reed
Alex The Cat - Dina Porell

Alex The CatDina Porell

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A short story for older children, Alex the Cat is the tale of a little cat who has to grow up tough. He faces abusive humans, fierce strays, and hungry nights and he never expects to find a loving home.

Alex The Cat
Dina Porell
The T.F. Letters - Karen Ray

The T.F. LettersKaren Ray

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Seven-year-old Alex starts to lose her baby teeth, begins a correspondence with the Tooth Fairy, and tries to accept the fact that her family is moving to a distant state.

The T.F. Letters
Karen Ray


The novel is the real story of a girl named Alex. Alex’s life is full of kind of beauty that everyone dreams of. The beauty is in harmony with her kindness and great respect to her parents. An incredible friendship between her and a beautif… more

ALEX (ALEX-Part One)
TS.K.MARI , English
Slips' Slip Up (The Imagible... - A. J. Cosmo

Slips' Slip Up (The Imagible...A. J. Cosmo

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Are imaginary friends real? To eight year old Alex there is an entire world filled with them. They’re real enough to make a mess of things and get Alex in trouble. Can Alex forgive his imaginary friend Slips when Slips slips up?

7.5K words… more

Slips’ Slip Up (The Imagibles Book 1)
A. J. Cosmo
Thought Bubble Publishing , English