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30 days, 30 nights - Anna Rainbow

30 days, 30 nightsAnna Rainbow

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Ally Matthews has reached a decisive moment in her life. 30 years old, single, with no men in her life, she is miserable. Determined to find the love of her life, Ally begins to make a plan. Inspired by reading a book on positive thinkin… more

30 days, 30 nights
Anna Rainbow
Paintball Problems (Jake Mad... - Jake Maddox

Paintball Problems (Jake Mad...Jake Maddox

Max is excited for the end of the school year; not only will he get a break from Alex, the school bully, but he’ll also get to spend the summer playing paintball. But when Alex joins the paintball league too, things go from bad to worse. Th… more

Paintball Problems (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)
Jake Maddox
Stone Arch Books , English
Naughty Secrets 2 - Estaban Steel, Eden Skye

Naughty Secrets 2Estaban Steel, Eden Skye

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Derrick has wanted Kendra since they first met, but Kendra has stopped his advances until she can find a way to get out of her troubled marriage. All of that changes when Kendra comes home early one day to find her husband Alex balls deep i… more

Naughty Secrets 2
Estaban Steel, Eden Skye
Dark Sensations , English
Hot Night With My Son's Friend Alex - Elaine Shuel

Hot Night With My Son's Friend AlexElaine Shuel

A 47-year-old horny woman sees the grown up Alex, her son’s black boyhood friend who used to stay over at their home. Lust takes over and it makes for a steamy night of hot sex, in this erotica short story.

Hot Night With My Son’s Friend Alex
Elaine Shuel
Dead To US: Episode 2 (Infec... - Aaliyah Abdul

Dead To US: Episode 2 (Infec...Aaliyah Abdul

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We know how the virus began, and why. Now we need to survive the aftermath, the living, and the dead.”Determined to save their family and friends, Alex and City return to Broken Horn, only to find more dead than living. Meanwhile, Thaddeus… more

Dead To US: Episode 2 (Infected States of America)
Aaliyah Abdul
The Bully - A new short stor... - Sharon Jones

The Bully - A new short stor...Sharon Jones

A new home with her mother, a new life away from her violent step father, Alex has escaped the bully…or has she?

The Bully - A new short story from writer Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones
Ladymoon , English
Daddy's Revenge (First Time ... - Alyssa Cross

Daddy's Revenge (First Time ...Alyssa Cross

For my 18th birthday my step-dad, Alex, threw me a special party—just me and him. My teasing pushed him over the edge, and before I knew it, I was all grown up! For revenge, I seduced the sweet-but-dorky neighbor boy next door and gave th… more

Daddy’s Revenge (First Time From Behind) (Naughty College Girl Next Door)
Alyssa Cross
The Empty House (Taboo Colle... - Jayden Lane

The Empty House (Taboo Colle...Jayden Lane

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That combined with the rubbing of my clit was such a beautiful agony to be in. I was on the cusp of getting everything I wanted, from both sides, but still so far away at the same time. My moans turned to whimpers and nearly into tears as… more

The Empty House (Taboo College Erotica) (The Open House Book 1)
Jayden Lane
Jayden Lane , English
Alex The Cat - Dina Porell

Alex The CatDina Porell

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A short story for older children, Alex the Cat is the tale of a little cat who has to grow up tough. He faces abusive humans, fierce strays, and hungry nights and he never expects to find a loving home.

Alex The Cat
Dina Porell
Alex and the Pirate (Call Me... - Elaine Arthur

Alex and the Pirate (Call Me...Elaine Arthur

Average wait: N/A

In Book 1, we met Alex, an eleven-year-old, borderline loner. Nonetheless, that doesn’t keep him from befriending Emily at school. When Emily went missing and Alex began having strange dreams, he and those around him were surprised to dis… more

Alex and the Pirate (Call Me Alexander Book 2)
Elaine Arthur
PRWP.biz , English
Never Too Late - Linda Stiles Fox

Never Too LateLinda Stiles Fox

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Taylor has been nanny/housekeeper and substitute mommy to Miranda for three years. Now, Miranda’s daddy, Alex, is moving her across the country for a new job. Where will that leave Taylor and her love for this sweet little girl…and her … more

Never Too Late
Linda Stiles Fox


The novel is the real story of a girl named Alex. Alex’s life is full of kind of beauty that everyone dreams of. The beauty is in harmony with her kindness and great respect to her parents. An incredible friendship between her and a beautif… more

ALEX (ALEX-Part One)
TS.K.MARI , English
A Deal with the Enemy - Jessica A. Ennis

A Deal with the EnemyJessica A. Ennis

All-American Brenden has a crush on the weird boy at school. Brenden’s best friend Alex is also gay, so that’s not the problem. The problem is that Alex hates Brenden’s crush with a fiery passion. Can he prove to Brenden that he’s a good en… more

A Deal with the Enemy
Jessica A. Ennis
Prizm , English
Not All Prisoners are in Cages - Dee May

Not All Prisoners are in CagesDee May

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Claire is 40 years old and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She is struggling to become a woman in her own right. This is essential for her, essential for her sanity. For twenty-two years she has been married to a man much older than he… more

Not All Prisoners are in Cages
Dee May
Hiding In Plain Sight - Sue  Nelson Buckley

Hiding In Plain SightSue Nelson Buckley

Average wait: N/A

Hilary’s excitement over her new neighbours and their hot son, turns to worry when she sees something she shouldn’t. The closer she gets to Ben, and his pesky little sister, Alex, the more she likes them. But they have a secret and when str… more

Hiding In Plain Sight
Sue Nelson Buckley
PaperBox Books , English
The Monster That Followed Me... - Kate Clary

The Monster That Followed Me...Kate Clary

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A short, fun chapter book ideal for children age 5 up to 8

When Max walks home from school, he hears the pitter patter of little feet following him.

It’s a little, green monster that is interested in only one thing- Max’s lunch box!

M… more

The Monster That Followed Me Home From School
Kate Clary
Giving Experience (Experienc... - Briony Summers

Giving Experience (Experienc...Briony Summers

Average wait: N/A

After a passionate first encounter with Gabriel, everything in Katie’s life is perfect. However, a surprise visit leaves their relationship in shambles. Katie must pick up the pieces of her life as Gabriel retreats, but luckily she has th… more

Giving Experience (Experience Serial Book 2)
Briony Summers
Tasting Silver - S.E. Campbell

Tasting SilverS.E. Campbell

Average wait: N/A

Poinsettia—nicknamed Amber—has always gone against the route of conformity. That includes, of course, her fellow classmate Alex who has run through more than half the girls in their high school. After she makes the fatal mistake of escortin… more

Tasting Silver
S.E. Campbell
Turquoise Morning Press , English
Stranded - Angela Knight

StrandedAngela Knight

1 rating
Average wait: 412d, 4h

Genre: BDSM/FetishSociety-girl Alex has a smutty secret: she craves domination. One night, while fantasizing about the man who can claim and master her, Fate drops her in his arms.Literally.Hawke’s been alone in the ‘Goldfish Bowl’ for far … more

Angela Knight
Loose Id LLC , English
Alex Saves His Money - Michelle Zimmerman

Alex Saves His MoneyMichelle Zimmerman

Average wait: N/A

Has your child ever asked for a toy that was advertised on TV? In “Alex Saves His Money,” Alex sees something on TV that he just can’t live without! Alex’s mother teaches him the value of money when Alex has to work and save for what he wan… more

Alex Saves His Money
Michelle Zimmerman