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Alex in Wonderland - Jessica Freely

Alex in WonderlandJessica Freely

1 rating
Average wait: 148d, 2h

What can go wrong in a sex club? Plenty.Fresh out of a sexless relationship with a manipulative, two-timing boyfriend, Alex enters the notorious sex club, Wonderland, looking for action. But between the dungeon of dubious Doms, the malfunct… more

Alex in Wonderland
Jessica Freely
Etopia Press , English
Stranded - Angela Knight

StrandedAngela Knight

1 rating
Average wait: 412d, 4h

Genre: BDSM/FetishSociety-girl Alex has a smutty secret: she craves domination. One night, while fantasizing about the man who can claim and master her, Fate drops her in his arms.Literally.Hawke’s been alone in the ‘Goldfish Bowl’ for far … more

Angela Knight
Loose Id LLC , English
The Accidental Mermaid - Robert E. Thornsberry

The Accidental MermaidRobert E. Thornsberry

Average wait: N/A

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself turned into a mermaid? Or a legendary wielder of Force powers? This is the story of Hannah and her fiance Alex after they and thousands of others have their normal lives changed by a cursed… more

The Accidental Mermaid
Robert E. Thornsberry
AuthorHouse , English
Uncensored And Raw 3 MILF Ad... - Erina Toivenon

Uncensored And Raw 3 MILF Ad...Erina Toivenon

Average wait: N/A

An awesome collection of adult pictures of women forty and over (better known as MILFS) that bear are and show themselves completely uncensored. See Alex with her perfect breasts and Angie in the most provocative poses. Erina adds exciting … more

Uncensored And Raw 3 MILF Adult Picture Book Milf Photos And Pictures From Erotica Sex
Erina Toivenon
Blue Shift Publishing LLC , English
My Demon - Lisa Hinsley

My DemonLisa Hinsley

Clive beguiles and seduces and only Alex can see, hear, touch the Demon. He comes bearing a gift … and a warning. With the fate of their universes in the balance, Alex is the best candidate, hand-selected to save the human race, and Clive o… more

My Demon
Lisa Hinsley
Pfoxmoor Publishing, PfoxChase , English
Children's Book:Just Little ... - Joyce Mitchell

Children's Book:Just Little ...Joyce Mitchell

Average wait: N/A

CHILDREN’S BOOK: “JUST LITTLE OLD ME”- rhyming picture book

A delightful book to remind us to not rush our children to grow up and to remind them that they can be anything they want to be!


Children’s Book:Just Little Old Me (FROGS & FISH) (Picture Book Bedtime Story) (EDUCATIONAL RHYMES:GOOD VALUE) (Preschool)
Joyce Mitchell
Author Joyce Mitchell , English
High School Literary Club - ... - Paul Swearingen

High School Literary Club - ...Paul Swearingen

Average wait: N/A

Joining her high school’s literary club was not what fifteen-year-old Alex intended to do when she complained about her lost submission to the school literary magazine. She could never foresee what saying “yes” could lead to - a mashed foot… more

High School Literary Club - The Climax (The High School Series)
Paul Swearingen
Hiding In Plain Sight - Sue  Nelson Buckley

Hiding In Plain SightSue Nelson Buckley

Average wait: N/A

Hilary’s excitement over her new neighbours and their hot son, turns to worry when she sees something she shouldn’t. The closer she gets to Ben, and his pesky little sister, Alex, the more she likes them. But they have a secret and when str… more

Hiding In Plain Sight
Sue Nelson Buckley
PaperBox Books , English
Tasting Silver - S.E. Campbell

Tasting SilverS.E. Campbell

Average wait: N/A

Poinsettia—nicknamed Amber—has always gone against the route of conformity. That includes, of course, her fellow classmate Alex who has run through more than half the girls in their high school. After she makes the fatal mistake of escortin… more

Tasting Silver
S.E. Campbell
Turquoise Morning Press , English
In Time of War -- Volume Fiv... - Allen Appel

In Time of War -- Volume Fiv...Allen Appel

Average wait: N/A

In this, number five in the Pastmaster series — the last book at this point — Alex finds himself caught up in the American Civil War. Through a mysterious turn of events, Molly is also drawn back to the same time period. Why? Alex’s fathe… more

In Time of War — Volume Five in the Pastmaster Series
Allen Appel
My House, My Rules - Constance Masters

My House, My RulesConstance Masters

Average wait: N/A

The last thing Jay needs on his first day in his new home is kids climbing over his fence and swimming in his backyard pool unsupervised and without his knowledge or permission. The incident serves as a less than optimal introduction to his… more

My House, My Rules
Constance Masters
Stormy Night Publications , English
Megan Goes To the Zoo - Kurt Zimmerman

Megan Goes To the ZooKurt Zimmerman

Average wait: N/A

Megan and her family visit the zoo to see the animals, but her little brother Alex has different plans. Colorful and adorable pictures illustrate Megan’s whirlwind trip through the zoo, in persuit of Alex. This is a fun picture book for you… more

Megan Goes To the Zoo
Kurt Zimmerman
A Deal with the Enemy - Jessica A. Ennis

A Deal with the EnemyJessica A. Ennis

All-American Brenden has a crush on the weird boy at school. Brenden’s best friend Alex is also gay, so that’s not the problem. The problem is that Alex hates Brenden’s crush with a fiery passion. Can he prove to Brenden that he’s a good en… more

A Deal with the Enemy
Jessica A. Ennis
Prizm , English
Alex and the Pirate (Call Me... - Elaine Arthur

Alex and the Pirate (Call Me...Elaine Arthur

Average wait: N/A

In Book 1, we met Alex, an eleven-year-old, borderline loner. Nonetheless, that doesn’t keep him from befriending Emily at school. When Emily went missing and Alex began having strange dreams, he and those around him were surprised to dis… more

Alex and the Pirate (Call Me Alexander)
Elaine Arthur
PRWP.biz , English
A Day for Heroes - Adam Klein

A Day for HeroesAdam Klein

Average wait: N/A

A father and his son while on a camping and hunting trip are pulled into a major battle being fought by the Colonial Commonwealth, an earth centric colonial administration, and those that wish to secede from them. Follow Alex, his father an… more

A Day for Heroes
Adam Klein
Dead To US: Episode 2 (Infec... - Aaliyah Abdul

Dead To US: Episode 2 (Infec...Aaliyah Abdul

Average wait: N/A

We know how the virus began, and why. Now we need to survive the aftermath, the living, and the dead.”

Determined to save their family and friends, Alex and City return to Broken Horn, only to find more dead than living. Meanwhile, Thadde… more

Dead To US: Episode 2 (Infected States of America)
Aaliyah Abdul
A Place to Run (The Making o... - Diane Adams

A Place to Run (The Making o...Diane Adams

3 ratings

School’s out and Alex is home, but things aren’t going as smoothly as he hoped. Jared is hesitant about advancing their relationship and fixated on the fact that Alex’s mother doesn’t know he’s gay. When she discovers the truth, her extreme… more

A Place to Run (The Making of a Man)
Diane Adams
Silver Publishing , English
Alex The Cat - Dina Porell

Alex The CatDina Porell

Average wait: N/A

A short story for older children, Alex the Cat is the tale of a little cat who has to grow up tough. He faces abusive humans, fierce strays, and hungry nights and he never expects to find a loving home.

Alex The Cat
Dina Porell
Daddy's Revenge (First Time ... - Alyssa Cross

Daddy's Revenge (First Time ...Alyssa Cross

For my 18th birthday my step-dad, Alex, threw me a special party—just me and him. My teasing pushed him over the edge, and before I knew it, I was all grown up! For revenge, I seduced the sweet-but-dorky neighbor boy next door and gave th… more

Daddy’s Revenge (First Time From Behind) (Naughty College Girl Next Door)
Alyssa Cross
HOOK 'EM SNOTTY (Gary Paulse... - Gary Paulsen

HOOK 'EM SNOTTY (Gary Paulse...Gary Paulsen

“I’ve had enough …” Alex let go of her horse and hit Bobbie like a tigress, driving her back and knocking her on her rear. “Now we’ll see if you have problems with your rump.”Bobbie leapt to her feet. Her lips were tight. She stalked pa… more

HOOKEM SNOTTY (Gary Paulsen World of Adventure)
Gary Paulsen
Yearling , English