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Lost Towns In Alabama - Thomas Green

Lost Towns In AlabamaThomas Green

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A collection of Ghost, Lost and forgotten Towns in Alabama,

Lost Towns In Alabama
Thomas Green
HE was Born Again: The Ultim... - E. Gene Gorrell

HE was Born Again: The Ultim...E. Gene Gorrell

Growing up in Alabama in the 1850s and ’60s as a slave is not the kind of life anybody in today’s world would envy. But Manny, a brilliant, gifted and deep-loving young man, emerges from this era as an unheralded inspiration to thousands—on… more

HE was Born Again: The Ultimate Solution
E. Gene Gorrell
PublishAmerica , English
The Devil In Alabama - L Lee

The Devil In AlabamaL Lee

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Based on a series of real events woven into a fictional set of of characters, this is a story that draws you in page by page until the very end, “The Devil…” is a tale set in rural Alabama, on the lake in the early 80’s, Micki & her frien… more

The Devil In Alabama
L Lee
South Wind Publishing , English
Dirty Laundry - Stephanie Lawton

Dirty LaundryStephanie Lawton

Small town Mobile, Alabama has seen its share of dirty laundry, especially from the Swann family. But when the divorce smackdown begins, who will end up in the crosshairs?*Dirty Laundry tells another piece of the amazing story that began wi… more

Dirty Laundry
Stephanie Lawton
Inkspell Publishing , English
Jasper (Short Story) - Bill Bernico

Jasper (Short Story)Bill Bernico

Every community, including Delbert, Alabama has its share of bullies. Jasper McKeever was the local bully and everyone knew they’d better give a wide berth to Jasper wherever he went. Jasper comes upon a roadside fireworks stand and requi… more

Jasper (Short Story)
Bill Bernico
Downwind Publications , English
The Releasing of Shame - D.L. Sullivan

The Releasing of ShameD.L. Sullivan

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Have you ever done something shameful in your life? Maybe a family member has brought shame and you carry the burden. Then you can relate to Kennedy, the southern girl from Alabama.Kennedy’s past addiction to pornography and lust is just ma… more

The Releasing of Shame
D.L. Sullivan
D L Sullivan , English
Slavery in America - Women i... - Anonymous, Emma Thomas

Slavery in America - Women i...Anonymous, Emma Thomas

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!The language contained in this book is that of the women themselves (and not my own). It may contain words currently considered politically incorrect and derogatory. If you are easily offended by such language, I a… more

Slavery in America - Women in Slavery - Alabama (illustrated)
Anonymous, Emma Thomas
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound:... - Bob McGregor

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound:...Bob McGregor

This book is the account of the author’s eight and a half years of prosecuting for the State of Alabama. The reader will meet the prosecutors, (the “white hats) the defense attorneys, (the black hats) as well as the cops, the detectives and… more

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound:No Holiday for Justice
Bob McGregor
AuthorHouse , English
Kathryn (Chosen) - Courtney Rose

Kathryn (Chosen)Courtney Rose

Kathryn is a not-so-normal teenage girl with not-so-normal hobbies. She loves magic, and wishes almost more than anything that she had real powers.When she moves to Alabama, she’s one of the outcast, like she expects. Then, she meets Alex, … more

Kathryn (Chosen)
Courtney Rose
Missing - Drake Braxton

MissingDrake Braxton

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2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards- Finalist in GLBT Category2012 New England Book Festival - Winner Gay Fiction2012 Rainbow Award Winner - 2nd place in Gay Mystery/ThrillerWhile attending a 20th high school reunion in Alabama, Blain Ha… more

Drake Braxton
Seventh Window Publications , English
History of Alabama and dicti... - Thomas McAdory Owen

History of Alabama and dicti...Thomas McAdory Owen

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History of Alabama and dictionary of Alabama biography (~1027 pg)

History of Alabama and dictionary of Alabama biography
Thomas McAdory Owen
Dark Wolf Protector [Love on... - Rhiannon Ellis

Dark Wolf Protector [Love on...Rhiannon Ellis

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Animal rescuer, Jaci Waters, has her hands full when a rogue wolf invades her small, backwoods town of Tall Oaks, Alabama. Her goal is to not only protect her neighbors and fellow townsfolk, but to capture and relocate the trouble-making ca… more

Dark Wolf Protector [Love on the Wild Side: 1]
Rhiannon Ellis
Cobblestone Press, LLC , English
Rednecks...Dang - Ipam


Three redneck seventeen year old teens encounter a new Southern Belle with their diff mixed emotions…in the Lacy Spring hick cow town of Alabama….

Bubba Goes to Alabama - Kenneth David Mobley

Bubba Goes to AlabamaKenneth David Mobley

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On the eighth day, God created Bubba, a somewhat imperfect creation (but, hey, aren’t we all?) who makes friends with animals but wonders why he’s the only one of his kind. When Bubba realizes he was created by God, his prayers are answered… more

Bubba Goes to Alabama
Kenneth David Mobley
ThomasMax Publishing , English


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EYE TO EYE WITH A HURRICANE is a novel written by a registered nurse that is based on true events, with some embellishment by the author, that transpired during a hurricand that hit a large urban hospital in a major city. This book is not f… more

Audrey Phillips
ED WEAVER - John Northcutt Young

ED WEAVERJohn Northcutt Young

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The old Weaver house has been empty since the children put Ed in a nursing home. Went up for sale a week after he died. He’s buried in the church cemetery beside his wife Emma under a joining heart headstone. Started breaking the day she di… more

John Northcutt Young
Spectral Rewind: Class of '81 - Terry Lloyd Vinson

Spectral Rewind: Class of '81Terry Lloyd Vinson

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As the atypical small southern town, Baymont, Alabama holds but one unique, albeit tragic distinction; that being the mysterious, grisly murders of two former high school standouts the night of the Class of ‘81’s twenty-fifth reunion. Hopin… more

Spectral Rewind: Class of ‘81
Terry Lloyd Vinson
Swimming Kangaroo Books , English
A Night of Wickedness (Wicke... - JD Nelson

A Night of Wickedness (Wicke...JD Nelson

Mature 18+ for frequent and explicit sexual situations with multiple partners.

Obsidian Raines is everything I hate in a new neighbor. He’s smart, sexy, and a wealthy vampire. Now, I know what you’re thinking, he sounds hot, right? Well,… more

A Night of Wickedness (Wicked Ways Book 1)
JD Nelson
Chaste Moon Publishing , English
Vacation Bible School Dropou... - Hank Miller

Vacation Bible School Dropou...Hank Miller

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This anthology of short stories depicts growing up along the Atlantic Seaboard and in southern Alabama during the 1940’s and 50’s. These stories are true.After all they were written by the one and only Panky Miller, the Opp killer diller!

Vacation Bible School Dropouts Book ONE
Hank Miller
Hank Miller , English
The Formative Period in Alab... - Thomas Perkins Abernethy

The Formative Period in Alab...Thomas Perkins Abernethy

The Formative Period in Alabama, 1815-1828

The Formative Period in Alabama, 1815-1828
Thomas Perkins Abernethy