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War of the Ninja - Russell Lee

War of the NinjaRussell Lee

A ninja master leads a group of military trainees on a rescue mission in Afghanistan. This story is written in a screenplay version.

War of the Ninja
Russell Lee
Une guerre difficile: Points... - Emily Spencer

Une guerre difficile: Points...Emily Spencer

L’ouvrage intitulne guerre difficile : Points de vue sur l’insurrection et les FOS aborde les concepts thiques liaux insurrections et a pratique de la guerre irrli. Le prnt volume s’intsse dans une large mesure aux forces d’options spales, … more

Une guerre difficile: Points de vue sur l’insurrection et les FOS (French Edition)
Emily Spencer
Dundurn , French
Field Of Blue - Roger Harrison

Field Of BlueRoger Harrison

This is a follow up to my book “Poems From The State Of Depression”. This book contains 17 new original poems I wrote during my many blue periods. With poems entitled: “Painted Blue”, A Frozen Flame”,Dreams You Awake From” it also contains … more

Field Of Blue
Roger Harrison
Roger Harrison , English
Band of Sisters: Coming Home - Annette Lyon

Band of Sisters: Coming HomeAnnette Lyon

Five women became fast friends when their husbands were deployed to Afghanistan. But as they welcome the soldiers home, what should be a joyful time soon becomes painful. Kim, who had a baby while her husband was away, knows how to be a mot… more

Band of Sisters: Coming Home
Annette Lyon
Covenant Communications , English
Be Good to Your Body--Health... - Roz Fulcher

Be Good to Your Body--Health...Roz Fulcher

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More than 50 illustrated recipes encourage kids to delight in preparing and eating fresh, healthful foods. Simple dishes and snacks include Fruit Pizza, Cheesy Spaghetti Squash, Frozen Grape Pops, and Turkey Joes. Fun-to-color pages feature… more

Be Good to Your Body—Healthy Eating and Fun Recipes (Dover Children’s Activity Books)
Roz Fulcher
Dover Publications , English
The Sound of Sunrise - Jay Grewal

The Sound of SunriseJay Grewal

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If you look up the word ‘Deaf’ in the dictionary, you’ll see that it has two definitions: Partially or wholly deprived of the sense of hearing; and second, refusing to listen, heed, or be persuaded; unreasonable or unyielding. Unfortunately… more

The Sound of Sunrise
Jay Grewal
Letters Home (BBW Erotic Romance) - Cindel Sabante

Letters Home (BBW Erotic Romance)Cindel Sabante

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When a chance encounter reunites Ashley with Nick, a crush from her past, she couldn’t have been happier. But when the full bodied girl finds out that her high school crush is only in town for a few days before he deploys to Afghanistan, he… more

Letters Home (BBW Erotic Romance)
Cindel Sabante
The Killing Birds - Richard Bennett

The Killing BirdsRichard Bennett

A first-hand account of life in the Infantry, from Basic to Afghanistan and back again.

The Killing Birds
Richard Bennett
When the Lions are Drinking - Val Wake

When the Lions are DrinkingVal Wake

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The story is a fictional account of how the British Foreign Office works in its efforts to win the hearts of minds of people around the world. The story focuses on the British Government support of the Mujihadeen during the Red Army occupat… more

When the Lions are Drinking
Val Wake
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English


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This is a story about an ordinary man called James who also happens to be a soldier, he has just completed a tour of Afghanistan and cannot wait to see his family again. After a period of leave he has to go on a training exercise with his u… more

Colin Chesney
The Marine Memoirs - Ryan Manganiello

The Marine MemoirsRyan Manganiello

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A personal journal written by a United States Marine, which was updated during all one hundred and eighty two days of his deployment to Afghanistan. This is the first time in history a book has been written that covers an entire combat depl… more

The Marine Memoirs
Ryan Manganiello
Ryan John Manganiello , English
Homecoming - Kelly Washington

HomecomingKelly Washington

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Not all homecomings are necessarily good ones. Sergeant Sunny Washer is returning from Afghanistan and will meet the “husband” she duped 13 months ago. Joey isn’t interested in hearing what Sunny has to say. He wants their sham of a marria… more

Kelly Washington
Bad Environment (Agent Juliet #3) - E. M. Smith

Bad Environment (Agent Juliet #3)E. M. Smith

Average wait: 1h

A deep black op in the heart of Afghanistan brings Bravo face-to-face with his past…

A strange phone call from one of his nieces sends Jamie off the rails…

And someone at NOC-Unit sends Jamie and Bravo on a mission they aren’t meant t… more

Bad Environment (Agent Juliet #3)
E. M. Smith
Fantastic Candy from Afghanistan - Baby Lulu

Fantastic Candy from AfghanistanBaby Lulu

In this mind-bending picture book for adults and kids alike, dedicated to all servicemen and women abroad, little Sally’s dad has taught her an army chant about gummy bears in a letter from Afghanistan. She meets Simon when she’s out campin… more

Fantastic Candy from Afghanistan
Baby Lulu
New Wave Press , English
Another Murder Matters - Liz Bearden

Another Murder MattersLiz Bearden

Average wait: N/A

Jim, Bennie’s friend, returns from Afghanistan changed from what Bennie remembers of his childhood friend. The Lorhan family and friends must find the cause and restore him to what was his normal self. Jim, because of security constraints… more

Another Murder Matters
Liz Bearden
Felix E Bearden , English
Last Day of My Life (Freebir... - Lani Lynn Vale

Last Day of My Life (Freebir...Lani Lynn Vale

1 rating
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She’s the definition of lost. Doesn’t know her name? Check. Cruelly beaten within an inch of her life? Check. No memory of anything that’s happened since she woke up from that beating? Check. Losing a child she doesn’t remember conc… more

Last Day of My Life (Freebirds Book 4)
Lani Lynn Vale
Forget You Must Remember - Nathan Hansen

Forget You Must RememberNathan Hansen

Walk a mile in the boots of a former soldier descending a personal downward spiral. Ride the manic highs and depressive lows as you are institutionalized among the human remnants of recent wars - soldiers long since forgotten - and those ch… more

Forget You Must Remember
Nathan Hansen
Just Breathe Publishing , English
Afghanistan Herrick Nine - Tony Morris

Afghanistan Herrick NineTony Morris

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A tour in Afghanistan through the eyes of the Royal Marines, there is no other picture book like this.

Afghanistan Herrick Nine
Tony Morris
Birdseye Publishing , English
Joy Doesn't Come Easy - Ross Zanzucchi

Joy Doesn't Come EasyRoss Zanzucchi

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John never really thought about what it meant to have joy. Maybe that was because he had it and didn’t need to think about it. He was a little kid. What did he have to worry about? He had a dad and mom, sisters and brothers, grandparents, a… more

Joy Doesn’t Come Easy
Ross Zanzucchi
Ross Zanzucchi , English
Awakening Dream (Rylee Everl... - S.M. Knowles

Awakening Dream (Rylee Everl...S.M. Knowles

Since her father disappeared while in Afghanistan, Rylee Everley has been taking things one day at a time. After burying their friend over the summer, she and her friends returned to school for their junior year. While her friends are worri… more

Awakening Dream (Rylee Everley Series Book 2)
S.M. Knowles