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Fairy Lore (An Erotic Adventure) - Carl East

Fairy Lore (An Erotic Adventure)Carl East

Brandon’s survived the fighting in Afghanistan and upon his return is ready to enjoy reading in his favorite place in the world. It’s a spot near his mountain home that he calls Fairy Hollow. However, what he witnesses there will change his… more

Fairy Lore (An Erotic Adventure)
Carl East
Carl East , English
Built On A Dream - Rob Stevens

Built On A DreamRob Stevens

A simple task baby-sitting an old power station in the mountains of Afghanistan turns into a nightmare… in more ways than one.

Built On A Dream
Rob Stevens
Booktango , English
The Strangers: The Spark's Girl - Sweet Pea Evans

The Strangers: The Spark's GirlSweet Pea Evans

Average wait: N/A

How this man was in the service looking for someone to love as they become friends online while living in Afghanistan. He felt she was the missing slice of the puzzle in his life.

The Strangers: The Spark’s Girl
Sweet Pea Evans
Amazon , English
The Patrol Base: War really is Hell - Andy Price

The Patrol Base: War really is HellAndy Price

Average wait: N/A

The young Rifleman adjusts his position and pulls the butt of the Machine Gun into his shoulder, while using his right hand to pull the cocking handle to the rear before slamming it back home again He leans into the weapon, legs slightly a… more

The Patrol Base: War really is Hell
Andy Price
Andy Price , English
Another Murder Matters - Liz Bearden

Another Murder MattersLiz Bearden

Average wait: N/A

Jim, Bennie’s friend, returns from Afghanistan changed from what Bennie remembers of his childhood friend. The Lorhan family and friends must find the cause and restore him to what was his normal self. Jim, because of security constraints… more

Another Murder Matters
Liz Bearden
Felix E Bearden , English
The Superhero Chronicles Tel... - Steve Hanson

The Superhero Chronicles Tel...Steve Hanson

Average wait: N/A

Simon escapes from Afghanistan and thinks he has found a life as close to normal as possible. He creates a new identity and plants himself into a different surrounding. But breaking off from his contract has made him enemies in high places…. more

The Superhero Chronicles Telekinesis: World Domination 2 (The Superhero Chronicles: Telekinesis World Domination)
Steve Hanson
Talent Writers , English
The Ruins In The Mountains P... - Josh Hilden

The Ruins In The Mountains P...Josh Hilden

Average wait: N/A

What happened in 2002 to a small unit of Marines in the hill of Afghanistan?

The Ruins In The Mountains Part 1 (Free Story Friday Season 2 Book 11)
Josh Hilden
GWS Press , English
Trust (Chasing Shadows Book 2) - Mia Fox

Trust (Chasing Shadows Book 2)Mia Fox

This is a new adult contemporary romance and contains sexual content. It is not intended for young adult readers.

Ella’s struggle…

After losing Nate, trusting her heart to love again seems impossible for Ella. In spite of her fami… more

Trust (Chasing Shadows Book 2)
Mia Fox
Evatopia Press , English
My Dad is Deploying to Afghanistan - Donald "Ray" Greene

My Dad is Deploying to AfghanistanDonald "Ray" Greene

Average wait: N/A

This book is about a young boy dealing with the news that his dad will be deploying to Afghanistan. The child ask a series of questions that capture his concerns about his father’s upcoming deployment. This book would be excellent for mil… more

My Dad is Deploying to Afghanistan
Donald “Ray” Greene
Band of Sisters: Coming Home - Annette Lyon

Band of Sisters: Coming HomeAnnette Lyon

Five women became fast friends when their husbands were deployed to Afghanistan. But as they welcome the soldiers home, what should be a joyful time soon becomes painful. Kim, who had a baby while her husband was away, knows how to be a mot… more

Band of Sisters: Coming Home
Annette Lyon
Covenant Communications , English
MILITARY BOOTS (An anthology... - D.G. Torrens

MILITARY BOOTS (An anthology...D.G. Torrens

Average wait: N/A

For all our soldiers past and present… We have all been touched by war at some time during our lives. Whether it be a grandfather who served during WWII or a brother who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Or maybe a fri… more

MILITARY BOOTS (An anthology of war poetry)
D.G. Torrens
D.G. Torrens , English
Bad Environment (Agent Juliet #3) - E. M. Smith

Bad Environment (Agent Juliet #3)E. M. Smith

Average wait: 1h

A deep black op in the heart of Afghanistan brings Bravo face-to-face with his past…

A strange phone call from one of his nieces sends Jamie off the rails…

And someone at NOC-Unit sends Jamie and Bravo on a mission they aren’t meant t… more

Bad Environment (Agent Juliet #3)
E. M. Smith
When the Lions are Drinking - Val Wake

When the Lions are DrinkingVal Wake

Average wait: N/A

The story is a fictional account of how the British Foreign Office works in its efforts to win the hearts of minds of people around the world. The story focuses on the British Government support of the Mujihadeen during the Red Army occupat… more

When the Lions are Drinking
Val Wake
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
Believe (Chasing Shadows Book 1) - Mia Fox

Believe (Chasing Shadows Book 1)Mia Fox

This book is intended for mature audiences due to sexually explicit content.

Nate survived countless attacks on his Marine platoon while in Afghanistan, but one undying thought kept him safe — the knowledge that Ella was waiting for… more

Believe (Chasing Shadows Book 1)
Mia Fox
Evatopia Press , English


Average wait: N/A

This is a story about an ordinary man called James who also happens to be a soldier, he has just completed a tour of Afghanistan and cannot wait to see his family again. After a period of leave he has to go on a training exercise with his u… more

Colin Chesney
Creampied Hotties: My Sister... - Natalia Darque

Creampied Hotties: My Sister...Natalia Darque

Average wait: N/A

Lance is a 21-year-old soldier at home on leave, just prior to being deployed to Afghanistan. He finds himself unexpectedly left home alone with Lacey, the gorgeous 18-year old girl he has grown up thinking of as a sister.

Lacey tells Lan… more

Creampied Hotties: My Sister’s Best Friend (A Reluctant Virgin Breeding Story)
Natalia Darque
Darque of Night Publishing , English
The Sound of Sunrise - Jay Grewal

The Sound of SunriseJay Grewal

Average wait: N/A

If you look up the word ‘Deaf’ in the dictionary, you’ll see that it has two definitions: Partially or wholly deprived of the sense of hearing; and second, refusing to listen, heed, or be persuaded; unreasonable or unyielding. Unfortunately… more

The Sound of Sunrise
Jay Grewal
Democracy and Islam in the N... - Khaled Abou el Fadl

Democracy and Islam in the N...Khaled Abou el Fadl

Average wait: N/A

Reports on a conference held to identify ways in which the new constitution of Afghanistan could help put the country on the path to a strong, stable democracy characterized by good governance and rule of law. The participants identified pr… more

Democracy and Islam in the New Constitution of Afghanistan
Khaled Abou el Fadl
Rand Publishing , English
The Little Large Heart - Anil Reddy

The Little Large HeartAnil Reddy

Average wait: N/A

This is a heart-touching story of universal love, affection and friendship spanning continents, tracking the journey of Ali, a humble kid with a defect in his heart. His parents can neither afford the high cost for the operation nor do they… more

The Little Large Heart
Anil Reddy
K. Anil Kumar Reddy , English
Awakening Dream (Rylee Everl... - S.M. Knowles

Awakening Dream (Rylee Everl...S.M. Knowles

Since her father disappeared while in Afghanistan, Rylee Everley has been taking things one day at a time. After burying their friend over the summer, she and her friends returned to school for their junior year. While her friends are worri… more

Awakening Dream (Rylee Everley Series Book 2)
S.M. Knowles