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Why Your Business Needs a Book - Terence Tam

Why Your Business Needs a BookTerence Tam

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Want a new way to stand out and win more customers for your business? Writing your own book can help you achieve that!

In a noisy marketplace where its getting increasingly difficult to stand and get attention. Your own book may be the s… more

Why Your Business Needs a Book
Terence Tam
BookPal , English
Marketing Musts - Dave Hughes

Marketing MustsDave Hughes

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Marketing Musts is a deceptively simple book. Inside, you’ll find the ten most important steps to successfully marketing any business, no matter the size…and they may not be what you think.This is not a book on “advertising”…this book w… more

Marketing Musts
Dave Hughes
Dave Hughes , English
Gangbusters Audio-Tips and T... - Rachel Carrington

Gangbusters Audio-Tips and T...Rachel Carrington

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Marketing and promoting are difficult tasks. Getting attention for audio books can be a bit tougher, especially if you’re not familiar with the process and you just don’t even know where to begin. From crazy to clever, these tricks and tips… more

Gangbusters Audio-Tips and Tricks to Market and Sell Your Audio Books
Rachel Carrington
Rachel Carrington , English
Playing Bigger Than You Are:... - William T. Brooks, William P...

Playing Bigger Than You Are:...William T. Brooks, William P...

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The small or mid-sized business’ guide to outselling the big boysOften, small or mid-sized businesses don’t think they have the resources or the talent to compete with the larger competitors in their industry. But just because they don’t ha… more

Playing Bigger Than You Are: How to Sell Big Accounts Even if You’re David in a World of Goliaths
William T. Brooks, William P. G. Brooks
Wiley , English
How to Ignite Your Facebook ... - JC Cavanaugh

How to Ignite Your Facebook ...JC Cavanaugh

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Are your Facebook ads getting you the traffic and conversions you expect? Do you think they could use a bit of spicing up to turn them from good ads to spectacular ads that excite and engage your potential customers?

The difference between… more

How to Ignite Your Facebook Ad Success: 12 Smart Facebook Ad Case Studies With Actionable Take Aways
JC Cavanaugh
Think Niche and Grow Rich -

Think Niche and Grow Rich

What is a niche market anyway?You can loosely define a niche market as composed of individuals and businesses that have similarinterests and needs.A better way to think about this is to imagine you are fishing.Niche Marketing would be like … more

Think Niche and Grow Rich
How To Write, Create, Promot... - Resell Rights

How To Write, Create, Promot...Resell Rights

Turn Your Knowledge Into Money… A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide To Writing, Selling And Profiting From Your Own Ebook. “This manual is packed with interesting tips and links, and once you have read it, you’ll be able to launch your own prof… more

How To Write, Create, Promote And Sell Ebooks On The Internet + Resell Rights
Resell Rights
Resell Rights , English
100 Outstanding Free Resources - Pam Renovato

100 Outstanding Free ResourcesPam Renovato

Where ever you go, there it is. The same old story. I am sure you have heard it. I know I have heard it at least a hundred times.”What did it take for you to become successful on the internet?” you ask.They always reply: “1-2 years of hard … more

100 Outstanding Free Resources
Pam Renovato
Lead Generation 101 - Brian Maroevich

Lead Generation 101Brian Maroevich

Hi, and welcome to my lead generation guide called Lead Generation 101!Statistics indicate that an enormous 80% of all businesses fail within the first 5 years. Eighty percent! And of the survivors, another 80% fail in the next 5 years. Tha… more

Lead Generation 101
Brian Maroevich
Avalanche, LLC , English
Social Rules! - A Common Sen... - Paul Slack

Social Rules! - A Common Sen...Paul Slack

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Why this book? There are plenty of books about social media marketing on the bookstore shelves; what makes this one different is that Paul Slack cuts through the hype and gets down to business basics that can come only from hands-on busines… more

Social Rules! - A Common Sense Guide to Social Media Marketing
Paul Slack
Wheatmark , English
The Encyclopedia of Free Onl... -

The Encyclopedia of Free Onl...

Advertising your business effectively on the internet is the most important skill to learn for any online business to survive.So why is it so difficult to find the effective advertising sources you need?I probably don’t have to tell you tha… more

The Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising
Starting & Running Your Own ... - Sarah B. Aubrey

Starting & Running Your Own ...Sarah B. Aubrey

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To help farmers position themselves well for the opportunities of today’s market, Sarah Aubrey, a successful farm-based business owner, shares her years of research and first-hand experience in Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Busines… more

Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business: Small-Farm Success Stories * Financial Assistance Sources * Marketing & Selling Ideas * Business Plan Forms & Documents
Sarah B. Aubrey
Storey Publishing, LLC , English
How I Became the World's Gre... - George Brantley Ratzlaff

How I Became the World's Gre...George Brantley Ratzlaff

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Applications of research and psychology in automotive advertising HOW to cut your advertising budget in half without losing frequency HOW to negotiate Radio and TV rates HOW to expand your dealership image without expanding your budget … more

How I Became the World’s Greatest Auto Ad Man
George Brantley Ratzlaff
Facebook Marketing Tips - Wr... - Sam Goldfarb

Facebook Marketing Tips - Wr...Sam Goldfarb

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What You Get==========50 Tips taken from real experience! Learn how to market your business on facebook.From The Author============In the last three years, I have been in charge of many ad campaigns and strategic moves on Facebook® for many… more

Facebook Marketing Tips - Written From Real Experience With Companies
Sam Goldfarb
How I Went From Zero to 30,0... - Boomy Tokan Business

How I Went From Zero to 30,0...Boomy Tokan Business

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On the 7th February 2014 I checked my Facebook fan page at about 12 Noon UK time and my fan page had crossed the 30,000+ line!

I had achieved my goal of tens of thousands of fans in 30 days on a very small budget! To be precise I generate… more

How I Went From Zero to 30,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ In 30 Days!: Facebook ‘Likes’
Boomy Tokan Business
The Encyclopedia of Free Onl... - Luke W Parker

The Encyclopedia of Free Onl...Luke W Parker

Advertising your business effectively on the internet is the most important skill to learn for any online business to survive.So why is it so difficult to find the effective advertising sources you need?I probably don’t have to tell you tha… more

The Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising
Luke W Parker
How to write, create and sel... -

How to write, create and sel...

You may already know it, but an E-book can make you a lot of money, 24/7, even while you sleep.Now you’re about to discover exactly how to do it yourself by reading the “Write, Create, Promote, Sell” manual. For only $1.99 (normally $9.99 o… more

How to write, create and sell E-book
The Greatest Boss Who Ever L... - Malcolm Munro

The Greatest Boss Who Ever L...Malcolm Munro

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If you were told to expand your organization into a world-wide force and market your message to millions of people, not just now, but for at least the next 2,000 years, could you do it?Oh and you had no advertising budget and couldn’t use t… more

The Greatest Boss Who Ever Lived: Management Lessons from the Life and Work of Jesus Christ
Malcolm Munro
Main Line Press , English
Social Marketing Superstar - Unknow

Social Marketing SuperstarUnknow

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Discover A Proven Strategy For Driving Your Message Deep Into The Heart Of Your Niche Markets, While Sending A Rush Of Non Stop, Targeted Traffic To Your Websites Absolutely FREE!Exploit The Tremendous Power Of Social Marketing And Experien… more

Social Marketing Superstar
Brand.gineering - Carl Hartman

Brand.gineeringCarl Hartman

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The concept for Brand.gineering was developed as a result of our media production work for advertising agencies. At first, we were just doing re-writes on ad copy and before long we were actually writing ad copy for the agencies that was ge… more

Carl Hartman
Carl Hartman , English