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365 Days of America: Inspira... - Various Authors

365 Days of America: Inspira...Various Authors

Our forefathers gathered together to found this great nation, and lead us out of a most turbulent time. Their basic beliefs still hold true today: We the people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These patriotic q… more

365 Days of America: Inspirational Quotes for Every American (Annotated) (365 Days of Happiness)
Various Authors
Hot Tropica Books , English
Abraham Lincoln and the Lond... - William Shepard  Walsh

Abraham Lincoln and the Lond...William Shepard Walsh

This book is very helpful in covering the American Civil War from the English perspective since the foreign view so often differs from the American interpretation of the same event. I have a complete collection of original PUNCH cartoons de… more

Abraham Lincoln and the London Punch
William Shepard Walsh
My Childhood's Home: Growing... - Richard  Kigel

My Childhood's Home: Growing...Richard Kigel

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A vivid authentic account of Abraham Lincoln in his formative years, the real story told by those who were there, his friends and family. The perfect eBook for homeschoolers and history buffs alike.

My Childhood’s Home: Growing Up With Young Abe Lincoln
Richard Kigel
SynergEbooks , English
Abraham Lincoln, THE DEATH S... - Max Gray

Abraham Lincoln, THE DEATH S...Max Gray

The true rule, in determining to embrace, or reject any thing, is not whether it have any evil in it; but whether it have more of evil, than of good. There are few things wholly evil, or wholly good. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, THE DEATH SLUMBER: The most thrilling story of the civil war.
Max Gray
Uncle John's Perpetually Ple... - Bathroom Readers' Institute

Uncle John's Perpetually Ple...Bathroom Readers' Institute

2014 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Winner in Humor!The 26th annual edition of Uncle John’s wildly successful series is all-new and jam-packed with the BRI’s patented mix of fun and information. Open up to any page and you may find an … more

Uncle John’s Perpetually Pleasing Bathroom Reader (Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader)
Bathroom Readers’ Institute
Portable Press , English
The Suppressed Truth About t... - Burke McCarty

The Suppressed Truth About t...Burke McCarty

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The suppressed truth about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Burke McCarty
Abraham Lincoln and the abol... - Charles Godfrey  Leland

Abraham Lincoln and the abol...Charles Godfrey Leland

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This is book is for any one who want to know about Abraham Lincoln and the civil War.

Abraham Lincoln and the abolition of slavery in the United States [By Charles Godfrey Leland]
Charles Godfrey Leland
Lincoln, Abraham Lilcon, History, Civil, civil war, slavery, united states, , English
Portraits of Abraham Lincoln... - Thinker Media

Portraits of Abraham Lincoln...Thinker Media

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Documenting events through photography became a popular phenomenon during the Civil War. The Civil War Sesquicentennial Series showcases these historical images and provides detailed commentary for each photograph. Each ebook in the series … more

Portraits of Abraham Lincoln (Civil War Sesquicentennial Series Book 2)
Thinker Media
Thinker Media, Inc. , English
Lincoln's Sword: The Preside... - Douglas L. Wilson

Lincoln's Sword: The Preside...Douglas L. Wilson

Widely considered in his own time as a genial but provincial lightweight who was out of place in the presidency, Abraham Lincoln astonished his allies and confounded his adversaries by producing a series of speeches and public letters so pr… more

Lincoln’s Sword: The Presidency and the Power of Words (Vintage)
Douglas L. Wilson
Vintage , English


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A revealing examination within the content of key magazine articles written about the life and character of Abraham Lincoln. Many “facts” and “myths” about the life and character of Lincoln are revealed to the curious but casual Lincoln ent… more

JL Lockshin
Chase's Calendar of Events 2009 - Editors of Chase's Calendar ...

Chase's Calendar of Events 2009Editors of Chase's Calendar ...

12,500 listings for events all over the world Used by media professionals, marketing professionals, and on-air personalities CD-ROM allows customized searches by date, subject, location, and many other ways! Chase’s is a combination of even… more

Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009
Editors of Chase’s Calendar of Events
McGraw-Hill , English
A Man for the Ages : A Story... - Irving Bacheller

A Man for the Ages : A Story...Irving Bacheller

A novel of Abraham Lincoln’s life and career.Annotation;Active Table of ContentsAuthor Biography

A Man for the Ages : A Story of the Builders of Democracy Unabridged (Annotated)
Irving Bacheller
Epic Exam Fails: The Funnies... - Michelle Zimmerman

Epic Exam Fails: The Funnies...Michelle Zimmerman

A compilation of the 100 most hilarious answers ever given by grade school, high school, and college students on their exams. These exam bloopers and blunders will tickle your funny bone, and provide hours of fun and laughter as you share t… more

Epic Exam Fails: The Funniest Totally Wrong Test Answers
Michelle Zimmerman
Abraham Lincoln: Diary Of The Dead - Summer Goldspring

Abraham Lincoln: Diary Of The DeadSummer Goldspring

Abraham Lincoln was young and brave. When zombies roamed the earth, his manhood was tested. When it was more than zombies that caused chaos, his mind was tested. Abraham Lincoln had a secret he held in for too long. When Abraham decides to … more

Abraham Lincoln: Diary Of The Dead
Summer Goldspring
The Papers And Writings Of A... - Abraham Lincoln

The Papers And Writings Of A...Abraham Lincoln

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume Seven

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume Seven (Translated) (Italian Edition)
Abraham Lincoln
The Complete Letters of Abra... - Abraham Lincoln

The Complete Letters of Abra...Abraham Lincoln

Much has been said and wrote about Abraham Lincoln—more than almost any other person; what did Lincoln have to say himself, however? Find out in this huge collection of Lincoln’s letter.

The Complete Letters of Abraham Lincoln (Annotated)
Abraham Lincoln
Golgotha Press , English
The Papers And Writings Of A... - Abraham Lincoln

The Papers And Writings Of A...Abraham Lincoln

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume Five

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume Five (Translated) (Italian Edition)
Abraham Lincoln
The Papers And Writings Of A... - Abraham Lincoln

The Papers And Writings Of A...Abraham Lincoln

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume One

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume One (Translated) (Italian Edition)
Abraham Lincoln
The Papers And Writings Of A... - Abraham Lincoln

The Papers And Writings Of A...Abraham Lincoln

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume Three

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume Three (Translated) (Italian Edition)
Abraham Lincoln
The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln - J. Henry  Lea

The Ancestry of Abraham LincolnJ. Henry Lea

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The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln

The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln
J. Henry Lea