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African Heritage, American E... - Akili Amina

African Heritage, American E...Akili Amina

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I wrote this book exposing my heart, dissecting my spirit, for myself and in hopes that it will help someone to see another side of the American pie, another’s experience of life in the United States. We, as black people, need healing that … more

African Heritage, American Experience
Akili Amina
Publish America , English
Sunflower Child - Akili Amina

Sunflower ChildAkili Amina

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Author Akili Amina’s poetry book is about love, abortion, and homelessness just to name a few topics. This is book reveals her passion for words and the verse. She verbally dissects her spirit leaving it raw for all to witness her pain and … more

Sunflower Child
Akili Amina
Akili Amina , English
The Sable Acumen - Akili Amina, & various contributors

The Sable AcumenAkili Amina, & various contributors

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If you are reading this, most likely you have frequented my blog and know a little about my work. If this is the very first time, I welcome you with all my heart and hope that you return soon or subscribe to it. I want to tell you a little… more

The Sable Acumen
Akili Amina, & various contributors
Grace ePublishing , English