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Captain Cook - W.H.G. Kingston

Captain CookW.H.G. Kingston

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Among all those Englishmen who, from a humble origin, have risen to an honourable position, Captain James Cook is especially worthy of record. This biography of the famous captain includes a table of contents.Nisyros Publishers has a proud… more

Captain Cook
W.H.G. Kingston
Nisyros Publishers , English
Works of Jules Verne. A Jour... - Jules Verne

Works of Jules Verne. A Jour...Jules Verne

This collection was designed for optimal navigation on Kindle and other electronic devices. It is indexed alphabetically, chronologically and by category, making it easier to access individual books, stories and poems. This collection offer… more

Works of Jules Verne. A Journey to the Center of the Earth, From the Earth to the Moon, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days & more (Mobi Collected Works)
Jules Verne
MobileReference , English
How Brittania Came to Rule t... - W.H.G. Kingston

How Brittania Came to Rule t...W.H.G. Kingston

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Rome was not built in a day, nor has the glorious British Navy attained its present condition except by slow degrees, by numerous trials and experiments, by improvements gradually and cautiously introduced, and by the employment of a vast a… more

How Brittania Came to Rule the Waves
W.H.G. Kingston
Nisyros Publishers , English
The Pirate of the Mediterran... - W.H.G. Kingston

The Pirate of the Mediterran...W.H.G. Kingston

Chapter One. Malta, which I have selected as the opening scene of the following story, is, from its historical recollections, its fine climate, and brilliant skies, a very interesting spot; although, for such beauty as its scenery possesses… more

The Pirate of the Mediterranean Vol.2
W.H.G. Kingston
AMA Publication , English
Arctic Adventures with Illustrate - W.H.G. Kingston

Arctic Adventures with IllustrateW.H.G. Kingston

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Chapter One.I had often dreamed of icebergs and Polar bears, whales and rorquals, of walruses and seals, of Esquimaux, and Laplanders and kayaks, of the Aurora Borealis and the midnight sun, and numerous other wonders of the arctic regions,… more

Arctic Adventures with Illustrate
W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston , English
The Secret of the Island : W... - W.H.G. Kingston

The Secret of the Island : W...W.H.G. Kingston

The Secret of the Island was another of the series of Voyages Extraordinaires which ran through a famous Paris magazine for younger readers, the Magasin Illustré. It formed the third and completing part of the Mysterious Island set of tales… more

The Secret of the Island : With 50 classic book picture (Illustrated)
W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston , English
Notable Voyagers - W.H.G. Kingston Henry Frith

Notable VoyagersW.H.G. Kingston Henry Frith

Columbus before the conclave of Professors at Seville—His parentage and early history—Battle with Venetian galleys—Residence in Portugal— Marries widow of a navigator—Grounds on which he founded his theory— Offers his services to the… more

Notable Voyagers
W.H.G. Kingston Henry Frith
Captain Cook ; His Life, Voy... - W.H.G. Kingston

Captain Cook ; His Life, Voy...W.H.G. Kingston

A passage from the book… Among all those Englishmen who, from a humble origin, have risen to an honourable position, Captain James Cook is especially worthy of record. His parents were of the peasant class-his father having commenced life… more

Captain Cook ; His Life, Voyages and Discoveries
W.H.G. Kingston
Noble Publishing , English
Dick Cheveley,  His Adventur... - W.H.G Kingston

Dick Cheveley, His Adventur...W.H.G Kingston

So extraordinary are the adventures of my hero, Master Richard Cheveley, son of the Reverend John Cheveley, vicar of the parish of S—, in the county of D–, that it is possible some of my readers may be inclined to consider them incredibl… more

Dick Cheveley, His Adventures And Misadventures - W.H.G Kingston
W.H.G Kingston
The Western World(Annotated) - W.H.G. Kingston

The Western World(Annotated)W.H.G. Kingston

The Western World In the following pages I have endeavoured to give, in a series of picturesque sketches, a general view of the natural history as well as of the physical appearance of North and South America.The Western World I have first … more

The Western World(Annotated)
W.H.G. Kingston
With Axe and Rifle - W.H.G. ... - W.H.G. Kingston

With Axe and Rifle - W.H.G. ...W.H.G. Kingston

Excerpt from the book…”Some time after the termination of the long war which England had wagedin the cause of liberty when well-nigh all the world was up in armsagainst her, my father, Captain Patrick Loraine, having served for manyyears… more

With Axe and Rifle - W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston
A Voyage round the World A b... - W.H.G. Kingston

A Voyage round the World A b...W.H.G. Kingston

Excerpt from the book…”MY HOME, AND HOW I LEFT IT.The day arrived. A post-chaise stood in front of the old greymanor-house. I have it all before me. The pointed gables—thehigh-pitched, dark weather; stained roof—the numberless latti… more

A Voyage round the World A book for boys - W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston
Our Soldiers Gallant Deeds o... - W.H.G. Kingston

Our Soldiers Gallant Deeds o...W.H.G. Kingston

Excerpt from the book…”A very interesting book telling us about the various deeds of theBritish Army throughout the reign of Queen Victoria. Most of us will beaware of nearly all of the campaigns

Our Soldiers Gallant Deeds of the British Army during Victoria’s Reign-W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston
In the Wilds of Florida - W.H.G. Kingston

In the Wilds of FloridaW.H.G. Kingston

Chapter One. Without a profession—An Irish “squireen”—News from abroad—Uncle Nicholas and his family—Preparations for the voyage—Tim Flanagan—Parting calls—On board the “Liberty”—Our fellow-passengers—Table-talk—A friendly hint—A sail on th… more

In the Wilds of Florida
W.H.G. Kingston
AMA Publication , English
Janet McLaren, The Faithful Nurse - W.H.G. Kingston

Janet McLaren, The Faithful NurseW.H.G. Kingston

Chapter One. Donald Morrison, whose wife has lately been called away, dying in his Highland Manse, his Children left destitute, are taken care of by their old nurse.—She conveys them to a sea-side town, where she takes up her abode with the… more

Janet McLaren, The Faithful Nurse
W.H.G. Kingston
AMA Publication , English
The Two Supercargoes - W. H. G. Kingston

The Two SupercargoesW. H. G. Kingston

An excerpt:”The ‘Arrow’ has come in, sir, from the Coast of Africa, under charge of Mr Godfrey Magor, the second mate,” I heard Harry Bracewell, one of our shipping clerks, say, as I was seated on a high stool, pen in hand, leaning over my … more

The Two Supercargoes
W. H. G. Kingston
Salt Water: The Sea Life and... - W.H.G. Kingston

Salt Water: The Sea Life and...W.H.G. Kingston

One interesting feature of this book is that it must have been one of the earliest to be written by Kingston. It does not appear that there was another edition for sixty years, by which time the author had been dead for 35 years. It is als… more

Salt Water: The Sea Life and Adventures of Neil D’Arcy the Midshipman
W.H.G. Kingston
B&R Samizdat Express , English
The School Friends - Nothing... - W.H.G. Kingston

The School Friends - Nothing...W.H.G. Kingston

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Story 1—Chapter I.STORY I—THE SCHOOL FRIENDS; NOTHING NEW.Lance Loughton and Emery Dulman were brought up together at Elmerston Grammar-School. They were both in the upper or sixth form; but Lance was nearly at the head, while Emery was at… more

The School Friends - Nothing New by W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston , English
Afar in the Forest - W.H.G. Kingston

Afar in the ForestW.H.G. Kingston

CHAPTER l Our habitation in the forest — My share of the spoils of the day’s chase — Uncle Mark commences his narra- tive — Why my uncles decide to emigrate — Landing hi safety, they start up country — Their meeting with Simon Yearsley, an … more

Afar in the Forest
W.H.G. Kingston
AMA Publication , English
The Three Lieutenants: Life ... - W.H.G. Kingston

The Three Lieutenants: Life ...W.H.G. Kingston

This is the second in Kingston’s tetralogy that begins with The Three Midshipmen, and ends with The Three Admirals. These books were among the first written by Kingston, and were published serially in weekly magazines. Kingston’s reputati… more

The Three Lieutenants: Life in the Royal Navy in the 1860s
W.H.G. Kingston
B&R Samizdat Express , English

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