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Works of Jules Verne. A Jour... - Jules Verne

Works of Jules Verne. A Jour...Jules Verne

This collection was designed for optimal navigation on Kindle and other electronic devices. It is indexed alphabetically, chronologically and by category, making it easier to access individual books, stories and poems. This collection offer… more

Works of Jules Verne. A Journey to the Center of the Earth, From the Earth to the Moon, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days & more (Mobi Collected Works)
Jules Verne
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Off to Sea - W.H.G.  Kingston

Off to SeaW.H.G. Kingston

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From my earliest days I have been known as Jovial Jack Junker. I got the name, I believe, from always being in good humour, and seeing the bright side of things. Whatever I ate did me good, and I never had had an hour’s sickness in my life;… more

Off to Sea
W.H.G. Kingston
In the Wilds of Florida: A T... - W.H.G. Kingston

In the Wilds of Florida: A T...W.H.G. Kingston

From the Book:In this book by Kingston we are introduced to Florida in the mid-19th century, when the tail-end of the wars between the Cherokee and Seminole Indians was still rumbling on, and the white man was still occasionally disturbed b… more

In the Wilds of Florida: A Tale of Warfare and Hunting
W.H.G. Kingston
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The Western World Picturesqu... - W.H.G. Kingston

The Western World Picturesqu...W.H.G. Kingston

Excerpt from the book…”In the following pages I have endeavoured to give, in a series ofpicturesque sketches, a general view of the natural history as well asof the physical appearance of North and South America

The Western World Picturesque Sketches of Nature and Natural History in North and South America - W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston
The Young Llanero A Story of... - W.H.G. Kingston

The Young Llanero A Story of...W.H.G. Kingston

Excerpt from the book…”I should like to draw a picture, though I may succeed but imperfectly,of the grand scenery amid which I passed my childhood’s days.Far in the west rose upwards in the intense blue sky the snow-cappedpeaks of the Co… more

The Young Llanero A Story of War and Wild Life in Venezuela - W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston
Captain Mugford - W.H.G. Kingston

Captain MugfordW.H.G. Kingston

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Chapter One. Introductory. We belong to a Cornish family of the greatest respectability and high antiquity—so say the county records, in which we have every reason to place the most unbounded confidence. The Tregellins have possessed the sa… more

Captain Mugford
W.H.G. Kingston
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The Trapper's Son - W.H.G. Kingston

The Trapper's SonW.H.G. Kingston

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Chapter One. The trapper’s camp—Beavers caught—The horses killed by wolves—Traps to catch the wolves. In the far western wilds of North America, over which the untutored red-skinned savage roams at liberty, engaged throughout life in war or… more

The Trapper’s Son
W.H.G. Kingston
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Afar in the Forest (Illustrated) - W.H.G. Kingston

Afar in the Forest (Illustrated)W.H.G. Kingston

EXCERPT , than to allow others to labour for him.”I fully agreed with Uncle Mark. Indeed, my ambition had long been to support myself. I had an idea, nevertheless, that the skins I preserved brought more immediate profit than did the result… more

Afar in the Forest (Illustrated)
W.H.G. Kingston


HENDRICKS THE HUNTER; OR, THE BORDER FARM, A TALE OF ZULULAND. BY W.H.G.KINGSTON. 1905 CHAPTER ONE. THE TRADER IN ZULULAND. Zululand is a wild region of mountain ranges, deep valleys and gorges, roaring torrents, rapidly flowing rivers,… more

Adventures in Africa By an A... - W.H.G. Kingston

Adventures in Africa By an A...W.H.G. Kingston

I gave a groan, for I was footsore and weary, and expected to have had a more satisfactory answer. We were making our way over a light-coloured soft sand, sprinkled in some places with tall grass, rising in tufts, with bare spots between th… more

Adventures in Africa By an African Trader- W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston
Happy Jack, and other Tales ... - W.H.G. Kingston

Happy Jack, and other Tales ...W.H.G. Kingston

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Chapter One. The “Naiad.” I go to sea in rather unromantic surroundings. Have any of you made a passage on board a steamer between London and Leith? If you have, you will have seen no small number of brigs and brigantines, with sails of all… more

Happy Jack, and other Tales of the Sea
W.H.G. Kingston
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Exiled for the Faith - W.H.G. Kingston

Exiled for the FaithW.H.G. Kingston

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Chapter One. A tale of the Huguenot persecution. The two cousins. “Just what brought you to France, fair cousin?” The question was put by a beautiful girl scarcely yet verging on womanhood to a fine intelligent youth, two or three years her… more

Exiled for the Faith
W.H.G. Kingston
AMA Publication , English
Twice Lost   (with linked TOC) - W.H.G. Kingston

Twice Lost (with linked TOC)W.H.G. Kingston

This ebook is complete with linked Table of Content making navigation quicker and easier.Last day at home—Join the “Heroine” as a midshipman—Bound for the Pacific—Ordered to touch at Cape Coast Castle—On the look-out for a pirate—Chase her … more

Twice Lost (with linked TOC)
W.H.G. Kingston
White Dog Publishing , English
The Last Look - W.H.G. Kingston

The Last LookW.H.G. Kingston

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Chapter One. An Unwelcome Visitor. The beauty of Seville is proverbial. “Who has not seen Seville, has not seen a wonder of loveliness,” say the Spaniards. They are proud indeed of Seville, as they are of everything else belonging to them, … more

The Last Look
W.H.G. Kingston
AMA Publication , English
The Voyages of the Ranger an... - W.H.G. Kingston

The Voyages of the Ranger an...W.H.G. Kingston

The Ranger is a naval vessel, employed largely as a troopship, carrying men to India and other areas in which the British strove to keep the peace, the Pax Britannica, while the Crusader is being used as an emigrant ship, carrying people lo… more

The Voyages of the Ranger and Crusader
W.H.G. Kingston
Twice Lost: A fiction & lite... - W.H.G. Kingston

Twice Lost: A fiction & lite...W.H.G. Kingston

General informationA typical Kingston book, full of incident, and co-incidence. We particularly liked the way in which the topic of the lost boy, Harry, is introduced, and later on a boy who had been found by the natives of a Pacific island… more

Twice Lost: A fiction & literature novel. (ILLUSTRATED)
W.H.G. Kingston
Dick Cheveley His Adventures... - W. H. G. Kingston

Dick Cheveley His Adventures...W. H. G. Kingston

Excerpt from the book…”Dick is the teenage son of an early nineteenth century vicar in England.The boy has a passionate desire to go to sea, but his family, especiallyhis Aunt Deb

Dick Cheveley His Adventures and Misadventures-W. H. G. Kingston
W. H. G. Kingston


This book was written for “Boy’s Own Paper” shortly after that magazine started. The plan was to write a book illustrating how it might be possible for any very ordinary little boy joining the Navy in the lowest rating—powder monkey—and asc… more

Myoctober , English
The Trapper's Son - W.H.G. Kingston - W.H.G. Kingston

The Trapper's Son - W.H.G. KingstonW.H.G. Kingston

Excerpt from the book…”THE TRAPPER’S CAMPBEAVERS CAUGHTTHE HORSES KILLED BY WOLVESTRAPSTO CATCH THE WOLVES.In the far western wilds of North America, over which the untutoredred-skinned savage roams at liberty

The Trapper’s Son - W.H.G. Kingston
W.H.G. Kingston
In New Granada - W.H.G. Kingston

In New GranadaW.H.G. Kingston

Chapter One. Introductory—My father’s history—Enters the navy as a surgeon—Learns Spanish—Appointed to the “Zebra,” in the Pacific—Takes Dicky Duff under his charge—A shooting expedition on shore—Captured by Spaniards on coast of Guatemala … more

In New Granada
W.H.G. Kingston
AMA Publication , English

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