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The Quiet: A Novella - Robert S. Wilson

The Quiet: A NovellaRobert S. Wilson

James Benton might be the last man on earth. Racing to get to work, he finds random abandoned cars, smoldering pile-ups, and something even stranger. Everywhere he goes there’s no grass, no people, not even a bird in the sky. Alone in a bar… more

The Quiet: A Novella
Robert S. Wilson
Empire of Blood Books , English
What Happens in Vegas... An ... - Robert S. Wilson

What Happens in Vegas... An ...Robert S. Wilson

Average wait: N/A

When Jackie took her little sister, Karen, for a joy ride into Necropolis without telling her where they were really going, she only meant to have a good time. Give her a little scare. A desolate shell of its former self, Sin City still hol… more

What Happens in Vegas… An Empire of Blood (Dystopian Vampire) Short Story
Robert S. Wilson
Empire of Blood Books , English
Evil Jester Digest, Volume 2 - Holly Newstein, Amy Wallace,...

Evil Jester Digest, Volume 2Holly Newstein, Amy Wallace,...

Average wait: N/A

12 dark tales from the masters and rising stars of genre fiction. Complete TOC: “No More Shadows” by Tim Waggoner; “A Curse and a Kiss” by Eric J. Guignard; “Depravation” by Mark Allan Gunnells; “The Girl with the Thirsty Eyes” by Scott Bra… more

Evil Jester Digest, Volume 2
Holly Newstein, Amy Wallace, Trent Zelazny, John Palisano, Jon Michael Kelley, Mark Allan Gunnells, Gene O’Neill, Simon McCaffery, Tim Waggoner
Evil Jester Press , English
World's Collider: A Shared-W... - Steven Savile, Simon Kurt Un...

World's Collider: A Shared-W...Steven Savile, Simon Kurt Un...

Average wait: N/A

The Collision is the worst disaster in human history. So far…

In the near future, an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider causes an enormous explosion, known as the Collision. The blast flattens a huge chunk of central Europe and punche… more

World’s Collider: A Shared-World Anthology
Steven Savile, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Trent Zelazny, James Moran, Aaron Rosenberg, Jonathan Green, Kelly Hale, Richard Wright, Jonathan Templar
Nightscape Press , English
Found Money - Trent Zelazny

Found MoneyTrent Zelazny

Have you ever randomly come across $3,087? Nick did.Problem is, it’s blood money. And now unemployed Nick finds himself involved in way more than the money is worth.NOTE: This is a novelette, not a full-length novel. It also appears in The … more

Found Money
Trent Zelazny
Black Curtain Press , English
Death Match: A Spar Batterse... - Jason Ridler

Death Match: A Spar Batterse...Jason Ridler

Average wait: N/A

A friend’s death at a pro wrestling show sends gutter journalist and punk rock hasbeen Spar Battersea back to the underground of the city to find the killer. Along the way he rams into a washed up grappler deadlier than a snake bite, a domi… more

Death Match: A Spar Battersea Wrestling Thriller (The Spar Battersea Novels)
Jason Ridler
Ridler , English
Sunfall Manor - Peter Giglio

Sunfall ManorPeter Giglio

Average wait: N/A

Edgar is a ghost cursed to spend his nights at Sunfall Manor, an apartment complex that was once a farmhouse in the flatlands of Nebraska. Every night he must move through five different dwellings, haunted by the living—a drunken and parano… more

Sunfall Manor
Peter Giglio
Nightscape Press , English
Butterfly Potion - Trent Zelazny

Butterfly PotionTrent Zelazny

Average wait: N/A

Perry wakes up in an arroyo, hungover and unsure how he got there. His wallet and cell phone missing, he walks back to the last place he remembers being before he blacked out—the bar. Fueled by alcohol and a touch of companionship, Perry is… more

Butterfly Potion
Trent Zelazny
Nightscape Press , English
Blood and Sawdust - Jason S.  Ridler

Blood and SawdustJason S. Ridler

Average wait: N/A

Tough and smart at thirteen-years-old, Malcolm knew the illegal fight game like a pro, making bets and staying alive one day at a time. But nothing prepared him for Milkwood: a fat, ugly bastard who could take a beating like a government mu… more

Blood and Sawdust
Jason S. Ridler
Ridlerville Productions , English
Not Any Little Girl (A One-A... - Trent Zelazny

Not Any Little Girl (A One-A...Trent Zelazny

Average wait: N/A

A short play about Grant Harrington, a man forced to kill a teenager by the name of Lecy Newsted. Gaining the confidence of Lecy’s sister Cora, Grant thinks he may have a plan worked out. But Lecy Newsted is not any little girl.

Not Any Little Girl (A One-Act Play)
Trent Zelazny
Black Curtain Press Digital , English
Complications with Affirmations - Trent Zelazny, Henry Jablowski

Complications with AffirmationsTrent Zelazny, Henry Jablowski

Average wait: N/A

Who can they blame for their problems?Give them a minute…They’ll find someone.What do drunks, dogs, rock bands, love, coffee, delivery services, carpet cleaners, infidelity, retarded racoons, gay dogs, credit cards, Skittles, jerks, Broad… more

Complications with Affirmations
Trent Zelazny, Henry Jablowski
Jablowskinomics , English
Hollow Shell: A Zombie Epic ... - Mark C. Scioneaux

Hollow Shell: A Zombie Epic ...Mark C. Scioneaux

Hollow Shell is a zombie epic that pits two unlikely survivors against hordes of monsters, both living and dead. Life was finally working out for Chris, until the day he killed his family. They had turned, and so had the entire world. He me… more

Hollow Shell: A Zombie Epic - Part One
Mark C. Scioneaux
Southern Hack Press , English
Cemetery Dance: Issue 63 - Thomas Tessier, Al Sarranton...

Cemetery Dance: Issue 63Thomas Tessier, Al Sarranton...

Average wait: N/A

Fiction:”March of the Marionettes” by Al Sarrantonio”Vines” by Al Sarrantonio (poetry)”Torching the Escalade” by Thomas Tessier”Goblin Boy” by Rick Hautala”Peligrad’s Pit” by Ronald Kelly”The Devil’s Yo-Yo” by Elizabeth Massie”A Vampyrrhic … more

Cemetery Dance: Issue 63
Thomas Tessier, Al Sarrantonio, Peter Crowther, Rick Hautala, Ronald Kelly, Elizabeth Massie, Simon Clark
Cemetery Dance Publications , English
Born to Kill: A Short Supern... - Robert S. Wilson

Born to Kill: A Short Supern...Robert S. Wilson

Average wait: N/A

Jared Sumner just wanted a pack of cigarettes. But as he waits in line at the crowded gas station, a customer pushes the clerk over the edge and the doors at The Quickshop lock themselves. The clerk has a secret he’s been waiting to share f… more

Born to Kill: A Short Supernatural Thriller
Robert S. Wilson
Empire of Blood Books , English
Fantastic Stories of the Ima... - Mary A.  Turzillo, Shariann ...

Fantastic Stories of the Ima...Mary A. Turzillo, Shariann ...

Average wait: N/A

Hugo and World Fantasy Award nominated editor Warren Lapine celebrates twenty years in genre publishing with his latest effort, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination. This anthology contains fourteen nicely varied stories by some of the top … more

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination
Mary A. Turzillo, Shariann Lewitt, Steve Miller, Sharon Lee, Tom Piccirilli, Kelly McCullough, Barry B. Longyear, Mike Resnick, Harlan Ellison®
Wilder Publications, Inc. , English
DICE ROLL: A SPAR BATTERSEA ... - Jason S.  Ridler


Average wait: N/A

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONHolding on to his marbles with both hands, Spar Battersea is back. Busted? Sure. Broke? Of course … but back! Pulling the pieces of his life together after the events of CON JOB, Spar finds himself befriended by a gro… more

Jason S. Ridler
Ridlerville Productions , English


Average wait: N/A

If only he hadn’t found the hat. Or the dead guy. Or the steamer trunk. Or the rag doll. If only he hadn’t found any of these things, everything might have been okay. But he had found them. All of them.Now Carson Halliday is on the run, try… more

Trent Zelazny
Black Curtain Press , English
Blood that Burns so Bright: ... - Jason S.  Ridler

Blood that Burns so Bright: ...Jason S. Ridler

Average wait: N/A

BLOOD THAT BURNS SO BRIGHT: A SHORT STORYSakura has a chance to be the greatest fighter in the pit, if her body survives one more fight against the fang-jobs. Ned has one last chance to help her become a legend, and spark a revolution. Insp… more

Blood that Burns so Bright: A Short Story
Jason S. Ridler
Ridlerville Press , English
To Sleep Gently - Trent Zelazny

To Sleep GentlyTrent Zelazny

Average wait: N/A

When career criminal Jack Dempster gets caught and put away for five years in prison, he finds time to seriously reconsider his chosen line of work. Before he can make any serious decision, some old acquaintances track him down with a prop… more

To Sleep Gently
Trent Zelazny
Crossroad Press , English
Fractal Despondency - Trent Zelazny

Fractal DespondencyTrent Zelazny

Average wait: N/A

Was she an angel from above, or a walking time bomb of doom?His life having crumbled, Blake Gladstone returns to his hometown of Santa Fe, and tries to settle back into the unsatisfying life he’d had before he left for Florida.When he meets… more

Fractal Despondency
Trent Zelazny
Black Curtain Press , English

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