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Cold Crossover (Ernie Creekm... - Tom Kelly

Cold Crossover (Ernie Creekm...Tom Kelly

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Linnbert “Cheese” Oliver, hard-luck high school basketball hero in the Northwest town of North Fork, is missing on a late-night ferry. And for real estate agent Ernie Creekmore, his father figure, friend and former coach, the news hits hard… more

Cold Crossover (Ernie Creekmore Book 1)
Tom Kelly
Crabman Publishing , English
Finding the Magic (Tom Kelly... - Casey McMillin

Finding the Magic (Tom Kelly...Casey McMillin

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Playing piano was my life. It was all I really knew, so I was crushed when it was taken from me by an unforeseeable twist of fate.

I decided moving back home to Florida would be the best way to pick up the pieces.

I had just begun settli… more

Finding the Magic (Tom Kelly’s Boys Book 1)
Casey McMillin
McMillin , English
Steal My Girl (Tom Kelly's B... - Casey McMillin

Steal My Girl (Tom Kelly's B...Casey McMillin

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I wanted nothing to do with Tom Kelly or his gorgeous son. That whole bad-boy, outlaw thing might do it for some girls but not me. I knew what I was looking for in a man, and Rory McDonald wasn’t it.

So it caught me by surprise when I fo… more

Steal My Girl (Tom Kelly’s Boys Book 2)
Casey McMillin
McMillin , English
The Dividing Line - Robert Sayegh

The Dividing LineRobert Sayegh

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THE DIVIDING LINE is a contemporary thriller based on a subversive government faction that is introducing diseases into society as a form of population control. The story follows Canton Giles, a 23-year-old Senator’s assistant on Capitol Hi… more

The Dividing Line
Robert Sayegh
Tempest's Course: Quilts of ... - Lynette Sowell

Tempest's Course: Quilts of ...Lynette Sowell

Average wait: N/A

Kelly Frost, a textiles conservator, is invited to the Massachusetts coastal city of New Bedford to restore a 150-year-old Mariner’s Compass quilt. But there is one stipulation: she must live and work in Gray House, a former whaling captain… more

Tempest’s Course: Quilts of Love Series
Lynette Sowell
Abingdon Press , English
Tattoos and Angels (Tom Kell... - Casey McMillin

Tattoos and Angels (Tom Kell...Casey McMillin

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I moved to Miami for Connor Newman. Well, not entirely for him because I loved the city. My family spent every Christmas there, and I considered the possibility of moving each time we visited. I met Connor during our last trip and fell for… more

Tattoos and Angels (Tom Kelly’s Boys Book 3)
Casey McMillin
McMillin , English
Bathtime Tom - Kellie Franklin

Bathtime TomKellie Franklin

A delightful and funny story of Mary Jane giving her naughty dog Tom a bath. A story that will bring a smile to all those dog lovers out there.Ideal for reading aloud to younger children. Suitable for 4-8 year olds.

Bathtime Tom
Kellie Franklin
Kellie Franklin , English
The Pulpit Quarry Mystery (T... - Adrian Gray

The Pulpit Quarry Mystery (T...Adrian Gray

An exciting adventure for children ages 9-12

When Alex and Jane Cusack move from the hustle and bustle of London to sleepy Monks Worthy the last thing they expect is adventure, but that’s just what they get when, together with new friends … more

The Pulpit Quarry Mystery (The Alex Cusack Adventures Book 1)
Adrian Gray
So Emotional - Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly, ...

So EmotionalBilly Steinberg, Tom Kelly, ...

Digital Sheet Music of So EmotionalComposed by: Billy Steinberg;Tom KellyPerformed by: Whitney Houston

So Emotional
Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly, Whitney Houston
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
Bargains Beyond the Border -... - Tom Kelly

Bargains Beyond the Border -...Tom Kelly

News reports — including a segment on 60 Minutes — have depicted the entire country of Mexico as being an absolute mess, awash in blood and guns on every street corner. Ironically, people living there have a dramatically different perspec… more

Bargains Beyond the Border - Get Past the Blood and Drugs: Mexico’s Lower Cost of Living Can Avert a Tearful Retirement
Tom Kelly
eBookIt.com , English
Their Old Inhabitants - Tom  Kelly

Their Old InhabitantsTom Kelly

Average wait: N/A

Tom Kelly has written his 16th collection of essays titled, Their Old Inhabitants. Colonel Kelly brings us a confederacy of old friends, places and situations. He has this to say on the front of the hard cover edition that will be availa… more

Their Old Inhabitants
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly, Inc. , English
Zombies: The Ultimate New Wo... - John Taylor

Zombies: The Ultimate New Wo...John Taylor

Average wait: N/A

Here’s what readers are saying about The New World Series by John Taylor:

The characters Taylor has created for his 4-book series are personable and capable, but they are not super-heroes, and I’m glad they aren’t. I cannot relate to the … more

Zombies: The Ultimate New World Series Collection
John Taylor
Point of View - Tom Kelly

Point of ViewTom Kelly

Average wait: N/A

Point of View is Tom Kelly’s newest book of Wild Turkey essays. There are more than turkeys in every Tom Kelly book. His views of the woods, girl children, the South, literature are molded are by 85 years of life on this fine planet. … more

Point of View
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly, Inc. , English
Fire and Ice - Pat Benatar, Scott Sheets, T...

Fire and IcePat Benatar, Scott Sheets, T...

Digital Sheet Music of Fire and IceComposed by: Pat Benatar;Scott Sheets;Tom KellyPerformed by: Pat Benatar

Fire and Ice
Pat Benatar, Scott Sheets, Tom Kelly
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
Short Spurs - Tom Kelly

Short SpursTom Kelly

23 of Tom Kelly’s Short Spurs from the last page of TURKEY COUNTRY, The official magazine of the NATIONAL WILD TURKEY FEDERATION. These short stories are proof that Colonel Tom Kelly can tell a story in less than 5000 words.

Tom Kelly h… more

Short Spurs
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly, Inc. , English
Like A Virgin - Billy Steinberg

Like A VirginBilly Steinberg

Digital Sheet Music of Like A VirginComposed by: Billy Steinberg;Tom KellyPerformed by: Madonna

Like A Virgin
Billy Steinberg
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
Alone - Billy Steinberg, Heart, Tom Kelly

AloneBilly Steinberg, Heart, Tom Kelly

Digital Sheet Music of AloneComposed by: Billy Steinberg;Tom KellyPerformed by: Heart

Billy Steinberg, Heart, Tom Kelly
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
True Colours - Billy Steinberg, Cyndi Laupe...

True ColoursBilly Steinberg, Cyndi Laupe...

Digital Sheet Music of True ColoursComposed by: Billy Steinberg;Tom KellyPerformed by: Cyndi Lauper

True Colours
Billy Steinberg, Cyndi Lauper, Tom Kelly
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
I Drove All Night - Billy Steinberg, Celine Dion...

I Drove All NightBilly Steinberg, Celine Dion...

Digital Sheet Music of I Drove All NightComposed by: Billy Steinberg;Tom KellyPerformed by: Celine Dion;Cyndi Lauper

I Drove All Night
Billy Steinberg, Celine Dion, Cyndi Lauper, Tom Kelly
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
Like A Virgin - Billy Steinberg, Madonna, Tom Kelly

Like A VirginBilly Steinberg, Madonna, Tom Kelly

Digital Sheet Music of Like A VirginComposed by: Billy Steinberg;Tom KellyPerformed by: MadonnaFrom the show(s): Glee

Like A Virgin
Billy Steinberg, Madonna, Tom Kelly
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English

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