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Promoted Beyond Glory: Afterlife - Stuart Pitsligo

Promoted Beyond Glory: AfterlifeStuart Pitsligo

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Recovering from a near death experience following a car crash, Nathalie Lamont is left with a terrifying vision of the afterlife. Struggling to understand the experience, she seeks out others like her and together they discover the horrifyi… more

Promoted Beyond Glory: Afterlife
Stuart Pitsligo
Naturist, Red in Tooth & Claw - Stuart Pitsligo

Naturist, Red in Tooth & ClawStuart Pitsligo

Violent deaths are occurring in a remote corner of the highlands of Scotland. Strange, animal-like people are killing anyone they find, and no one seems able to defend themselves against their attacks.But a local woman, who lives as a natur… more

Naturist, Red in Tooth & Claw
Stuart Pitsligo

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