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NANO Fiction Volume 2 Number 1 - Miah Arnold, Christopher Hig...

NANO Fiction Volume 2 Number 1Miah Arnold, Christopher Hig...

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NANO Fiction (print ISSN 1935-844X; digital ISSN 2160-939X) is non-profit literary journal that publishes flash fiction—a form of short story also known as micro fiction, micro narrative, micro-story, microrrelatos, postcard fiction, the sh… more

NANO Fiction Volume 2 Number 1
Miah Arnold, Christopher Higgs, James Iredell, Prantha Lor, Sean Lovelace, Josh Maday, Sam Pink
NANO Fiction , English
the sky is blue my year on p... - Steven Ross Keith

the sky is blue my year on p...Steven Ross Keith

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a book of poems mostly written in 2007 to the limited format, 20 lines - 64 characters, of poetry.com. an homage to my cancer chemo stricken most beloved sister Pati. a work melded in time, format, censoring algorithms, bettered by incorrec… more

the sky is blue my year on poetry.com january to december 2007 (Dawn Was Yesterday)
Steven Ross Keith
lulu.com , English
F-121 - Vaughan Askue

F-121Vaughan Askue

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Marc Hansen’s job as a Test Pilot is to uncover the darkest secrets of the F-121 fighter jet, the“Next Generation Fighter.” The President of Starwing Aircraft, John Garvin, needs the F-121 towin the U.S. Department of Defense’s Next Generat… more

Vaughan Askue
AuthorHouse , English
Hardly Perfect (Dreaming of ... - Martha Rowe Sconnely

Hardly Perfect (Dreaming of ...Martha Rowe Sconnely

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In Almost Perfect, Kelli Patterson thought Steven Ross was taking her on a romantic dinner date to propose. Shock and devastation ensue when he breaks her heart. Hardly Perfect (Book Two in the Dreaming of Roses series) reunites readers wit… more

Hardly Perfect (Dreaming of Roses Book 2)
Martha Rowe Sconnely
And Nothing Happened...But Y... - Steven A Ross

And Nothing Happened...But Y...Steven A Ross

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Bypassed medical and health technologies that are safer and more effective then those being currently provided in our medical system. Topics include therapeutic devices utilizying electricity, magnetism, color and sound frequencies. Include… more

And Nothing Happened…But You Can Make It Happen
Steven A Ross

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