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Best New Vampire Tales (Vol.1) - James Roy Daley, Matt Hults,...

Best New Vampire Tales (Vol.1)James Roy Daley, Matt Hults,...

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Want the Greatest Vampire Stories Ever Written? BEST NEW VAMPIRE TALES (Vol. 1)

From the people that brought you the Best New Zombie Tales series, comes Best New Vampire Tales!

Includes amazing fic… more

Best New Vampire Tales (Vol.1)
James Roy Daley, Matt Hults, Michael Laimo, James Newman, John Everson, Tim Waggoner, William Meikle, David Niall Wilson, Don Webb
Books of the Dead Press , English
Flash Virus: Episode One - Steve Vernon

Flash Virus: Episode OneSteve Vernon

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So as near as I could tell the end of the world began roughly about the time that Billy Carver’s butt rang for Santa Claus about halfway through the War of 1812.”Sixteen year old Briar Gamble is having a bad day.It started with the cell ph… more

Flash Virus: Episode One
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
In The Dark and The Deep (St... - Steve Vernon

In The Dark and The Deep (St...Steve Vernon

There are stories that are told of the sea.

This is one of them.

It was Billy McTavish’s first sea voyage.

He had signed on to the serve as convoy escort on the THISTLE a Royal Canadian Navy corvette.

Through U-Boat attack and Luftwaffe… more

In The Dark and The Deep (Steve Vernon’s Sea Tales Book 1)
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Bad Valentines - Steve Vernon

Bad ValentinesSteve Vernon

Love is one of those words that people like to throw around – but sometimes love can be one of the meanest and nastiest games in town.If you’ve ever had your heart broken - then this book is for you.If you enjoy the taste of strong meat – t… more

Bad Valentines
Steve Vernon
Crossroad Press , English
Not Just Any Old Ghost Story... - Steve Vernon

Not Just Any Old Ghost Story...Steve Vernon

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Tommy has come home from the city to visit his Dad for one last time. He is determined to get to the bottom of all of the secrets that his Dad has kept for hidden behind a smokescreen of storytelling and charm.

It turns out that some secre… more

Not Just Any Old Ghost Story…: Steve Vernon’s Sea Tales Book 7
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Bigfoot Tracks: A Creep Squa... - Steve Vernon

Bigfoot Tracks: A Creep Squa...Steve Vernon

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Everything that you have read about Bigfoot is a lie.

Everything that you have HEARD about Bigfoot is the truth!

Enjoy three stories from the files of The Creep Squad - that pack of cryptids, legends, and nondescript rumors who fight crim… more

Bigfoot Tracks: A Creep Squad Collection
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Tales From The Tangled Wood:... - Steve Vernon

Tales From The Tangled Wood:...Steve Vernon

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Here are six new stories to SERIOUSLY creep you out!

The Hunter’s Heart - a dark retelling of the Snow White legend, told from the hunter’s point of view.

The Other Side Of The Moon Is A Lonely Midnight Shadow - an eerie werewolf tale, se… more

Tales From The Tangled Wood: Six Stories to SERIOUSLY Creep You Out
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Bits of the Dead: A Zombie A... - Nick Cato, Paul A. Freeman, ...

Bits of the Dead: A Zombie A...Nick Cato, Paul A. Freeman, ...

They live.They die.They return.Zombies.38 authors.38 gut-wrenching tales.Flash fiction at its finest, all illustrated by underground favorite Sean Simmans and edited by Keith Gouveia.Stories by:Piers Anthony, Robert Appleton, Joel Arnold, D… more

Bits of the Dead: A Zombie Anthology
Nick Cato, Paul A. Freeman, Gina Ranalli, Lee Thomas, Jeff Strand, Nancy Kilpatrick, Steven Savile, Piers Anthony
Coscom Entertainment , English
October Tales: Seven Creepy ... - Steve Vernon

October Tales: Seven Creepy ...Steve Vernon

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The leaves are falling.

You can smell that long-dying aroma of Autumn in the air. Kids are talking trick or treat and the leaves are already screaming at you in red and yellow and deep golden rust as they prepare for one final parachute do… more

October Tales: Seven Creepy Stories (Stories to Seriously Creep You Out Book 1)
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Hammurabi Road (Northern Chi... - Steve Vernon

Hammurabi Road (Northern Chi...Steve Vernon

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Hammurabi Road is a dark redneck noir tale of retribution, backwoods justice, and getting closer to a black bear than was ever dreamed possible. We start off with the eternal triangle - four men ride out in a pick-up truck; three in front a… more

Hammurabi Road (Northern Chills Book 1)
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Sudden Death Overtime - Steve Vernon

Sudden Death OvertimeSteve Vernon

Meet Sprague Deacon - one of the toughest old-time hockey players who ever skated upon a rink of hand-poured ice. Sprague was born and raised and he expects to die here on the Northern Labrador coast. What he did not expect was a tour bus f… more

Sudden Death Overtime
Steve Vernon
Crossroad Press , English
Uncle Bob's Red Flannel Bibl... - Steve Vernon

Uncle Bob's Red Flannel Bibl...Steve Vernon

Average wait: N/A

Forget about Russell Crowe and those weird stone giants and all of that soap opera melodrama that never really happened - if you want to get the REAL story on what happened on the day that Noah built that big old floating zoo you REALLY oug… more

Uncle Bob’s Red Flannel Bible Camp - From Eden to the Ark
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Revenant: Book one of the Ta... - Steve Vernon

Revenant: Book one of the Ta...Steve Vernon

In 1691 the town of Crossfall taught the witch Thessaly how to die. They beat her, they shot her, they hung her - but nothing worked. When they finally tried to bury her alive Thessaly set the field against them. The first man died as a gus… more

Revenant: Book one of the Tatterdemon Trilogy
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Long Horn, Big Shaggy - Steve Vernon

Long Horn, Big ShaggySteve Vernon

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There’s things out there that you ain’t dreamed of.Like back-from-the-dead mountain men, green ghost mountain spirits, carrion stallion, time traveling mad scientists and zombified buffalo…just for starters.This weird western novella starts… more

Long Horn, Big Shaggy
Steve Vernon
Crossroad Press & Macabre Ink Digital , English
Cemetery Dance: Issue 65 - Graham Masterton, Glen Hirsh...

Cemetery Dance: Issue 65Graham Masterton, Glen Hirsh...

Average wait: 2h

Fiction:”Anka” by Graham Masterton”Saint Bronach’s Shrift” by Graham Masterton”An Excerpt from The Cypress House” by Michael Koryta”Rainfall” by Maurice Broaddus”After-words” by Glen Hirshberg”Manskin, Womanskin” by Lisa Tuttle”The Town Sui… more

Cemetery Dance: Issue 65
Graham Masterton, Glen Hirshberg, S. Craig Renfroe Jr., Lisa Tuttle, Maurice Broaddus, Michael Koryta
Cemetery Dance Publications , English
Evolve: Vampire Stories of t... -

Evolve: Vampire Stories of t...

Vampires have Evolved and They are Here!

Kelley Armstrong, Tanya Huff and twenty-two other Canadian dark fantasy and horror writers re-imagine the future of vampires in this new collection of all-original short fiction. One of the most un… more

Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications , English
Cemetery Dance: Issue 64 - Brian James Freeman, Bentley...

Cemetery Dance: Issue 64Brian James Freeman, Bentley...

Average wait: N/A

Fiction:”The Wheel” by Bentley Little”We” by Bentley Little”Out of Touch” by Simon Strantzas”The Long Black Coat” by Benjamin Percy”An Excerpt from The Painted Darkness” by Brian James Freeman”In Darkness” by Shaun Jeffrey”Deathbed” by Bria… more

Cemetery Dance: Issue 64
Brian James Freeman, Bentley Little, Simon Strantzas, Benjamin Percy, Brian Knight, Shaun Jeffrey
Cemetery Dance Publications , English
Flash Virus: Episode Two - Steve Vernon

Flash Virus: Episode TwoSteve Vernon

Average wait: N/A

Briar Gamble’s bad day is about to get worse.

The end of the world is progressing at an alarming rate.

Bullets are being fired.

People are being killed.

A LOT of people are being killed.

Who is Captain Albino?

Why is he invading Briar… more

Flash Virus: Episode Two
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Flash Virus: Episode Four - Steve Vernon

Flash Virus: Episode FourSteve Vernon

Average wait: N/A

This the story of the end of the world - as told by a teenager.Things are really beginning to heat up in Briar’s school.Captain Albino’s kid-programming sessions are underway.Under the blue light Briar and his friends are transformed physic… more

Flash Virus: Episode Four
Steve Vernon
Stark Raven Press , English
Roadside Ghosts - Steve Vernon

Roadside GhostsSteve Vernon

Average wait: N/A

Ghost stories.Everyone knows one.Everyone can tell you one,Ghost stories haunt and linger and tantalize.Come on along with Steve Vernon - ghost story collector, writer and teller - as he brings you eight of the creepiest yarns imaginable; s… more

Roadside Ghosts
Steve Vernon
Crossroad Press & Macabre Ink Digital , English

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