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Gwen: A Love Story About a G... - Stacy Ataree

Gwen: A Love Story About a G...Stacy Ataree

Caitlin, in the beginning of Stacy Ataree’s Gwen, is starting yet another new high school and living with yet another new foster family.She’s a social outcast without friends or love, but her life changes when she rescues and hides an injur… more

Gwen: A Love Story About a Girl, a Boy, and a Pit Bull
Stacy Ataree
My Formerly Dead Boyfriend - Stacy Ataree

My Formerly Dead BoyfriendStacy Ataree

17-year-old Jenny is devastated when her longtime boyfriend dies in an apparent accident. She’s so devastated that she spends all her free time watching videos of him on her computer and phone.Then, one night, he appears to communicate with… more

My Formerly Dead Boyfriend
Stacy Ataree
The Prince of Fillmore High - Stacy Ataree

The Prince of Fillmore HighStacy Ataree

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Jess, in the beginning of Stacy Ataree’s The Prince of Fillmore High, is starting her senior year of high school. She’s a practical girl with no greater ambition than getting a good job after college and avoiding the struggles her mother fa… more

The Prince of Fillmore High
Stacy Ataree
Semya (From Russia with Love... - Stacy Ataree

Semya (From Russia with Love...Stacy Ataree

Nina, in the beginning of Stacy Ataree’s Semya, is an unhappy high school senior stuck in an abusive relationship. Then she meets Sasha, a handsome and exciting Russian boy who helps her escape the misery and monotony of her life, taking he… more

Semya (From Russia with Love Book 1)
Stacy Ataree
A Golem for Shoshanna (The G... - Stacy Ataree

A Golem for Shoshanna (The G...Stacy Ataree

Shoshanna Berkowitz is an average teenage girl, one far more concerned about the school quarterback than the latest world headlines. But when a catastrophic financial meltdown sparks a violent rise in antisemitism, Shoshanna finds herself s… more

A Golem for Shoshanna (The Golem Book 1)
Stacy Ataree

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