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Daddy, Daddy and Me - Sean Michael

Daddy, Daddy and MeSean Michael

Average wait: 135d, 7h

When Jeff agreed to be the sperm donor to his best friend Beth, he never expected a tragedy to leave his newborn and three year old motherless. That’s exactly what’s happened, though, and it’s totally thrown his life into chaos: his lover h… more

Daddy, Daddy and Me
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Relentless: A Zombie Novella - Sean-Michael Argo

Relentless: A Zombie NovellaSean-Michael Argo

It has been several years since the outbreak….

Strapped to the chest of a lone zombie you find a bloodstained notebook.

Inside the weather-worn pages is the story of a man living in Washington, DC at the time of the outbreak, written b… more

Relentless: A Zombie Novella
Sean-Michael Argo
CompleXIII , English
As Above So Below - Sean-Michael Argo

As Above So BelowSean-Michael Argo

Welcome to the circus…

Sean-Michael has set out to create an informative and entertaining book for the working class artists, film students, and audience members looking for out-of-the-box film & literary entertainment.

This is a colle… more

As Above So Below
Sean-Michael Argo
Bent (The Hammer Club Book 1) - Sean Michael

Bent (The Hammer Club Book 1)Sean Michael

3 ratings

Marcus knows Jim is his minutes after meeting the snarly, jumpy ex-professor at the local bookstore. He thinks Jim is a natural submissive, someone who needs order and discipline in his life to help with Jim’s anxiety and bad health habits…. more

Bent (The Hammer Club Book 1)
Sean Michael
Torquere Press Inc , English
Zombie Survival Game - Sean-Michael Argo

Zombie Survival GameSean-Michael Argo

How will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Do you run for the wilderness or hide in your basement? Would you form a group to survive or strike out on your own? Do you avoid the military or seek their aide? Are you more of a “shotgun & ma… more

Zombie Survival Game
Sean-Michael Argo
Mannies Incorporated - Sean Michael

Mannies IncorporatedSean Michael

1 rating
Average wait: 103d, 14h

Slayde’s got the best job on earth: he’s a nanny to Army nurse and widow Mindy’s three kids. He’s been with the family since the oldest was born and is Uncle Slayde to all three children. When Mindy’s deployed, things aren’t easy, but he ma… more

Mannies Incorporated
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
First Thrills: High-Octane S... - Lee Child, Sean Michael Bail...

First Thrills: High-Octane S...Lee Child, Sean Michael Bail...

New York Times bestselling author Lee Child and the International Thriller Writers, Inc. present a collection of remarkable stories in First Thrills.  Showcasing many of the organization’s bestselling authors as well as rising stars in the … more

First Thrills: High-Octane Stories from the Hottest Thriller Authors
Lee Child, Sean Michael Bailey, Bill Cameron, J. T. Ellison, Theo Gangi, Rip Gerber, Jeffery Deaver, Ken Bruen, Heather Graham, Alex Kava, Stephen Coonts, Karen Dionne, Rebecca Cantrell, Ryan Brown
Forge Books , English
Wasteland Survival Guide - Sean-Michael Argo

Wasteland Survival GuideSean-Michael Argo

Average wait: N/A

Shoot first. Fight dirty. Get paid.

Bronco is a gunslinging wastelander of dubious moral character & questionable sanity, and he is here to show you how to survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic future.

This survival guide is full o… more

Wasteland Survival Guide
Sean-Michael Argo
My Brother's Hot Friends: Co... - Jennifer House

My Brother's Hot Friends: Co...Jennifer House

Average wait: N/A

Three years after witnessing the murder of her brother, Michael, Cassie looks for some normalcy. But then Sean and Jonathon, childhood friends of Michael’s and agents at the FBI, arrive on her doorstep with bad news. The Bounty Hunter is ou… more

My Brother’s Hot Friends: Cops & Robbers
Jennifer House
Talent Writers , English
Switch, a Hammer Novel (The ... - Sean Michael

Switch, a Hammer Novel (The ...Sean Michael

2 ratings
Average wait: 13d, 2h

Ewan’s application to the Hammer Club has hit a snag. For some reason, Master Oliver has asked him to train alongside another Top before having his membership approved. Ewan’s not sure where he screwed up, but he figures he must have done s… more

Switch, a Hammer Novel (The Hammer Club Book 15)
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Opening Moves (Chess Series Book 1) - Sean Michael

Opening Moves (Chess Series Book 1)Sean Michael

Average wait: 17h

Book one in the Chess Series

Threesome Rook, Knight and Bishop make Jason an offer he can’t refuse. Can the four of them be exactly what they each need? Find out in this Opening Move.

Rook, Knight and Bishop have been searching for a four… more

Opening Moves (Chess Series Book 1)
Sean Michael
Totally Bound Publishing , English
Hemlock: Shadow Pages - Sean-Michael Argo

Hemlock: Shadow PagesSean-Michael Argo

A Hard-boiled Detective. A Sultry Siren. A Supernatural Gangster.

All collide in this surreal journey of love, power, and vendetta.

…. Souls like butterflies in jars, kept in cages and sold on the streets to hungry things with burning… more

Hemlock: Shadow Pages
Sean-Michael Argo
CompleXII , English
Found (The Hammer Club Book 3) - Sean Michael

Found (The Hammer Club Book 3)Sean Michael

2 ratings
Average wait: 296d, 19h

Billy has no idea what prompts him to take in a ragged, dirty man off the streets. All he knows is that Montana calls to him somehow, and that he always listens to his instincts. Montana, or Tanny, thinks that Billy is crazy, because nobody… more

Found (The Hammer Club Book 3)
Sean Michael
Torquere Press , English
Forged (The Hammer Club Book 8) - Sean Michael

Forged (The Hammer Club Book 8)Sean Michael

1 rating
Average wait: 3d, 17h

Simon is not sure he’ll ever find the right sub for him. His last relationship ended badly, but he’s determined not to let it rule his life, so he heads for the Hammer, his favorite members-only club. A man never knows what will come his wa… more

Forged (The Hammer Club Book 8)
Sean Michael
Torquere Press , English
The Games We Play - Sean Michael

The Games We PlaySean Michael

When Masters Marcus and Billy join forces to play with their boys, Jim and Montana find themselves at the Hammer Club with the world’s largest plugs in them. Good thing their masters know just how far to push them and how to bring them the … more

The Games We Play
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Top Bidder, a Hammer story (... - Sean Michael

Top Bidder, a Hammer story (...Sean Michael

2 ratings

Kurt joined the staff as a waiter at the Hammer Club because he wanted a Master of his own. He’s shy, though, and just one boy among the many looking for that special someone to dominate them. In fact, he’s working the night of the Hammer’… more

Top Bidder, a Hammer story (The Hammer Club Book 20)
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc , English
Snared, a Hammer Novel (The ... - Sean Michael

Snared, a Hammer Novel (The ...Sean Michael

1 rating

Everything’s going great for Billy and Montana. Their relationship is proceeding nicely, and Tanny’s work as an apprentice to Margaret making custom books is something he not only loves, but is really good at. He’s never been happier, even … more

Snared, a Hammer Novel (The Hammer Club Book 4)
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Straight as an Arrow - Sean Michael

Straight as an ArrowSean Michael

Committed couple Hunter and Kyle have been together a long time. They love each other very much, but they’re apart a lot, and there are very few surprises left in the bedroom anymore. Or are there?When business trips lead Hunter to some eye… more

Straight as an Arrow
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
A Family of His Own (Mannies... - Sean Michael

A Family of His Own (Mannies...Sean Michael

1 rating
Average wait: 23d, 22h

Will’s a widower with three little girls, including six month old twins, to look after. Most days it’s all Will can do just to get home from his advertising job in time for goodnight kisses, but now his mother-in-law is leaving the country … more

A Family of His Own (Mannies Incorporated Book 2)
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Toy Box: Submission - Sean Michael

Toy Box: SubmissionSean Michael

Average wait: < 1h

What would BDSM be without submission? You don’t have to find out with this Toy Box, which explores the concept through three different couples from Sean Michael’s Hammer series.Tanny’s having a bad day but Billy knows just what Montana nee… more

Toy Box: Submission
Sean Michael
Torquere Press , English

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