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Creator Sky (Tether Book 1) - Scott Waldron

Creator Sky (Tether Book 1)Scott Waldron

The future looks exceedingly appealing. Humans are not solely restricted to the confines of Earth and the power needed to keep our existence flourishing is amply available. A citizen’s needs and even most desires are provided for by the Gov… more

Creator Sky (Tether Book 1)
Scott Waldron
A Semester in Nagasaki Japan - Scott Waldron

A Semester in Nagasaki JapanScott Waldron

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My story starts in 2004. I was finishing up classes related to my major in Computer Science, but I still needed a semesters worth of general credit before I could graduate. I initially attended a 2-year university to save money, so once I… more

A Semester in Nagasaki Japan
Scott Waldron
Scott J. Waldron , English
Sole Proprietor In Software - Scott Waldron

Sole Proprietor In SoftwareScott Waldron

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Sole Proprietor In SoftwareThis book is meant to be read from start to finish as it is a chronological account of my Limited Liability Company from start to finish. I feel that it will be helpful to people in similar situations, or even som… more

Sole Proprietor In Software
Scott Waldron

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