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State of Grace (Wolf Dasher Book 1) - John Phythyon

State of Grace (Wolf Dasher Book 1)John Phythyon

Average wait: < 1h

You can get the NEW Wolf Dasher thriller, Ghost of a Chance, for just 99 cents today at amazon.com/dp/B00OF3DDGQ/Murder in a broken land …When his friend and colleague is murdered in Alfar, magical land of elves, Wolf Dasher faces the t… more

State of Grace (Wolf Dasher Book 1)
John Phythyon
The Darkline Protocol (Wolf ... - John Phythyon

The Darkline Protocol (Wolf ...John Phythyon

Average wait: N/A

When Wolf Dasher is assigned to find out who is leaking sensitive information to Urland’s mortal enemy, Phrygia, he doesn’t count on the spy being an innocent victim … or that he is the prize in an elaborate double-cross. What begins as… more

The Darkline Protocol (Wolf Dasher Book 1)
John Phythyon
The White Rose - Satyam Tomar

The White RoseSatyam Tomar

Average wait: N/A

THE WHITE ROSEA rich tycoon wins the rights to his ancestral property after a long and drawn-out court battle. Tired of living an artificial and competitive life, he journeys to his ancestral town, where his mansion stands, with the dream o… more

The White Rose
Satyam Tomar
Constant Carl - Audrey L'amore

Constant CarlAudrey L'amore

Average wait: N/A

Midwestern love and murder It’s all about obsession Rose White, a free-spirited woman, spends most of her time at Wormwood, a campground where she has made a lot of friends. Rose’s life changes when she witnesses a murder. In the middle of … more

Constant Carl
Audrey L’amore
Red Dragon Five (Wolf Dasher... - John Phythyon

Red Dragon Five (Wolf Dasher...John Phythyon

Average wait: 19h

The world’s most powerful weapon is missing. So is her love. She’s going to find them both.The Red Dragon Project is the ultimate weapon — five women who can transform themselves into mighty dragons. Not only can they soar over armies and … more

Red Dragon Five (Wolf Dasher Book 2)
John Phythyon
Sextra Credit - Manhattan Minx

Sextra CreditManhattan Minx

Average wait: N/A

WARNING: This is quick hot erotica.If your erection lasts longer than four hours after reading my erotica, please seek immediate medical attention!”Sextra Credit,” a 600 word story, also appears in a collection. {Sexy Erotica Stories: Smart… more

Sextra Credit
Manhattan Minx
Smartphone Publications , English
By Any Other Name - AJ Brewster

By Any Other NameAJ Brewster

Average wait: N/A

Detective Harris was put on the case because he was the best man for the job, but with five unconnected bloody corpses on his hands and no witnesses he was beginning to wonder whether they were ever going to catch the maniac that was loose … more

By Any Other Name
AJ Brewster
AJ Brewster , English
Frida Kahlo: A Biography - Keely Bautista

Frida Kahlo: A BiographyKeely Bautista

Average wait: N/A


It is impossible to separate Frida Kahlo’s work from her life. This most autobiographical of artists created a virtual timeline in her paintings that spanned her entire career as an artist. From the time she began painting … more

Frida Kahlo: A Biography
Keely Bautista
Hyperink Frida Kahlo Biography , English
Easy Gardens Volume 2 - In t... - Rose White

Easy Gardens Volume 2 - In t...Rose White

Average wait: N/A

“Easy Gardens Volume 2 - In the Shade” focuses on shade plants which require little or no maintenance. You will receive valuable information on how you can have a beautiful shady garden 12 months a year. For 20 years I lived in Philadelphi… more

Easy Gardens Volume 2 - In the Shade
Rose White
www.ebooksandmoreforyou.com , English
The Works: Amy Walton - Amy Walton

The Works: Amy WaltonAmy Walton

Average wait: N/A

This collection has been develop and optimized for use on the Kindle, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian and other devices including your PC. It includes a hypertext Table of Contents for each title making it very easy to navigate th… more

The Works: Amy Walton
Amy Walton
Packard Technologies , English
The Book of Princes and Prin... - Leonora Blanche Lang

The Book of Princes and Prin...Leonora Blanche Lang

All the stories about Princes and Princesses in this book are true stories, and were written by Mrs. Lang, out of old books of history. There are some children who make life difficult by saying, first that stories about fairies are true, an… more

The Book of Princes and Princesses by Leonora Blanche Lang : (full image Illustrated)
Leonora Blanche Lang
Easy Gardens Volume 9 - Wate... - Rose White

Easy Gardens Volume 9 - Wate...Rose White

Average wait: N/A

“Easy Gardens Volume 9 – Water Features & Ponds” explains how to have a beautiful garden 12 months a year with little or no work. Choose from the many easy-to-create water features, including waterfalls, fountains and ponds, to make your ga… more

Easy Gardens Volume 9 - Water Features & Ponds
Rose White
www.ebooksandmoreforyou.com , English
Easy Gardens Volume 11 - Dec... - Rose White

Easy Gardens Volume 11 - Dec...Rose White

Average wait: N/A

“Easy Gardens Volume 11 “ Decks, Fences, Arbors and More� explains how to have a beautiful garden 12 months a year with little or no work. Charming gazebos and rose-covered arbors look fabulous in every garden. Choose from the many decks, p… more

Easy Gardens Volume 11 - Decks, Fences, Arbors and More
Rose White
www.ebooksandmoreforyou.com , English
American in Turkey - Rose White

American in TurkeyRose White

Average wait: N/A

Did you ever wonder what it is like to live in the Middle East? Read this personal account of an American who spends 8 months a year in Turkey, on the exotic Mediterranean Sea. Go inside the Turkish homes with her and experience the flavors… more

American in Turkey
Rose White
EbooksAndMoreForYou.com , English
Diary of a Cupcake Shop: Exp... - Janelle Dietrick

Diary of a Cupcake Shop: Exp...Janelle Dietrick

Average wait: N/A

Go inside the retail cupcake business. Janelle Dietrick shares entertaining stories, expert baking tips and over sixty best-seling recipes from her experience of owning a cupcake shop north of San Francisco. Served with a soupcon of humor, … more

Diary of a Cupcake Shop: Expert Tips and Secret Recipes
Janelle Dietrick
BookBaby , English
Nolan's Creek: A Short Story - Charlene Farabaugh

Nolan's Creek: A Short StoryCharlene Farabaugh

Average wait: N/A

It’s Mississippi, 1964. Racial injustices are being challenged. Rose, a white girl from the north, with her idealistic views and a budding relationship with a local boy, learns how standing up for what you believe in is not always as easy a… more

Nolan’s Creek: A Short Story
Charlene Farabaugh
A Captain for Laura Rose - Stephanie Grace Whitson

A Captain for Laura RoseStephanie Grace Whitson

Laura Rose White’s late father taught her everything he knew about piloting a Missouri River steamboat. He even named their boat after her. Despite that, it seems that Laura will forever be a “cub pilot” to her brother Joe, because in 1867… more

A Captain for Laura Rose
Stephanie Grace Whitson
FaithWords , English
Lady of the Roses: A Novel o... - Sandra Worth

Lady of the Roses: A Novel o...Sandra Worth

During her short time as a ward in Queen Marguerite’s Lancastrian court, fifteen-year-old Isobel has had many suitors ask for her hand, but the spirited beauty is blind to all but Yorkist Sir John Neville. It is nothing short of a miracle w… more

Lady of the Roses: A Novel of the Wars of the Roses
Sandra Worth
Berkley , English
Henri Fantin-Latour: 165+ Re... - Denise  Ankele, Daniel Ankele

Henri Fantin-Latour: 165+ Re...Denise Ankele, Daniel Ankele

Average wait: N/A

HENRI FANTIN-LATOUR Art Book contains 165+ Reproductions of Flowers, Portraits, Religious and Mythical Scenes with title,date and interesting facts page below. Book includes Table of Contents, thumbnail gallery and is formatted for all Kind… more

Henri Fantin-Latour: 165+ Realist Paintings
Denise Ankele, Daniel Ankele
Ankele Publishing, LLC , English
Easy Gardens Volume 10 - Pat... - Rose White

Easy Gardens Volume 10 - Pat...Rose White

Average wait: N/A

“Easy Gardens Volume 10 “ Paths and Walkways� explains how to have a beautiful garden 12 months a year with little or no work. Choose from the many curved and straight path and walkway designs presented, including pebble, brick, tile, stepp… more

Easy Gardens Volume 10 - Paths and Walkways
Rose White
www.ebooksandmoreforyou.com , English

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