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The Darkest Dying - Wendy Turner

The Darkest DyingWendy Turner

Catherine Nicholls and John Rickman are in the same wrong place at the same wrong time. Their cars collide one rainy night on Broadstone Bridge, killing a pedestrian. This collision is a catalyst for the surfacing of resentment that’s been … more

The Darkest Dying
Wendy Turner
Slave of the Galaxies - Robin Scott

Slave of the GalaxiesRobin Scott

Susan would have said it was my own damn fault, but I was set up. I should never have trusted Collin with the planetary research. Granted, there was nothing factually wrong in his report, but he did leave one little detail off. But I’m gett… more

Slave of the Galaxies
Robin Scott
An Oral Exam, Part 1 - Robin Scott

An Oral Exam, Part 1Robin Scott

Another day was done. I was a simple graduate student, a first year seeking a Master’s degree straight out of under-grad. I was teaching my first grouping of classes. These classes were a joke for all, the students, the teachers – everyone…. more

An Oral Exam, Part 1
Robin Scott
College Sex Ed. Fun - Robin Scott

College Sex Ed. FunRobin Scott

Jill thought it would be a hoot. She needed a free elective for three more credits to satisfy her graduation requirements, and figured sitting around talking about sex for a semester would be a great way to do it. Besides, she had heard the… more

College Sex Ed. Fun
Robin Scott
Three College Romance Stories - Robin Scott

Three College Romance StoriesRobin Scott

Three Short Stories: A Simple College Romance:The first time he saw her, she took his breath away. Her heart-stopping ice blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and tight little body covered with smooth alabaster skin classified her as beautifu… more

Three College Romance Stories
Robin Scott
Angles Even Fear to Tread Th... - Robin Scott

Angles Even Fear to Tread Th...Robin Scott

What could scare an Angle?

Angles Even Fear to Tread These Places
Robin Scott
Of the Vampires, Of the Gods... - Robin Scott

Of the Vampires, Of the Gods...Robin Scott

The world of vampires, demons, and gods can be romantic and very sexy.

Of the Vampires, Of the Gods, and Of the Vampire Gods?
Robin Scott
A Story For Bed - Robin Scott

A Story For BedRobin Scott

An erotic tale of a Knight and his lady at night. A book of love; a book of sex; a book of lovely sex and sexy love.

A Story For Bed
Robin Scott
Again, Dangerous Visions - Harlan Ellison

Again, Dangerous VisionsHarlan Ellison

Over the course of his legendary career, Harlan Ellison has defied─and sometimes defined─modern fantasy literature, all while refusing to allow any genre to claim him. A Grand Master of the Science Fiction Writers of America, winner of the Li… more

Again, Dangerous Visions
Harlan Ellison
E-Reads , English
How I Became Like...This - Robin Scott

How I Became Like...ThisRobin Scott

For those who have read my novels and Twitter feed. You all requested this, How I became the way I am. It involved a lot of sex, and a lot of people. I was not born this way, nor was I made this way by way of terrible parents, or a terrible… more

How I Became Like…This
Robin Scott
The Arrow - Robin Scott

The ArrowRobin Scott

Harlen, huntsman of Morrovale meets Hyandai the elf… It’s an Elf Thing.

The Arrow
Robin Scott
The Pleasure Courts - Robin Scott

The Pleasure CourtsRobin Scott

It’s the future, and sometimes the being invited to court is a great thing.

The Pleasure Courts
Robin Scott
Twelve Days of Christmas...Fucking - Robin Scott

Twelve Days of Christmas...FuckingRobin Scott

Why am I doing this again? Well that answer is simple, you all asked for it. Here are 12 christmas stories that I hope you enjoy. 1. Santa’s Suit2. Christmas Carpet Chew3. Christmas Butt vs. Christmas But4. Let it Snow!5. The Santa Toy6. Oh… more

Twelve Days of Christmas…Fucking
Robin Scott
A Mob Mentality - Robin Scott

A Mob MentalityRobin Scott

Where the fuck is she?’ Angelique thought to herself as she sat on the lonely street curb in front of her parent’s house. Silently she was kicking herself for allowing one of her friends to borrow her car, only to have it returned inside o… more

A Mob Mentality
Robin Scott
The Magic of Cindy - Robin Scott

The Magic of CindyRobin Scott

It had been over six months since Cindy saw Hannah, and she would be there at any minute.Cindy lived alone in an apartment in the middle of the city. Her party attitude had not faded since college and she had a knack for being a bit of an o… more

The Magic of Cindy
Robin Scott
Depraved House - Robin Scott

Depraved HouseRobin Scott

The seven of had made a pact and come hell or highwater they were going to through with it. They’d talked about it over dinner at Famous’ Steakhouse. They’d dressed to the nine’s for the occasion, the guys in suits and blazers, ties and ves… more

Depraved House
Robin Scott
Impacted! (Bay Area Professionals) - Mickie B. Ashling

Impacted! (Bay Area Professionals)Mickie B. Ashling

Bay Area Professionals

On his way home from vacation, Scott Gregory, a closeted sub, hooks up with the gorgeous Red, a flamboyant Dom, for a thrilling one-off at a BDSM bar. They part ways after a satisfying scene… but meet again when Ro… more

Impacted! (Bay Area Professionals)
Mickie B. Ashling
Dreamspinner Press , English
Names? Names! Names. - Robin Scott

Names? Names! Names.Robin Scott

When a name can’t describe it, actions are all that is left.

Names? Names! Names.
Robin Scott
A Sexual Act in King Arthur's Court - Robin Scott

A Sexual Act in King Arthur's CourtRobin Scott

A Knight goes to find an adventure, but finds love instead.

A Sexual Act in King Arthur’s Court
Robin Scott
Halloween Daily Short Story ... - Robin Scott

Halloween Daily Short Story ...Robin Scott

Fourth of an 8 day tribute to Halloween. Read on.

Halloween Daily Short Story #4: Red Light Halloween
Robin Scott

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