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The Shadow Priestess - Robert E Thornsberry

The Shadow PriestessRobert E Thornsberry

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The difficult and impossible are normal fare for a Royal knight justiciar like Sir Athel of Windrose. However, even he is just a bit dismayed to find that he has been asked to smuggle a defecting dark priestess through a besieging army of … more

The Shadow Priestess
Robert E Thornsberry
Robert E Thornsberry , English
The Framing of Illa - Robert E Thornsberry

The Framing of IllaRobert E Thornsberry

Average wait: N/A

While hunting for clams, a young woman is trapped in an inescapable nightmare

The Framing of Illa
Robert E Thornsberry
Robert E Thornsberry , English
The Accidental Mermaid - Robert E. Thornsberry

The Accidental MermaidRobert E. Thornsberry

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What would you do if you suddenly found yourself turned into a mermaid? Or a legendary wielder of Force powers? This is the story of Hannah and her fiance Alex after they and thousands of others have their normal lives changed by a cursed… more

The Accidental Mermaid
Robert E. Thornsberry
AuthorHouse , English

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