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The World of Ice (Illustrated) - R. M. Ballantyne

The World of Ice (Illustrated)R. M. Ballantyne

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The stores, in order to relieve the strain on the ship, were removed to Store Island, and snugly housed under the tent erected there, and then a thick bank of snow was heaped up round it. After this was accomplished, all the boats were haul… more

The World of Ice (Illustrated)
R. M. Ballantyne
Flying Fish , English
The Life of a Ship - R. M. Ballantyne

The Life of a ShipR. M. Ballantyne

Oh! I love the great blue ocean, I love the whistling breeze, When the gallant ship sweeps lightly Across the surging seas. I watched my first ship building; I saw her timbers rise, Until her masts were towering Up in the bright blue skies… more

The Life of a Ship
R. M. Ballantyne
The Dog Crusoe and his Master - R. M. Ballantyne

The Dog Crusoe and his MasterR. M. Ballantyne

The dog Crusoe was once a pup. Now do not, courteous reader, toss your head contemptuously, and exclaim, Of course he was; I could have told you that.”

The Dog Crusoe and his Master
R. M. Ballantyne
Fort Desolation Red Indians ... - R.M. Ballantyne

Fort Desolation Red Indians ...R.M. Ballantyne

To some minds solitude is depressing, to others it is congenial. It was the former to our friend John Robinson; yet he had a large share of it in his chequered life. John—more familiarly known as Jack—was as romantic as his name was the… more

Fort Desolation Red Indians and Fur Traders of Rupert’s Land
R.M. Ballantyne
The Garret and the Garden - R.M. Ballantyne

The Garret and the GardenR.M. Ballantyne

CHAPTER I SUDDEN FRIENDSHIPS. In the midst of the great wilderness — we might almost say the wilds— of that comparatively un- known region which lies on the Surrey side of the Thames, just above London Bridge, there saun- tered one fine day… more

The Garret and the Garden
R.M. Ballantyne
AMA Publication , English
Chit-Chat by a Little Kit-Ca... - R.M. Ballantyne

Chit-Chat by a Little Kit-Ca...R.M. Ballantyne

Chit-Chat by a Little Kit-Catby R.M. BallantyneThe classic children novel from the famous author — R.M. Ballantyne, retold the story of mother cat and little kitten.Ah! Truly, pussy was a darling!She was a large, mild, sleek, amiable cat,… more

Chit-Chat by a Little Kit-Cat (The Happiness Stories of Mother Cat and Little Kitten)
R.M. Ballantyne
Collected Works of R. M. Bal... - R. M. Ballantyne

Collected Works of R. M. Bal...R. M. Ballantyne

“Collected Works of R. M. Ballantyne” Contains:
• An aesthetic cover page. • A beginning click-able Table of Contents for all titles. • Inner click-able Tables of Contents for all individual books with multiple chapters. • Nicely organiz… more

Collected Works of R. M. Ballantyne (Afrikaans Edition)
R. M. Ballantyne
Minerva Classics , Afrikaans
Fighting the flames - R.M. Ballantyne

Fighting the flamesR.M. Ballantyne

PREFACE. This book is a tale— a story — a work of fiction founded on facts. In the fabrication of it my chief aim has been to convey a correct general idea of the working of the London Fire Brigade, without attempting to expound that brigad… more

Fighting the flames
R.M. Ballantyne
AMA Publication , English
The Red Man's Revenge - R.M. Ballantyne.

The Red Man's RevengeR.M. Ballantyne.

If ever there was a man who possessed a gem in the form of a daughter of nineteen, that man was Samuel Ravenshaw; and if ever there was a girl who owned a bluff, jovial, fiery, hot-tempered, irascible old father, that girl was Elsie Ravensh… more

The Red Man’s Revenge
R.M. Ballantyne.
The Buffalo Runners - R. M. Ballantyne

The Buffalo RunnersR. M. Ballantyne

Chapter One. A Tale of the Red River Plains. Help! A blizzard was blowing wildly over the American prairies one winter day in the earlier part of the present century. Fresh, free and straight, it came from the realms of Jack Frost, and cold… more

The Buffalo Runners
R. M. Ballantyne
AMA Publication , English
Black Ivory - R. M. Ballantyne

Black IvoryR. M. Ballantyne

PREFACE. In writing tins book, my aim has been to give a true picture in outline of the Slave-Trade as it exists at the present time on the east coast of Africa. In order to this, I have selected from the most trustworthy sources what I bel… more

Black Ivory
R. M. Ballantyne
AMA Publication , English
The Collected Works of R.M. ... - R.M. Ballantyne

The Collected Works of R.M. ...R.M. Ballantyne

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This Halcyon Classics eBook collection contains thirty novels by 19th century juvenile action/adventure fiction writer Robert M. Ballantyne. Volume II of III. Includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.Contents:Up in the Cloud… more

The Collected Works of R.M. Ballantyne Volume II (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics)
R.M. Ballantyne
Halcyon Press Ltd. , English
The Selected Works of R. M. ... - Robert Michael Ballantyne

The Selected Works of R. M. ...Robert Michael Ballantyne

The Selected Works of R. M. Ballantyne, Vol.4

Work Included:

Gascoyne, The Sandal Wood Trader The Golden Dream The Gorilla Hunters The Hot Swamp Hunted And Harried Hunting The Lions In The Track Of The Troops The Iron Horse The Island Que… more

The Selected Works of R. M. Ballantyne, Vol.4 (10 Adventures Novels with Author’s full Biography)
Robert Michael Ballantyne
Hunted and Harried - R. M. Ballantyne

Hunted and HarriedR. M. Ballantyne

On the Hunt.On a brilliant summer morning in the last quarter of the seventeenth century a small troop of horsemen crossed the ford of the river Cairn, in Dumfriesshire, not far from the spot where stands the little church of Irongray, and,… more

Hunted and Harried
R. M. Ballantyne
The Coral Island: A Tale of ... - Robert Michael Ballantyne

The Coral Island: A Tale of ...Robert Michael Ballantyne

The Coral Island is a novel written by Scottish juvenile fiction author R.M. Ballantyne. It was voted as one of the top twenty Scottish novels in the 2006 15th International World Wide Web Conference.

The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean
Robert Michael Ballantyne
EGO Books , English
The Hot Swamp - R.M. Ballantyne

The Hot SwampR.M. Ballantyne

CHAPTER I. OPENS WITH LEAVE-TAKINO. Nearly two thousand seven hundred years ago — or somewhere about eight hundred years b.c. — there dwelt a Phoenician sea-captain in one of the eastern sea-ports of Greece — known at that period, or soon a… more

The Hot Swamp
R.M. Ballantyne
AMA Publication , English
The Works of R. M. Ballantyn... - R. M. (Robert Michael) Ballantyne

The Works of R. M. Ballantyn...R. M. (Robert Michael) Ballantyne

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This collection gathers together the works by R. M. Ballantyne in a single, convenient, high quality, and extremely low priced Kindle volume!Away in the WildernessBattles with the SeaBlack IvoryBlown to Bits: The Lonely Man of Rakata, the M… more

The Works of R. M. Ballantyne: The Dog Crusoe and His Master, The Wild Man of the West, The Coral Island, The Ocean and Its Wonders, The Pioneers, The … (88 Books With Active Table of Contents)
R. M.(Robert Michael) Ballantyne
Delphi Complete Works of R. ... - Robert Michael Ballantyne

Delphi Complete Works of R. ...Robert Michael Ballantyne

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R. M. Ballantyne was a prolific author, whose most famous novel ‘The Coral Island’ helped change the course of children’s literature. This comprehensive eBook presents Ballantyne’s complete fictional works, with numerous illustrations, rare… more

Delphi Complete Works of R. M. Ballantyne (Illustrated) (Series Four Book 20)
Robert Michael Ballantyne
Delphi Classics , English
The Pirate City - R. M. Ballantyne

The Pirate CityR. M. Ballantyne

Some time within the first quarter of the present nineteenth century, a little old lady—some people would even have called her a dear little old lady—sat one afternoon in a high-backed chair beside a cottage window, from which might be h… more

The Pirate City
R. M. Ballantyne
The Golden Dream - R. M. Ballantyne

The Golden DreamR. M. Ballantyne

Ned Sinton gazed at the scene before him with indescribable amazement! He had often witnessed strange things in the course of his short though chequered life,”

The Golden Dream
R. M. Ballantyne

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