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The Miracle of Mindfulness: ... - Thich Nhat Hanh, Vo-Dihn Mai...

The Miracle of Mindfulness: ...Thich Nhat Hanh, Vo-Dihn Mai...

In this beautiful and lucid guide, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh offers gentle anecdotes and practical exercise as a means of learning the skills of mindfulness—being awake and fully aware. From washing the dishes to answering the phone to pe… more

The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation
Thich Nhat Hanh, Vo-Dihn Mai, Mobi Ho
Beacon Press , English
The Drifter - Valerie Bowen

The DrifterValerie Bowen

Average wait: N/A

When the mutilated body of a young man is discovered on the side of the road near an abandoned house Sheriff Eric Miller is sent into an emotional tailspin. Lack of evidence and the nature of the crime, force the sheriff to call in a specia… more

The Drifter
Valerie Bowen
Opus ‘N’ Pen , English
Best of Bi - Volume Six - er... - Landon Dixon, Richard Offer,...

Best of Bi - Volume Six - er...Landon Dixon, Richard Offer,...

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A sexy short story collection that explores bisexuality in many varied and exciting ways.Railroaded by Landon DixonThe horses were running at Sterling Park Raceway, punters packing the train out to the track. And where there were gamblers, … more

Best of Bi - Volume Six - erotic bisexual stories from Xcite Books
Landon Dixon, Richard Offer, Rachel Kramer Bussel
Xcite Books , English
Forbidden Passion (The Black... - Jodie Sloan

Forbidden Passion (The Black...Jodie Sloan

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Tom Langley Sharpe III is a teenager who probably has it all. He is an only child in a wealthy family that owns a ranch that trains race horses. When he was still a teenager, he discovered that he had a thing for other men, at one point eve… more

Forbidden Passion (The Black & White Gay Shifter Romance MM Series Book 1)
Jodie Sloan
The Book of Jotham - Arthur Powers

The Book of JothamArthur Powers

Average wait: N/A

Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction—Novella Winner

The Book of Jotham by Arthur Powers

For 23 years the completed manuscript of The Book of Jotham sat in the author’s desk drawer—typewritten—collecting dust and time. On an early autumn day… more

The Book of Jotham
Arthur Powers
Tuscany Press , English
Chasing The Cyclone - Peter Thomas Senese

Chasing The CyclonePeter Thomas Senese

Average wait: N/A

Paul Francesco is an independent, successful single man in his late thirties who has everything in the world going for him: financial stability with the real possibility of obtaining significant wealth, a dedicated and loyal group of family… more

Chasing The Cyclone
Peter Thomas Senese
Pacifica Publishing , English
Vinegar and Brown Paper - Mary Baker

Vinegar and Brown PaperMary Baker

Average wait: N/A

The ‘Thatcher years’- a time of unemployment, poverty, protests, hippies, dropouts and travellers. Oh yes, and greed, as long as it’s only the rich who are greedy. Winterborne Grayshott is a fictional Dorset village and Lizzie lives in… more

Vinegar and Brown Paper
Mary Baker
Rivercross Design and Publishing , English
Knight's of the Realm - intr... - Kevin Peters

Knight's of the Realm - intr...Kevin Peters

Knight’s of the Realm. He is chosen by the king of England to strengthen his hold on Scotland by becoming Lord of Forestland Barony. Jaclyn, raised to be Lady of Carlisle Castle. Her fate decided by the king of England and her father. There… more

Knight’s of the Realm - intrigue of political power
Kevin Peters
Autumn's Promise - Anthony Williams

Autumn's PromiseAnthony Williams

Average wait: N/A

What if? Did you ever ask yourself that question?What if you were given the opportunity to pursue your dream? Would you do it?We often second guess things in our past. Missed occasions or timely possibilities that could have changed our … more

Autumn’s Promise
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams , English
Conversation With Christ - Peter Thomas  Rorhbach

Conversation With ChristPeter Thomas Rorhbach

Average wait: N/A

The practicality of St. Teresa’s teaching about mental prayer shines through in this wonderful synopsis of her writings about it—something she said “the whole world could not purchase.” Learn how we should pray, in order to grow in the spi… more

Conversation With Christ
Peter Thomas Rorhbach
TAN Books , English
Tradewinds (Turn of the Tide... - Peter Thomas

Tradewinds (Turn of the Tide...Peter Thomas

Average wait: N/A

A romantic thriller set in remote Pacific Islands.Having refitted a one-hundred-year-old trading scow, a group of three men and three women operate the vessel as a sea-going hospital to supply simple medical services to remote Pacific Islan… more

Tradewinds (Turn of the Tide Trilogy Book 2)
Peter Thomas
Good Hope Publishing House , English
Whosoever Will (Easter Resources) - Terry Vik

Whosoever Will (Easter Resources)Terry Vik

Average wait: N/A

The story of the confused and frightened disciples from the day of Christ’s resurrection to their transformation on the day of Pentecost.

Peter is in doubt of his place in the ministry. Andrew must embolden and encourage Peter. Thomas wan… more

Whosoever Will (Easter Resources)
Terry Vik
Fitly Spoken Ministry , English
Internet Marketing Tips - On... - Peter	 Thomas

Internet Marketing Tips - On...Peter Thomas

Average wait: N/A

Internet marketing is loved by many people around the world, either for serious career opportunities or for fun and a bit of extra cash. Learn the valuable tools and skills you need to take your web marketing to the next level and get even … more

Internet Marketing Tips - Online Expert Marketing Strategies for Success
Peter Thomas
Antonio Gramsci: working-cla... - Peter Thomas

Antonio Gramsci: working-cla...Peter Thomas

Average wait: N/A

Antonio Gramsci was a leader of the Italian Communist Party in its revolutionary days, and spent almost all his last years in Mussolini’s fascist jails. The Prison Notebooks he wrote in jail have been quarried to justify many varieties of r… more

Antonio Gramsci: working-class revolutionary
Peter Thomas
Workers’ Liberty , English
The Den Of The Assassin - Peter Thomas Senese

The Den Of The AssassinPeter Thomas Senese

Average wait: N/A

THE DEN OF THE ASSASSIN takes audiences on a thrilling global geopolitical journey that begins in New York City’s Wall Street, but soon darts into the hidden and unseen worlds that exists within nations that have different agendas than the … more

The Den Of The Assassin
Peter Thomas Senese
Pacifica Publishing , English
A FAMILY AFFAIR The Return - Bernard Preston

A FAMILY AFFAIR The ReturnBernard Preston

Book I: The Bostonians.A Family Affair is the heart-warming trilogy about a family with a difference; it has two Moms. Janet is desperate for a baby, but how do they conceive?Book II: Peter’s ChildrenEnter Peter Thomas… is it possible for a… more

Bernard Preston
Fall Fires - K.L. Platt, M.C. Rayne, C.W....

Fall FiresK.L. Platt, M.C. Rayne, C.W....

Winter’s Love:

A past relationship has left Jared Winter broken. When Eric Healey runs into him, Jared finds a reason to learn to trust again. The two men begin to fall for one another, but the prejudice around them threatens to tear them … more

Fall Fires
K.L. Platt, M.C. Rayne, C.W. Stevens, N. Wood, N.L. Leeks
Renaissance Romance Publishing , English
God's 3 Little Pigs (God's L... - Vincent Baza Ph.D., Gina Baza

God's 3 Little Pigs (God's L...Vincent Baza Ph.D., Gina Baza

Average wait: N/A

“God’s 3 Little Pigs” is a metaphor designed to lead readers to the Word of God (Bible). The story is composed as a delightful narrative that will keep you reading nonstop from the first page to the last. Follow God’s piglets (John, Peter,… more

God’s 3 Little Pigs (God’s Library Book 1)
Vincent Baza Ph.D., Gina Baza
BookBaby , English
Lighten the Trip Fantastic - Peter Thomas

Lighten the Trip FantasticPeter Thomas

Average wait: N/A

Bushwalking is not just a matter of ransacking the pantry, throwing things into a pack and then off to the nearest national park. With bushwalking, as with any activity, the more you know about it the better you will be at it, the more you… more

Lighten the Trip Fantastic
Peter Thomas
Turn of the Tide (Turn of th... - Peter Thomas

Turn of the Tide (Turn of th...Peter Thomas

Average wait: N/A

Starting thousands of miles apart, two vessels converge in mid ocean. Aboard one three fugitives are attempting to escape from the Indonesian police. The other vessel crewed by two couples and a baby, carries medical supplies for a remote i… more

Turn of the Tide (Turn of the Tide Trilogy Book 3)
Peter Thomas
Good Hope Publishing House , English

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