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Indestructible Hope - Peggy Curtice Harris

Indestructible HopePeggy Curtice Harris

Indestructible HopeBy Peggy Curtice Harris In these days of high stress and uncertainty, many are feeling hopeless.  Security, as we know it, is disappearing and in its place, extreme losses are taking place.  Loss of job, home, savings, h… more

Indestructible Hope
Peggy Curtice Harris
AuthorHouse , English
God Is Calling His Children Home - Peggy Curtice Harris

God Is Calling His Children HomePeggy Curtice Harris

“Their mission was almost completed.” Spoke President George W. Bush in the memorial service for the shuttle crew of Columbia STS 107 when these seven astronauts were lost on re-entry on that bright clear morning of February 8, 2003. The w… more

God Is Calling His Children Home
Peggy Curtice Harris
AuthorHouse , English
In God's Time - Peggy Curtice Harris

In God's TimePeggy Curtice Harris

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These are stories of people waling through life here on this small blue planet. As they encounter remarkable and sometimes tragic events we see how the great Gopd of the Universe reaches down through the atmosphere of sin, meets, helps and … more

In God’s Time
Peggy Curtice Harris
Authorhouse , English

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