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The Watchers from within Mom... - Mark Paul Jacobs

The Watchers from within Mom...Mark Paul Jacobs

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A chilling novelette from author Mark Paul Jacobs. Jim Vedder, chief engineer at California’s FastTech Corporation, has developed the world’s fastest camera. But exploring the bizarre universe of the super fast, soon uncovers horrific entit… more

The Watchers from within Moments, Revealed
Mark Paul Jacobs
Mark Paul Jacobs , English
The Day God Winked - Mark Jacobs

The Day God WinkedMark Jacobs

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Every human on earth would remember exactly where they were on the day everything changed. Like Pearl Harbor or JFK’s assassination or September 11th, 2001, the event was firmly anchored in everyone’s conscience— sometimes clear, sometimes… more

The Day God Winked
Mark Jacobs
Mark Paul Jacobs , English
How Teddy Roosevelt Slew the... - Mark Paul Jacobs

How Teddy Roosevelt Slew the...Mark Paul Jacobs

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Theodore Roosevelt’s most harrowing adventure…Still stinging from his recent election loss, former president Theodore Roosevelt sought refuge in the Brazilian jungles in early 1914 on an expedition to trace the last unmapped Amazonian riv… more

How Teddy Roosevelt Slew the Last Mighty T-Rex
Mark Paul Jacobs
Mark Paul Jacobs , English
The Yaakmen of Tyrie - Mark Paul Jacobs

The Yaakmen of TyrieMark Paul Jacobs

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A heroic tale of perseverance, bravery, loss, betrayal, and redemption…

The Yaakmen of Tyrie is an epic science fiction adventure like no other… set on a harsh alien world where men’s lives span only ten or eleven long years and double m… more

The Yaakmen of Tyrie
Mark Paul Jacobs
Mark Paul Jacobs , English
A Walk Through Life:The Merc... - Paul  Jacobs

A Walk Through Life:The Merc...Paul Jacobs

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A Walk Through Life:The Mercy of the Lord by Paul Jacobs

A Walk Through Life:The Mercy of the Lord
Paul Jacobs
Xlibris , English
Voyages: Stories of Ten Suns... - Nancy Kaull, Paul Jacobs

Voyages: Stories of Ten Suns...Nancy Kaull, Paul Jacobs

In Voyages, Paul Jacobs takes us through his discovery of a passion for sailing, the joys of meeting and falling in love with Nancy Kaull, and the couples’ experience together cruising on 36’ sailboats in exotic locations all around the wor… more

Voyages: Stories of Ten Sunsail Owner Cruises
Nancy Kaull, Paul Jacobs
Lulu.com , English
Treasures of Darkness: Findi... - Tara Soughers

Treasures of Darkness: Findi...Tara Soughers

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Treasures of Darkness: Finding God When Hope Seems HiddenPeople generally consider dark times in life as times that are filled with pain, fear, anxiety, depression, loss, or sadness. Tara Soughers recognizes such moments in her own life. W… more

Treasures of Darkness: Finding God When Hope is Hidden
Tara Soughers
Abingdon Press , English
Everyday Haiku - Paul Jacobs

Everyday HaikuPaul Jacobs

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Everyday Haiku by Paul Jacobs

Everyday Haiku
Paul Jacobs
Xlibris , English
Forever Bound - LaShelle Moore Monroe

Forever BoundLaShelle Moore Monroe

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Officer Sheila Jennings can’t believe the twists and turns that her life has taken. Her best friend has been arrested for murder. She’s in a loveless relationship with her boyfriend, Lieutenant John Ashton and now has feelings for his new b… more

Forever Bound
LaShelle Moore Monroe
Libertarianism Today - Jacob H. Huebert

Libertarianism TodayJacob H. Huebert

Americans are becoming ever more disillusioned with the twotraditional political parties. Both seem to offer more of the same: more spending, more war, more bailouts for big businesses, more control over people’s lives.That’s why more peopl… more

Libertarianism Today
Jacob H. Huebert
Praeger Paperback , English
Party on the Cheap - How to ... - Paul Jacobs

Party on the Cheap - How to ...Paul Jacobs

This amazing guide ‘Party On The Cheap : Throw A Great Party For Under $50!’ will show you how- Don’t Throw Up Your hands in despair wondering how you’re going to manage! Now you really can Throw A Great Party-For Under $50! Holiday Part… more

Party on the Cheap - How to Throw a Great Party for Under $50
Paul Jacobs
J K Publishing , English
Practice Makes Dendrites - Paul Jacob

Practice Makes DendritesPaul Jacob

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Practice Makes Dendritesby Paul Jacob

Practice Makes Dendrites
Paul Jacob
Trafford , English

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