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Packing for Mars: The Curiou... - Mary Roach

Packing for Mars: The Curiou...Mary Roach

3 ratings

“America’s funniest science writer” (Washington Post) returns to explore the irresistibly strange universe of life without gravity in this New York Times bestseller.Space is a world devoid of the things we need to live and thrive: air, grav… more

Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void
Mary Roach
W. W. Norton & Company , English
Test Pilot's Daughter: Revenge - Steve Ward

Test Pilot's Daughter: RevengeSteve Ward

2 ratings

Test Pilot’s Daughter: Revenge is the first title in a series featuring a gutsy female genius who fights injustice in a fast paced thriller. Molesters and pedophiles be warned, don’t mess with Christina Matthews!Review from the Editor’s Des… more

Test Pilot’s Daughter: Revenge
Steve Ward
Forbidden The Stars (The Int... - Valmore Daniels

Forbidden The Stars (The Int...Valmore Daniels

2 ratings
Average wait: < 1h

Forbidden The Stars (The Interstellar Age Book 1)

At the end of the 21st century, a catastrophic accident in the asteroid belt has left two surveyors dead. There is no trace of their young son, Alex Manez, or of the asteroid itself.

On… more

Forbidden The Stars (The Interstellar Age Book 1)
Valmore Daniels
ValmoreDaniels.com , English
Stiff: The Curious Lives of ... - Mary Roach

Stiff: The Curious Lives of ...Mary Roach

6 ratings

Stiff is an oddly compelling, often hilarious exploration of the strange lives of our bodies postmortem. For two thousand years, cadavers—some willingly, some unwittingly—have been involved in science’s boldest strides and weirdest under… more

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
Mary Roach
Norton , English
Endeavor in Time - Chris Hambleton

Endeavor in TimeChris Hambleton

Average wait: < 1h

Five years after the Challenger disaster, NASA launched their newest space shuttle, Endeavor, in a dramatic return to space. But several moments after lift-off, Endeavor exploded over the ocean, taking the lives of all its crew members, and… more

Endeavor in Time
Chris Hambleton
Outskirts Press , English
Deception Point - Dan Brown

Deception PointDan Brown

3 ratings

A shocking scientific discovery. A conspiracy of staggering brilliance. A thriller unlike any you’ve ever read…. When a NASA satellite discovers an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency p… more

Deception Point
Dan Brown
Atria Books , English
Discovery in the Desert: It ... - Tom Thiele

Discovery in the Desert: It ...Tom Thiele

1 rating
Average wait: 4h

Discovery in the Desert is the first book in Tom Thiele’s Discovery Series.

When asked about religious affiliation, do you describe yourself as a Christian? Do you wonder about heaven? When someone knows that they are a good person, does t… more

Discovery in the Desert: It Will Shake the Nations (The Discovery Series Book 1)
Tom Thiele
The Jesus Solution Media Group , English
The Zul Enigma - J M Leitch

The Zul EnigmaJ M Leitch

Average wait: N/A

WHOOR WHATIS ZUL?THE ZUL ENIGMA, J M Leitch’s debut sci fi thriller, awarded Book of the Month by E-thriller.com, is provoking passionate feedback: “… chillingly possible. An intelligent and riveting read which left me with a last… more

The Zul Enigma
J M Leitch
JL Press Pte Ltd , English
Worlds Without End: The Miss... - Shaun Messick

Worlds Without End: The Miss...Shaun Messick

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

The discovery of a new world may be the very thing that threatens the freedom of the human race and changes the destiny of mankind forever.

Twenty-three years after the disappearance of the Mars I space shuttle, NASA receives a mysteriou… more

Worlds Without End: The Mission (Book 1)
Shaun Messick
Empyrean Books , English
Origins - Mark Henrikson

OriginsMark Henrikson

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

(Revised 2nd Edition)

Archeologists working in the Giza plateau make new discoveries about Egypt’s past. Recorded history of the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, even Moses and the slave exodus to the Promised Land are drawn into question as they … more

Mark Henrikson
Mark Henrikson , English
Perigee - Patrick Chiles

PerigeePatrick Chiles

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

Reviewers have called it “a real barn-burner” and “the best darned ‘sci-fi’ novel I’ve read in years.” Look for the sequel, FARSIDE, available now!

Stranded in orbit, with no way home before the air runs out…

A veteran pilot flying a re… more

Patrick Chiles
Pandora's Star (The Commonwe... - Peter F. Hamilton

Pandora's Star (The Commonwe...Peter F. Hamilton

1 rating

Critics have compared the engrossing space operas of Peter F. Hamilton to the classic sagas of such sf giants as Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert. But Hamilton’s bestselling fiction—powered by a fearless imagination and world-class storyt… more

Pandora’s Star (The Commonwealth Saga Book 1)
Peter F. Hamilton
Del Rey , English
Mars, The Bringer Of War - George P.  Saunders

Mars, The Bringer Of WarGeorge P. Saunders

Average wait: N/A

John Mars is the oldest astronaut in the fleet and the commander of Challenger II. His latest assignment from NASA is a top-secret shuttle mission to the moon to investigate a mysterious signal. What he finds is an alien robot that murders … more

Mars, The Bringer Of War
George P. Saunders
Rules to Live By: 52 Princip... - Jerry White

Rules to Live By: 52 Princip...Jerry White

Determine your priorities, grow in character, and develop a Christlike outlook on life.Taken from his years in the military, at NASA, and with The Navigators, Dr. Jerry White shares insights and wisdom to point you toward a more balanced li… more

Rules to Live By: 52 Principles for a Better Life
Jerry White
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. , English
After: First Light (AFTER po... - Scott Nicholson

After: First Light (AFTER po...Scott Nicholson

1 rating
Average wait: < 1h

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a PREQUEL novella to the After post-apocalyptic series. These events happen BEFORE Book 1 in the series. It is not necessary to read this before reading Book 1. In fact, you don’t have to read this one at all, it’s j… more

After: First Light (AFTER post-apocalyptic series, Book 0)
Scott Nicholson
Haunted Computer Books , English
The Raie'Chaelia (Legend of ... - Melissa Douthit

The Raie'Chaelia (Legend of ...Melissa Douthit

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

The Raie’Chaelia, a fantasy adventure with a touch of romance.Story SummaryWhen Chalice sets off for Branbury in the middle of the night with her grandfather’s instructions, she has no idea of the dangers that await her. The King’s men have… more

The Raie’Chaelia (Legend of the Raie’Chaelia, Book One 1)
Melissa Douthit
Couronne Press , English
Urban Gardening: How To Grow... - Will Cook

Urban Gardening: How To Grow...Will Cook

1 rating
Average wait: < 1h

How To Grow An Urban Garden In Any City With Little or No Space

I Believe Every Person On This Planet Can Grow Their Own Food Using These Proven Urban Gardening Techniques

You could be just months away from a harvest of delicious, fresh o… more

Urban Gardening: How To Grow Food In Any City Apartment Or Yard No Matter How Small (Growing Indoors, On Rooftop , Small Yards, Balcony Gardens, Planting … Systems) (Gardening Guidebook Book 1)
Will Cook
Vertical Gardening Group , English
New World Orders - Edward G. Talbot

New World OrdersEdward G. Talbot

Average wait: N/A

Killing Kennedy Was Only The Beginning Global warming is unstoppable. The earth is screwed, but the men responsible have a plan… To save themselves.

Enter Jack Crowley. Jack is a former idealist, turned cynical by his years working as … more

New World Orders
Edward G. Talbot
The Open Innovation Marketpl... - Alpheus Bingham, Dwayne Spradlin

The Open Innovation Marketpl...Alpheus Bingham, Dwayne Spradlin

Many technical obstacles to effective innovation no longer exist: today, companies possess global networks that can connect with knowledge from virtually any source. Today’s challenge is to collaboratively transform that knowledge into high… more

The Open Innovation Marketplace: Creating Value in the Challenge Driven Enterprise
Alpheus Bingham, Dwayne Spradlin
FT Press , English
Zombie Zoology: An Unnatural... - Tim Curran

Zombie Zoology: An Unnatural...Tim Curran

1 rating
Average wait: 6h

Zombie Zoology an Unnatural History: Severed Press has assembled a truly original anthology of never before published stories of living dead beasts. Inside you will find tales of prehistoric creatures rising from the Bog, a survivalist taki… more

Zombie Zoology: An Unnatural History
Tim Curran
Severed Press , English

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