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Angels Don't Die - Dallas Releford

Angels Don't DieDallas Releford

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Mike Shannon, a debonair, easy-going, hard-hitting private detective lives in the shadow of his famous detective father who was killed when Mike was young because he was investigating a cutthroat gang that has ruled Calgary, Connecticut for… more

Angels Don’t Die
Dallas Releford
CreateSpace , English
Lone Star Rising: The Texas ... - Elmer Kelton

Lone Star Rising: The Texas ...Elmer Kelton

In 1999, with Forge’s publication of The Buckskin Line, Elmer Kelton launched a series of novels on the formative years of the Texas Rangers. In Texas Justice, the first three of these critically acclaimed books are now brought together in … more

Lone Star Rising: The Texas Rangers Trilogy
Elmer Kelton
Forge Books , English
The Secret Lives Of A Secret... - Tim Crook

The Secret Lives Of A Secret...Tim Crook

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Spring 1941. A seven-year-old boy says goodbye to his father, Alexander Wilson, a lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army, at a Yorkshire railway station for the last time and grieves more than a year later when told of his death at the Battl… more

The Secret Lives Of A Secret Agent: The Mysterious Life and Times of Alexander Wilson
Tim Crook
Kultura Press , English
Don't Come Back (The Rossing... - Mary Tant

Don't Come Back (The Rossing...Mary Tant

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Not everyone is pleased when Berhane comes back to the moor. She was first there as an adopted child, now she’s back to stay. But her return is like a stone dropped into a quiet pool, creating ever-widening ripples.The village sees its orde… more

Don’t Come Back (The Rossington series Book 6)
Mary Tant
Threshold Press Ltd , English
The Gateway to Hell: A Mike ... - Ray Mileur

The Gateway to Hell: A Mike ...Ray Mileur

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Mike Shannon is used to taking on the hard cases. He’s a private investigator and ex-cop in St. Louis, and when the authorities throw up their hands, Shannon is there to bring the guilty to justice. But doing what’s right doesn’t mean keep… more

The Gateway to Hell: A Mike Shannon Novel
Ray Mileur
iUniverse , English
Dragon Storm: China invades Taiwan - T.J. McFadden

Dragon Storm: China invades TaiwanT.J. McFadden

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Taiwan is invaded by Red China in the latest technothriller by T.J. McFadden. In a story that could be torn from tomorrow’s headlines, Xiao Ying Tien, “The Smiling Man” hopes to use the might of modern China to crush the last remnant of the… more

Dragon Storm: China invades Taiwan
T.J. McFadden
Tales from the Dugout: The G... - Mike Shannon

Tales from the Dugout: The G...Mike Shannon

Batter up—here comes the most memorable collection of anecdotes about the national pastime ever assembled. Tales from the Dugout brings together never-before-told stories from baseball personalities such as Roger Maris, Ken Griffey Jr., Pe… more

Tales from the Dugout: The Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told
Mike Shannon
McGraw-Hill , English
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugl... - Mike Shannon

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugl...Mike Shannon

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In entertaining—and unsparing—fashion, this book sparkles with Reds highlights, lowlights, wonderful and wacky memories, legends and goats, the famous and the infamous. You’ll relive the Big Red Machine’s World Series crown in 1975 but also… more

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: Cincinnati Reds: Heart-Pounding, Jaw-Dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments from Cincinnati Reds History
Mike Shannon
Triumph Books , English
The Good, the Bad, and the U... - Mike Shannon

The Good, the Bad, and the U...Mike Shannon

Genuine fans take the best team moments with the less than great, and know that the games that are best forgotten make the good moments truly shine. This monumental book of the Cincinnati Reds documents all the best moments and personalitie… more

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Cincinnati Reds (The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly)
Mike Shannon
Triumph Books , English
Friends ... and a Foe (The R... - Mary Tant

Friends ... and a Foe (The R...Mary Tant

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Life looks promising for Lucy Rossington and her family – there is no way they could guess that in just a few days their happiness might be shattered for ever.All Lucy’s hopes are being fulfilled now the future of the family manor in the We… more

Friends … and a Foe (The Rossington series Book 3)
Mary Tant
Threshold Press Ltd , English
Hutch: Baseball's Fred Hutch... - Mike Shannon

Hutch: Baseball's Fred Hutch...Mike Shannon

This is a graphic biography of Fred Hutchinson, one of baseball’s most beloved men. Hutch enjoyed a successful big league career, first as an All-Star pitcher for the Tigers and later as a pennant-winning manager with the Reds. And he is re… more

Hutch: Baseball’s Fred Hutchinson and a Legacy of Courage
Mike Shannon
McFarland , English
Befitting Mistress - Destiny Blaine

Befitting MistressDestiny Blaine

Hope Taylor is the kind of girl who enjoys life to the fullest. A recent college graduate, she moves to Savannah, Georgia in hopes of building her life there. With nearby Tybee Island to keep her on the beach by day and an old Victorian hom… more

Befitting Mistress
Destiny Blaine
eXcessica , English
The Kuala Lumpur Connection - Robert Porter

The Kuala Lumpur ConnectionRobert Porter

During the tumultuous 1970s, competing warlords are killing each other to gain control of the opium grown in the Golden Triangle, the mountainous region in Southeast Asia where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Burma join. The winner in t… more

The Kuala Lumpur Connection
Robert Porter
iUniverse , English

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