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Return to You (A Laurel Heig... - Kate Perry

Return to You (A Laurel Heig...Kate Perry

7 ratings

Over 5 million readers have fallen for Kate’s Laurel Heights novels. Come join the neighborhood…   Book 3: RETURN TO YOU   That rat bastard Michael Wallace is back.   The last person Olivia Parker expects to walk into her lingerie shop is… more

Return to You (A Laurel Heights Novel Book 3)
Kate Perry
Phoenix Rising Enterprises, Inc , English
The Righteous - Michael Wallace

The RighteousMichael Wallace

5 ratings

When a brutal murder shocks the polygamist enclave of Blister Creek, Utah, church elders call in Jacob Christianson, a medical student and the favored son of a church elder. Jacob must solve the murder while protecting his young sister Eliz… more

The Righteous
Michael Wallace
Balsalom Publishing , English
The Devil's Deep - Michael Wallace

The Devil's DeepMichael Wallace

4 ratings
Average wait: < 1h

Chad Lett is a mute witness to an attempted murder. He suffers from total paralysis, locked within a prison of his own mind. After years of silence, he establishes contact with a young nurse’s aid through a single blinking eye, but then she… more

The Devil’s Deep
Michael Wallace
The Red Rooster - Michael Wallace

The Red RoosterMichael Wallace

1 rating
Average wait: < 1h

Of all the desperate women in Paris, Gabriela Reyes is the least likely to scratch out her survival as a whore for a Gestapo agent. After fascists tortured her father in an insane asylum, she hates the Germans as much as she fears them. But… more

The Red Rooster
Michael Wallace
Balsalom Publishing , English
Implant - Michael Wallace, Jeffrey Anderson

ImplantMichael Wallace, Jeffrey Anderson

Neurosurgeon Julia Nolan places cortical implants into the brains of field operatives to record data from their auditory and visual cortices. One of her subjects, an operative named Ian Westhelle, suffers a psychotic break and kills his han… more

Michael Wallace, Jeffrey Anderson
The Dark Citadel (book #1) - Michael Wallace

The Dark Citadel (book #1)Michael Wallace

2 ratings
Average wait: < 1h

A slave boy named Darik falls in with a pair of spies as the great city of Balsalom comes under siege by the armies of a dark wizard. They flee west to enlist the aid of griffin riders, an order of wizards, and a band of ascetic knights to … more

The Dark Citadel (book #1)
Michael Wallace
Balsalom Publishing , English
Let's Get Digital: How To Se... - David Gaughran

Let's Get Digital: How To Se...David Gaughran

2 ratings

 UPDATED & EXPANDED 2nd EDITION This award-winning, bestselling self-publishing guide has been re-released as a new updated and expanded 2nd edition, with 75,000 words of essays, articles, and how-to guides, as well as contributions f… more

Let’s Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should: Updated Second Edition (Let’s Get Publishing Book 1)
David Gaughran
Arriba Arriba Books , English
Mighty and Strong (The Righteous) - Michael Wallace

Mighty and Strong (The Righteous)Michael Wallace

1 rating

Son of a polygamist leader, Jacob Christianson is approached by the FBI to infiltrate a millennialist cult similar to his own church. They’ve lost an agent, tasked to penetrate the cult and investigate a plot to kill a U.S. Senator and pres… more

Mighty and Strong (The Righteous)
Michael Wallace
Balsalom Publishing , English
Trial by Fury (A Righteous N... - Michael Wallace

Trial by Fury (A Righteous N...Michael Wallace

When seventeen-year-old Abraham Christianson is tricked into killing a dissident from his church, he confesses his crime to his father, the leader of the polygamist enclave of Blister Creek, Utah. He has always thought of his father as a st… more

Trial by Fury (A Righteous Novella) (Righteous series)
Michael Wallace
Balsalom Publishing , English
The Devil's Peak (The Devil'... - Michael Wallace

The Devil's Peak (The Devil'...Michael Wallace

Average wait: < 1h

The second book of the bestselling suspense series, The Devil’s Deep:

Only one person knows that Walter Fitzroy is trapped in the living prison of his own paralyzed body and she is a psychopath. Jealous to hide her boyfriend, Darlene Trost… more

The Devil’s Peak (The Devil’s Deep Book 2)
Michael Wallace
Balsalom Publishing , English
The Wicked (Righteous Series) - Michael Wallace

The Wicked (Righteous Series)Michael Wallace

1 rating

Growing up in a conservative polygamous community, Eliza Christianson was a young woman of faith who could never quite wrap her mind around the fundamentalist aspects of her religion. Thanks to her older brother Jacob, she managed to surviv… more

The Wicked (Righteous Series)
Michael Wallace
Thomas & Mercer , English
The Kingdom of the Bears - Michael Wallace

The Kingdom of the BearsMichael Wallace

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

Two kids from Vermont discover a magical land where a kingdom of bears is fighting a desperate struggle for survival against a gang of rapacious weasels. Mistaken for emissaries of a lost human kingdom, they join with a band of renegade bea… more

The Kingdom of the Bears
Michael Wallace
The Righteous (Righteous Series) - Michael Wallace

The Righteous (Righteous Series)Michael Wallace

Deep in the Utah desert, the small polygamous community of Blister Creek has a history of protecting its own. Even when a young woman is brutally murdered just blocks from her home, the residents of the conservative enclave close ranks. But… more

The Righteous (Righteous Series)
Michael Wallace
Thomas & Mercer , English
Mighty and Strong (Righteous... - Michael Wallace

Mighty and Strong (Righteous...Michael Wallace

For years Jacob Christianson struggled to reconcile his faith with his skepticism about the polygamous practices of his religious community. That doubt, combined with a sharp analytical mind, enabled him to solve the ritualistic murder of h… more

Mighty and Strong (Righteous Series)
Michael Wallace
Thomas & Mercer , English
A Triple Thriller Fest - Gordon Ryan, Michael Wallace...

A Triple Thriller FestGordon Ryan, Michael Wallace...

1 rating

State of Rebellion; Falling Star; State of SiegeAuthors Michael Wallace, Gordon Ryan, and Philip Chen bring you a three volume thriller set that explores the world of this genre from entirely different, but equally exciting, webs of intrigu… more

A Triple Thriller Fest
Gordon Ryan, Michael Wallace, Philip Chen
Pegasus Publishing , English
State of Siege - Michael Wallace

State of SiegeMichael Wallace

Tess Burgess, expert in medieval warfare, is building siege engines in France, while running a sting operation against collectors of stolen artifacts. She finds these collectors through her ex-boyfriend, Peter Gagné, heir to an oil fortune…. more

State of Siege
Michael Wallace
Balsalom Publishing , English
Blood of Vipers - Michael Wallace

Blood of VipersMichael Wallace

When fighter pilot Cal Jameson is shot down in enemy territory at the end of the war, his only desire is to find his way back to American lines. But as Cal hides from a Waffen-SS death squad, he stumbles into a family of German refugees fle… more

Blood of Vipers
Michael Wallace
Balsalom Publishing , English
The Village of Dead Souls: A... - Michael Wallace

The Village of Dead Souls: A...Michael Wallace

Everything changed when the world saw its first re-an.We thought the issue of the reanimated dead would disappear, but it didn’t go away. They multiplied faster than us humans until their numbers grew too large to be ignored. We tried to fi… more

The Village of Dead Souls: A Zombie Novel
Michael Wallace
Severed Press , English
The McHenry Inheritance (Qui... - Michael Wallace

The McHenry Inheritance (Qui...Michael Wallace

Average wait: < 1h

In the first Quill Gordon mystery, Gordon, a San Francisco stockbroker and former college basketball star, goes on a fly-fishing vacation in the High Sierra and encounters more than he bargained for. A menacing “citizen militia,” led by a f… more

The McHenry Inheritance (Quill Gordon Mystery Book 1)
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace , English
The Wicked (The Righteous) - Michael Wallace

The Wicked (The Righteous)Michael Wallace

When Eliza Christianson sets off from the polygamist enclave of Blister Creek to search for a lost brother, she must evade the machinations of her polygamist father while combating a doomsday sect that believes it knows the day, hour, and m… more

The Wicked (The Righteous)
Michael Wallace
Balsalom Publishing

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