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Inamorata - Megan Chance

InamorataMegan Chance

1 rating

A ghostly tale of how much fame and fortune can cost…American artist Joseph Hannigan and his alluring sister, Sophie, have arrived in enchanting nineteenth-century Venice with a single-minded goal. The twins, who have fled scandal in New … more

Megan Chance
Lake Union Publishing , English
Bone River - Megan Chance

Bone RiverMegan Chance

1 rating

Selected by Amazon’s editors as a Best Book of the Month in Literature & Fiction, December 2012In the mid-19th century, Leonie Monroe Russell works alongside her husband, Junius, an oysterman in Shoalwater Bay in the Pacific Northwest. At… more

Bone River
Megan Chance
Lake Union Publishing , English
An Inconvenient Wife - Megan Chance

An Inconvenient WifeMegan Chance

AN INCONVENIENT WIFE is a rich blend of suspense, social history (America in the 1880s), and passion. Chance delivers a powerfully written page-turner about a woman’s struggle to escape the confines of her time, class, and gender. Literar… more

An Inconvenient Wife
Megan Chance
Grand Central Publishing , English
After the Frost - Megan Chance

After the FrostMegan Chance

1 rating
Average wait: 7h

This historical romance was first published in 1994.He was her worst enemy, her best friend, the childhood sweetheart—and lover—she couldn’t escape. And now, after six long years, Belle Sault was back home in Ohio again, determined to cla… more

After the Frost
Megan Chance
A Candle in the Dark - Megan Chance

A Candle in the DarkMegan Chance

Average wait: < 1h

Winner of Romance Writers of America RITA award, this historical romance is Megan Chance’s first published book, available for the first time in an ebook edition.She had blood on her dress and trouble in her eyes when she walked into Cavey … more

A Candle in the Dark
Megan Chance
The Portrait - Megan Chance

The PortraitMegan Chance

Average wait: 363d, 4h

This historical romance was first published in 1995.

The reigning master of the New York art world, Jonas Whitaker was brilliant and compelling, a man of dark passions and uncontrollable emotions. Terrified of his own dangerous nature, and… more

The Portrait
Megan Chance
The Spiritualist: A Novel - Megan Chance

The Spiritualist: A NovelMegan Chance

Sometimes truth is the greatest illusion of all. In a cold January morning in 1856, Evelyn Atherton’s husband is found murdered after attending an exclusive séance. Having “married up” into New York society, Evie herself is the immediate su… more

The Spiritualist: A Novel
Megan Chance
Broadway Books , English
Susannah Morrow - Megan Chance

Susannah MorrowMegan Chance

An irresistible blend of history, suspense and romance captures the extraordinary drama of the Salem witch trials. Set in one of the most horrific yet intriguing periods in history, “Susannah Morrow” offers fascinating psychological insight… more

Susannah Morrow
Megan Chance
Grand Central Publishing , English
Prima Donna: A Novel - Megan Chance

Prima Donna: A NovelMegan Chance

Opera singer Sabine Conrad is the toast of nineteenth-century New York high society. A celebrated soprano with the voice of an angel, she is showered with adulation by her audiences and courted by wealthy patrons. But behind the scenes, her… more

Prima Donna: A Novel
Megan Chance
Broadway Books , English
The Way Home - Megan Chance

The Way HomeMegan Chance

Average wait: 181d, 12h

Eliza Beaudry was determined to leave Richmond and poverty behind, and if that meant trading a few kisses for her freedom, she was more than willing to do so. When handsome gambler Cole Wallace sauntered into town, she saw in him her savior… more

The Way Home
Megan Chance
C is for China - Robyn Chance

C is for ChinaRobyn Chance

Through the use of ABCs, rhyme and culturally relevant images, C is for China helps readers of all ages learn something new about the unique contributions Chinese culture has made to our world. EDITORIAL REVIEWS:“Robyn Chance is a truly gif… more

C is for China
Robyn Chance
Rhemalda Publishing , English
Fall from Grace - Megan Chance

Fall from GraceMegan Chance

Average wait: 756d, 3h

First published in 1997.Lily lost her childhood the day the Sharpe gang murdered her parents and “adopted” her. Soon, she was “Lily the Cat,” a wanted outlaw herself, ruthless and smart. But Lily bided her time and planned her revenge, betr… more

Fall from Grace
Megan Chance
City of Ash: A Novel - Megan Chance

City of Ash: A NovelMegan Chance

When the great Seattle fire of 1889 leaves them with nothing to lose, two very different women discover a mutual passion for revenge. Chicago socialite and art patron Geneva Langley has brought scandal to her family for the last time. Her l… more

City of Ash: A Novel
Megan Chance
Broadway Books , English
The Shadows (Fianna Trilogy Book 1) - Megan Chance

The Shadows (Fianna Trilogy Book 1)Megan Chance

Grace Knox is about to turn seventeen, and the world of Victorian New York society should be opening to her—a time of dances and parties and boys vying for her heart and her hand. Instead, Grace’s world is closing in: the family business is… more

The Shadows (Fianna Trilogy Book 1)
Megan Chance
Skyscape , English
Revelations (The Prophecy of... - Misty D Billman

Revelations (The Prophecy of...Misty D Billman

Average wait: N/A

Melany’s brothers make her life miserable. Her only escape from their constant loudness and obnoxious behavior is her backyard. But the privacy of her sanctuary is shattered when she finds Aratlond lying there unconscious. He claims to be a… more

Revelations (The Prophecy of Kalodorim Book 1)
Misty D Billman
Short Stuff Publishing , English
A Season in Eden - Megan Chance

A Season in EdenMegan Chance

Average wait: N/A

Lora Cameron was once happy in the Yakima Valley that held such promise. But that was before tragedy robbed her life of joy. Now there is only sadness and struggle. When her husband, Eli, leaves for the summer to work at a faraway logging c… more

A Season in Eden
Megan Chance
My Dad & My Best Friend! - E... - Megan Chance

My Dad & My Best Friend! - E...Megan Chance

Hot erotica that explorers unusual, unexpected and forbidden hookups!A young woman catches her father with her best friend! A young girl enjoys the pleasures of “self” love! The paperboy gets something “hot” from a cold call! A hot 40-year … more

My Dad & My Best Friend! - Erotic Confessions of Forbidden & Unusual Hookups!
Megan Chance
3am/RSVP Group , English
The Ninth Circle - Brendan Deneen

The Ninth CircleBrendan Deneen

When Dan, 16, runs away from a terrible home life to join a circus, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Based on Dante’s Inferno, THE NINTH CIRCLE follows a young man’s coming-of-age as he travels with the circus through nine sta… more

The Ninth Circle
Brendan Deneen
Permuted Press , English
The Elopement (A Short Story) - Megan Chance

The Elopement (A Short Story)Megan Chance

Average wait: N/A

If you had to decide between passion and contentment, which would you choose?In Victorian New York City, a young woman finds herself torn between two men. The respectable choice, Michael Bayley, is such an appropriate suitor, and when she i… more

The Elopement (A Short Story)
Megan Chance
StoryFront , English
Bone River - Fluss der Träum... - Megan Chance

Bone River - Fluss der Träum...Megan Chance

Average wait: N/A

Leonie Russell war erst siebzehn Jahre alt, als ihr geliebter Vater, ein Ethnologe, starb. Sie erfüllte seinen auf dem Sterbebett ausgesprochenen Wunsch und heiratete, trotz des großen Altersunterschieds, seinen Mitarbeiter Junius. Zwanzig … more

Bone River - Fluss der Träume (German Edition)
Megan Chance
AmazonCrossing , German

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