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Raven's Heart (A Tale from S... - Matthew Verish, Stefanie Verish

Raven's Heart (A Tale from S...Matthew Verish, Stefanie Verish

An exiled man wonders if he should forsake his new life and risk returning to his homeland. A troubled girl seeks redemption for a terrible crime she has committed. A solitary tracker breaks an oath in order to communicate with an infamous,… more

Raven’s Heart (A Tale from Secramore - Epic Fantasy)
Matthew Verish, Stefanie Verish
Night Apple, LLC , English
The Hawk's Shadow (A Tale fr... - Matthew Verish, Stefanie Verish

The Hawk's Shadow (A Tale fr...Matthew Verish, Stefanie Verish

In the aftermath of Raven’s Heart, the tracker named Hawkwing and the former bandit known as the White Demon try to evade a clandestine organization known as the Seroko. “The Hawk’s Shadow” tells their tale and bridges Raven’s Heart with th… more

The Hawk’s Shadow (A Tale from the World of Secramore)
Matthew Verish, Stefanie Verish

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