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Snajperzy drugiej wojny swia... - Adrian Gilbert, Tom C. McKen...

Snajperzy drugiej wojny swia...Adrian Gilbert, Tom C. McKen...

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Podziwiani przez niektórych jako doskonali wojownicy, potępiani przez innych jako bezwzględni zabójcy – snajperzy bojowi to więcej niż strzelcy. To zdyscyplinowani, opanowani profesjonaliści, wyszkoleni w strzelaniu do celu, prowadzeniu zwi… more

Snajperzy drugiej wojny swiatowej: Pelne dramatyzmu relacje z pierwszej reki o najzuchwalszych akcjach wojennych (Sekrety historii)
Adrian Gilbert, Tom C. McKenney, Dan Mills, Roger Moorhouse, Tim Newark, Martin Pegler, Charles W. Sasser, Mark Spicer, Leroy Thompson, John B. Tonkin
Wydawnictwo RM , English
Out of Nowhere: A history of... - Martin Pegler

Out of Nowhere: A history of...Martin Pegler

From the American War of Independence to World War II, the history of the military combat marksman is one of indifference and cost cutting. Despite the proven effectiveness of the rifleman in battle, for most of the 20th century snipers wer… more

Out of Nowhere: A history of the military sniper, from the Sharpshooter to Afghanistan (General Military)
Martin Pegler
Osprey Publishing , English
The Vickers-Maxim Machine Gu... - Martin Pegler

The Vickers-Maxim Machine Gu...Martin Pegler

The world’s first self-powered machine gun, the Maxim gun became a potent symbol of Victorian colonialism in the closing years of the 19th century. It was the brainchild of Sir Hiram Maxim, the American-born firearms inventor who founded th… more

The Vickers-Maxim Machine Gun (Weapon)
Martin Pegler
Osprey Publishing , English
The Lee-Enfield Rifle (Weapon) - Martin Pegler

The Lee-Enfield Rifle (Weapon)Martin Pegler

The Lee-Enfield is one of the 20th century’s most recognizable and longest-serving military rifles. It was adopted by the British Army in 1895 and only replaced by the L1A1 SLR in 1957; even then a sniper variant, the L42A1, was used until … more

The Lee-Enfield Rifle (Weapon)
Martin Pegler
Osprey Publishing , English
The Thompson Submachine Gun:... - Martin Pegler

The Thompson Submachine Gun:...Martin Pegler

Osprey’s new Weapon series provides a highly-detailed yet affordable overview of the development, use, and impact of small arms throughout history - from the sword to the machine gun.Learn the true story of one of history’s most well travel… more

The Thompson Submachine Gun: From Prohibition Chicago to World War II (Weapon)
Martin Pegler
Osprey Publishing , English
Sniper Rifles: From the 19th... - Martin Pegler

Sniper Rifles: From the 19th...Martin Pegler

A technical outline of the history of the sniper rifle, from its introduction in warfare during the Napoleonic wars, through the US Civil War to its current apogee as the most frequently used combat rifle in Iraq and Afghanistan. This book … more

Sniper Rifles: From the 19th to the 21st Century (Weapon)
Martin Pegler
Osprey Publishing , English
Sniper Anthology: Snipers of... - Martin Pegler

Sniper Anthology: Snipers of...Martin Pegler

For the first time, leading Second World War authors from around the world have collaborated on a definitive anthology of the greatest snipers of the war.Each author supplies full details of their chosen sniper, including illustrations that… more

Sniper Anthology: Snipers of the Second World War
Martin Pegler
Frontline , English

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