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Zane's Way: 1 (O'Malley Wild) - Maggie Casper

Zane's Way: 1 (O'Malley Wild)Maggie Casper

6 ratings

Book One in the O’Malley Wild series.Serena Keller yearns for more than the vanilla relationship she has with her long-term live-in lover, Zane O’Malley. Fear of Zane’s reaction to her naughty submissive fantasies has kept Serena from admit… more

Zane’s Way: 1 (O’Malley Wild)
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Christmas Cash: 1 (Raising Cain) - Maggie Casper

Christmas Cash: 1 (Raising Cain)Maggie Casper

If you can’t beat him, irritate the hell out of him.Moving back home to Chaos, Texas wasn’t working out quite the way Noelle had planned. The last thing she expected was a seasonal job that included dressing up as Mrs. Claus while ringing a… more

Christmas Cash: 1 (Raising Cain)
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Knotty Girl (A Midsummer's N... - Maggie Casper

Knotty Girl (A Midsummer's N...Maggie Casper

4 ratings
Average wait: 8d, 23h

Roping the naughty girl is all fun and games until someone falls in love. A Midsummer Night’s Steam story Shelby Langley was not sub, slave or Mistress, she was merely kinky. Point her to a BDSM club where she could watch and experience pre… more

Knotty Girl (A Midsummer’s Night Steam)
Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
A Love Like No Other - Maggie Casper

A Love Like No OtherMaggie Casper

3 ratings
Average wait: 61d, 0h

Taking care of business… Barracudas in Prada. Stuffy board rooms. Raith Aldan is beyond tired of it all and ready to sell out and move on to something less stressful and much more…interesting. Something that suits his dominant male traits, … more

A Love Like No Other
Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
The Chance of a Lifetime - Maggie Casper

The Chance of a LifetimeMaggie Casper

Average wait: 5h

She’s got an independent streak a mile wide. But Chance has a long, long rope. After a nasty divorce, Lacey Winslow has worked hard to rebuild her life, and guards it with fierce determination. She’s had it up to here with her lurking ex an… more

The Chance of a Lifetime
Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Honoring Sean (O'Malley Wild... - Maggie Casper

Honoring Sean (O'Malley Wild...Maggie Casper

Average wait: 6d, 5h

Book 2 in the O’Malley Wild series. Pub owner Sean O’Malley has always planned to marry and have a family. He’s just never found the right woman—that is, until he hires Honor Rollings as his new waitress.Free-spirited Honor Rollings is a wa… more

Honoring Sean (O’Malley Wild, Book Two)
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Hayden's Hellion: 3 (O'Malley Wild) - Maggie Casper

Hayden's Hellion: 3 (O'Malley Wild)Maggie Casper

Average wait: 6d, 23h

Book three in the O’Malley Wild series.A bad relationship with a money-hungry woman has left Hayden O’Malley disillusioned and untrusting. An old-fashioned cowboy used to meek, biddable women, Hayden’s legendary patience is tested when he r… more

Hayden’s Hellion: 3 (O’Malley Wild)
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Something Old, Something New... - Maggie Casper

Something Old, Something New...Maggie Casper

Average wait: 51d, 6h

Book One of the Wedding Dress Series. Traveling west from Boston is the adventure of a lifetime for mail order bride, Matilda Cummings — until she learns her soon-to-be husband, Dawson Chandler, had no use for a wife. Switching places with … more

Something Old, Something New (The Wedding Dress)
Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
California Cowboy - Maggie Casper

California CowboyMaggie Casper

1 rating
Average wait: 28d, 13h

Will Clay’s lack of loving words bring back painful memories of Bobbie’s childhood or can she put her fears aside and finally find love with her California Cowboy? Clay Bodine has lived on the Lazy B Ranch since birth. He works the land wit… more

California Cowboy
Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Tying the Knot (O'Malley Wil... - Maggie Casper

Tying the Knot (O'Malley Wil...Maggie Casper

Book four in the O’Malley Wild series.Those Wild O’Malley boys are at it again. From rough and rugged rancher Hayden, to larger than life pub owner Sean, all the way down to the baby of the family, polished and shined Zane, the only thing t… more

Tying the Knot (O’Malley Wild, Book Four)
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
For the Love of Callie - Maggie Casper

For the Love of CallieMaggie Casper

1 rating
Average wait: 41d, 13h

Will revenge tear them apart, or will Mica do anything for the love of Callie? Revenge is sweeter than life itself. So think fools. And so thought Mica Blackfeather. The plan was simple. To take from Callie Jones what she had taken from him… more

For the Love of Callie
Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Maverick's Black Cat - Maggie Casper

Maverick's Black CatMaggie Casper

1 rating
Average wait: 12h

Research. It was all in the name of research, or that’s what Catarena keeps telling herself every time she meets Maverick online. In exchange for his knowledge of D/s relationships, Catarena willingly becomes his apt pupil, giving over her … more

Maverick’s Black Cat
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Teaching Elena - Maggie Casper

Teaching ElenaMaggie Casper

Average wait: 11h

When Elena Richardson mistakes her millionaire landlord for a prospective employee, she’ll lose more than just her virginity. What happens to a virgin who decides she no longer wants to be innocent? While some may go to a trendy bar looking… more

Teaching Elena
Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Binding Love (Raising Cain, ... - Maggie Casper

Binding Love (Raising Cain, ...Maggie Casper

Average wait: 1h

Book four in the Raising Cain series.When Cooper McCain’s past lovers show up in Chaos, Texas, in order to rekindle an old romance, Cooper knows he’s in trouble. He’s worked hard to put both Mallory Johanson and Liam Jacoby behind him. The … more

Binding Love (Raising Cain, Book Four)
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Capturing Casey's Heart (Rai... - Maggie Casper

Capturing Casey's Heart (Rai...Maggie Casper

Average wait: 306d, 17h

Book three in the Raising Cain series.As the only sister of four bossy brothers, Casey McCain is used to being overprotected and cared for. What she isn’t used to, however, is the overwhelming need to give herself completely to another, nam… more

Capturing Casey’s Heart (Raising Cain, Book Three)
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Enough Love for Two (Raising... - Maggie Casper

Enough Love for Two (Raising...Maggie Casper

Average wait: 9h

Connor and Carson McCain have always shared everything…including their women. They’ve grown a bit cynical about ever finding the right woman for them to share their lives with when Tara Sanders returns home.Falling for calm and cool Carson … more

Enough Love for Two (Raising Cain, Book Two)
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Tempting Tears - Maggie Casper

Tempting TearsMaggie Casper

1 rating
Average wait: 15d, 1h

Vance Hardin was prepared to let her chase him until she was good and caught. As head security for Club D/s, he watches and waits, biding his time until one night the chance he’s been waiting for finally arrives. She wants to play and he’s … more

Tempting Tears
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Tied and Tempting - Maggie Casper

Tied and TemptingMaggie Casper

1 rating
Average wait: 18d, 14h

Nash Jameson wasn’t at all sure Mira Collins would show up and if she did, would it lead anywhere? Dominant by nature, he’d been attracted to Mira’s submissiveness since the day they’d met. Would she follow him down a road of desire that c… more

Tied and Tempting
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Every Beat of Her Heart - Maggie Casper

Every Beat of Her HeartMaggie Casper

Average wait: 1d, 12h

When things become intense, will Ally learn that loving Grant is worth every beat of her heart? Now a single dad, Grant Scott depends on his childhood friend Allison Wilson more than ever before. After many weekly outings, as a family, rema… more

Every Beat of Her Heart
Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Wicked Memories - Maggie Casper

Wicked MemoriesMaggie Casper

Average wait: N/A

To Serve and Protect.Sheriff Ryder Jackson has spent the last ten years of his life missing his sister Sandra and hating the woman he believes killed her.Kelly Montgomery returns to her hometown to care for her fiercely independent cowboy b… more

Wicked Memories
Maggie Casper
Ellora’s Cave , English

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