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YGOR - Lee Murphy

YGORLee Murphy

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A re-imagining of the Frankenstein saga as told first-person by the world’s most famous de-formed lab assistant.Ygor chronicles the four-year, co-dependent relationship between himself and the Doctor, who is bi-polar, alcoholic, and suffers… more

Lee Murphy
Defining Moments , English


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The world can be a dangerous place. Just ask George Kodiak. When a strange and extremely aggressive animal is shot and killed by police inside a local Voodoo priestess’ family mausoleum, who better to identify the thing than “the guy who ca… more

Lee Murphy
Naitaka - Lee Murphy

NaitakaLee Murphy

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Kodiak is back. Nearly two years after the horrifying debacle of WHERE LEGENDS ROAM, cryptozoologist George Kodiak has come to British Columbia’s Lake Okanagan; reputed to be the home of Naitaka, an ancient monster believed to exist in the … more

Lee Murphy
Defining Moments , English


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This is the first in a series of adventure novels that chronicles the exploits of George Kodiak— cryptozoologist— as he searches the dark and deadly places of the Earth for animal anomalies such as the Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster…. more

Lee Murphy
Defining Moments , English
THE ROAD TO LOCH NESS (The K... - Lee Murphy


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Tales of sightings go back hundreds of years, although doubt and denial have plagued most serious efforts to find irrefutable proof of these animals’ existence.

Until now.

Before Bigfoot, before Naitaka and the Honey Island Swamp Monster… more

THE ROAD TO LOCH NESS (The Kodiak Books)
Lee Murphy
Defining Moments , English
Satisfaction - Kerry Lee Murphy

SatisfactionKerry Lee Murphy

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Water’s time is indescribable, untouchable. Her life is inconceivable. She’s defined by her past, while she walks in a sea of black and blue ashes. Her love for the most precarious soul possible is a bitter antidote for the inevitable haunt… more

Kerry Lee Murphy
Dr. Devastating (Prescriptio... - Christine Rimmer

Dr. Devastating (Prescriptio...Christine Rimmer

IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?The answer to that question, as nurse practicioner Lee Murphy knew all too well, was a resounding “Yes!” But the vowed-never-to-get-involved-with-an-M.D. Lee had a serious problem on her hands, for despite her… more

Dr. Devastating (Prescription: Marriage Book 3)
Christine Rimmer
Harlequin Treasury-Silhouette Special Edition 90s , English
On a Mission - David Lee Murphy, Ira Lee De...

On a MissionDavid Lee Murphy, Ira Lee De...

Digital Sheet Music of On a MissionComposed by: David Lee Murphy;Ira Lee Dean;Kim TribblePerformed by: Trick Pony

On a Mission
David Lee Murphy, Ira Lee Dean, Kim Tribble, Trick Pony
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
People Like Us - Aaron Tippin, David Lee Murp...

People Like UsAaron Tippin, David Lee Murp...

Digital Sheet Music of People Like UsComposed by: David Lee Murphy;Kim TribblePerformed by: Aaron Tippin

People Like Us
Aaron Tippin, David Lee Murphy, Kim Tribble
Online Sheet Music , English
Temptation (Satisfaction Book 2) - Kerry Lee Murphy

Temptation (Satisfaction Book 2)Kerry Lee Murphy

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I wail, for the temptation beats against me like a heavy wave. Pain or peace. Life or death. My companions echo in my mind. They join together in a beautiful picture of the time I’d be leaving. Her utterance is pure: “This is the destinati… more

Temptation (Satisfaction Book 2)
Kerry Lee Murphy
Midnight Oil Publishing , English
Eagle Talons (The Iron Horse... - Robert Lee Murphy

Eagle Talons (The Iron Horse...Robert Lee Murphy

Finalist, 2015 Will Rogers Medallion AwardsWill Braddock doesn’t want to be forced into an unwanted blacksmith apprenticeship. The newly orphaned fourteen-year-old embarks upon a quest to determine his own destiny. He heads west to seek wor… more

Eagle Talons (The Iron Horse Chronicles: Book One)
Robert Lee Murphy
Five Star Publishing , English
Party Crowd - David Lee Murphy, Jimbeau Hinson

Party CrowdDavid Lee Murphy, Jimbeau Hinson

Digital Sheet Music of Party CrowdComposed by: David Lee Murphy;Jimbeau HinsonPerformed by: David Lee Murphy

Party Crowd
David Lee Murphy, Jimbeau Hinson
Online Sheet Music , English
THROWBACK - Lee Murphy


Following his successful discovery of the Sasquatch in the novel WHERE LEGENDS ROAM, cryptozoologist George Kodiak is confronted with evidence that Neandertals still exist and may even live among us. When a friend working at the Los Angeles… more

Lee Murphy
Defining Moments , English
My Time Inside: Adventures o... - Lee Murphy

My Time Inside: Adventures o...Lee Murphy

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My Time Inside: Adventures of an Enlightened FetusBy:Lee Murphy

My Time Inside: Adventures of an Enlightened Fetus
Lee Murphy
Authorhouse , English
Breakfast In Birmingham - David Lee Murphy, Kim Tribble

Breakfast In BirminghamDavid Lee Murphy, Kim Tribble

Digital Sheet Music of Breakfast In BirminghamComposed by: David Lee Murphy;Kim TribblePerformed by: David Lee Murphy

Breakfast In Birmingham
David Lee Murphy, Kim Tribble
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English

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