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Senior High School Discipline - Kris Portman

Senior High School DisciplineKris Portman

When an eighteen year old schoolgirl at an elite boarding school has misbehaved, should she be spanked? When that school takes discipline so seriously that they have a punishment room, the answer is yes. But when the girl is so gorgeous,… more

Senior High School Discipline
Kris Portman
The Punished Submissive - Kris Portman

The Punished SubmissiveKris Portman

A prize weekend for two but Vernon has no current squeeze to accompany him. Instead, he paid for the services of a local escort. When he asks for a confident girl, he fails to realize that in the code of the escort services, this means so… more

The Punished Submissive
Kris Portman
Tortured To Become A Feminiz... - Kris Portman

Tortured To Become A Feminiz...Kris Portman

Happy to please his wife by acting the submissive during sex, Theo begins to experience increasing terror as the depth of his wife’s domination drives him further into feminized slavehood. Beaten,bound, forced into a chastity belt and ultra… more

Tortured To Become A Feminized Slave
Kris Portman
The Unwilling Sex Slave - Kris Portman

The Unwilling Sex SlaveKris Portman

She attended the mysterious clinic for a simple course of therapy, but somehow things didn’t go to plan. A course of drugs and a series of unconventional therapies gradually take over her mind until she becomes a sex slave more than ready t… more

The Unwilling Sex Slave
Kris Portman
A Transition From Pants To Skirts - Kris Portman

A Transition From Pants To SkirtsKris Portman

A simple trip for Charles develops into a life changing experience when his clothes go missing. A coincidence that his wife happily lends him some of her clothes, another coincidence that her sister is a surgeon? Or are some things pre-orda… more

A Transition From Pants To Skirts
Kris Portman
Witness Protection - More Th... - Kris Portman

Witness Protection - More Th...Kris Portman

Hunted by the mob, a man needs a change of identity. His new identity is of Emma Foster. The preparations include a complete sex change for Emma to begin her new life in Portland. Her new life should be straightforward, but it is anyth… more

Witness Protection - More Than A Change Of Name
Kris Portman

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