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White Seed: The Untold Story...Paul Clayton

3 ratings
Average wait: 14h

One of the most haunting mysteries in American history — The Lost Colony of Roanoke — comes roaring back to life in White Seed, with a compelling cast of characters, among them:Maggie Hagger, indentured Irish serving girl, a victim of rape … more

White Seed: The Untold Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke
Paul Clayton

The MessengerJohn White

Average wait: N/A

Jack Chandler is with Special Forces and his near misses have been adding up, which is why his wife, Sally, wants him out of the Regiment. On his last mission, he is mortally wounded and finds himself in a realm overflowing with the souls … more

The Messenger
John White
John E White , English

The Ethiopian Adventures of ...John Trevelyn

Average wait: N/A

A saga of adventure, travel, romance, business and some sales. Way before e-mails and nosey cell phones appeared and screwed with your mind. John wrote one report a month, made no phone calls, made his own decisions,got on with the job…and … more

The Ethiopian Adventures of John Trevelyn Part 1 (Market Manager -Africa in the 1960’s)
John Trevelyn
The Trevelyn Company , English

The Ethiopian Adventures of ...John Trevelyn

Average wait: N/A

This is the next book in John’s continuing decade long saga of adventure, travel, romance, business and sales across Africa. Way before e-mails and nosey cell phones screwed with your mind. He wrote one report a month, made no phone calls, … more

The Ethiopian Adventures of John Trevelyn Part II (Market Manager -Africa in the 1960’s)
John Trevelyn
John Trevelyn , English

Lost Ancient Wisdom - From t...Walter Cruttenden, Andrew Go...

Average wait: N/A

Lost Ancient Wisdom - From the Atlantis Rising Anthology Library Includes:• Meeting the Karmc Challenge Have We Forgotten What the Ancients Once Knew?BY PATRICK MARSOLEK • Places of the Builder Gods Understanding the Ancient Science of Temp… more

Lost Ancient Wisdom - From the Atlantis Rising Anthology Library
Walter Cruttenden, Andrew Gough, Eddie MALKOWSKI, FREDDY SILVA, PATRICK MARSOLEK, John White, Mark Stavish
Atlantis Rising , English

Beyond Science - From the At...William Stoecker, Frank Jose...

Average wait: N/A

Beyond Science - From the Atlantis Rising Anthology LibraryA select group of featured articles from ATLANTIS RISING MAGAZINEINCLUDES:Martial Arts & the Laws of PhysicsWhat Is Science to Do When the ‘Impossible’ Happens? By William B. Stoeck… more

Beyond Science - From the Atlantis Rising Anthology Library
William Stoecker, Frank Joseph, Steven Sora, Michael Tyme, John White, Len Kasten, Stephen Martin, Robert Schoch
Atlantis Rising , English

QUIT SCHOOL! Eight Humorous...Francis Bennett

Average wait: N/A

How powerful were the lessons YOU learned outside of school???

In eight dramatically different stories….a mystery, first love, the supernatural, hunting, horse racing, baseball, coming of age and a wake!!…Bennett takes you on a roller … more

QUIT SCHOOL! Eight Humorous Short Stories
Francis Bennett

Circle of DeceitJohn White

Average wait: N/A

Three months ago Harry Miller decided to leave a lucrative directorship in business to write children’s stories. His wife, Veronica, isn’t pleased - she misses the high life. She nags him to go back. But Harry can’t go back - and he can’t t… more

Circle of Deceit
John White

A Strange Place in Time: Boo...Alyx Shaw

1 rating
Average wait: 3h

The White Palace has risen, and now John Arrowsmith, his thief lover Infamous, and the rest of the gang from A Strange Place in Time must defeat a growing conspiracy and an ancient adversary. As John learns to use his own powers as Court Se… more

A Strange Place in Time: Book 2 The White Palace Awakens
Alyx Shaw
Torquere Press , English

The Curriculum and the Child...John White

In the World Library of Educationalists series, international experts themselves compile career- long collections of what they judge to be their finest pieces-extracts from books, key articles, salient research findings, major theoretical a… more

The Curriculum and the Child (World Library of Educationalists)
John White

ChocaboobiaJohn White

Get ready to meet the meanest queen you ever did imagine!She is the ruler of Kandi Island, where all the world`s chocolate is made.Together with her husband King Karomel and son Prince Cocobar shemakes sure the Kandimen produce enough choco… more

John White
John White , English

Life After RachelMaren Smith

1 rating
Average wait: 4d, 15h

There weren’t many folks who’d equate an Indian war party to a miracle, but Reverend John White did. He believed in miracles; it went with the job. But this particular miracle…well, it was a doozy and her name was Ane, the only surviving … more

Life After Rachel
Maren Smith
A Red Hot Romance Erotic Novel , English

The Malawi Adventures of Joh...John Trevelyn

Average wait: N/A

Malawi.Malawi, the saga continues… adventure, travel, romance, business and some sales. Long before e-mails and cell phones appeared to second guess you; screw with your mind and your decision making. John typed only one report a month; mad… more

The Malawi Adventures of John Trevelyn (Market Manager -Africa in the 1960’s)
John Trevelyn
John Trevelyn , English

The Third Act Of Life (Secon...Jerome Ellison, Stephen Spig...

Third Act Of Life Are you 45 … or over? Confused, and unhappy about getting old? In midlife crisis? Well . Third Act Of Life is the book for you! Like it or not, we all enter the final third of life. Question is: Do you want to stumble bli… more

The Third Act Of Life (Second Edition)
Jerome Ellison, Stephen Spignesi, John White, E. D.Cormier
International Education Institute-LLC , English

Commanders-In-Chief of the A...Major Hyden John White, U.S....

Leadership is an intensely studied subject, and a considerable number of models exist. By reviewing four leadership theories, two German, one British, and one American, a model developed that contained theenduring interrelated tenets of cou… more

Commanders-In-Chief of the American War for Independence: A Leadership Study of George Washington and Sir William Howe (The American Revolutionary War)
Major Hyden John White, U.S. Marines Corps Command and Staff College
Penny Hill Press Inc, , English

The Lost Colonists: Their Fo...David Beers Quinn

Average wait: N/A

The fate of the Lost Colonists is perhaps the greatest mystery in North Carolina’s rich history. They landed on Roanoke Island in July 1587. Three years later, Captain John White returned to the island to find the settlement deserted. Had t… more

The Lost Colonists: Their Fortune and Probable Fate (America’s 400th Anniversary Series)
David Beers Quinn
North Carolina Office of Archives and History , English

Everything You Want to Know ...John White

Everything You Want to Know About TM: Including How to Do It

Everything You Want to Know About TM
John White
Cosimo Books , English
The Choir Invisible and Other Sermons (1899)
John White Chadwick

Last RightsPamela Fryer

Average wait: N/A

When private detective Fallon Monroe agrees to transport a clone across country for her nephew’s lifesaving operation, she never expects to be thrust into a dangerous conspiracy. With anti-cloning fanatics after her, she has only her wits a… more

Last Rights
Pamela Fryer
Faery , English

Parents in Pain: Overcoming ...John White

A police car rolls up in front of your house—with your son in the back seat.A voice on the phone says your daughter is all right but won’t tell you where she is—and then hangs up.A wallet disappears from your dresser and you’re sure who t… more

Parents in Pain: Overcoming the Hurt & Frustration of Problem Children
John White
Inter Varsity Press , English

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