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Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

Brave New WorldAldous Huxley

13 ratings

Huxley’s bleak future prophesized in Brave New World was a capitalist civilization which had been reconstituted through scientific and psychological engineering, a world in which people are genetically designed to be passive and useful to t… more

Brave New World
Aldous Huxley
RosettaBooks , English
Dark Market - Frank Coles

Dark MarketFrank Coles

Average wait: N/A


John Savage is a special force of one. A corporate investigator who had to leave when an investigation went wrong. He’s become a 21st century warrior serving overseas but not for any one g… more

Dark Market
Frank Coles
Riding High Ltd , English
Noble Savage: A novel - Nicholas Sheppard

Noble Savage: A novelNicholas Sheppard

Average wait: N/A

In 1806, an English ship ventures to the remote and lonely islands of New Zealand and returns with a peculiar passenger. As the guest of the ship’s surgeon, Dr John Savage, a young native named Mohanga becomes the first of the Maori to ex… more

Noble Savage: A novel
Nicholas Sheppard
Rum & Coke (John Savage Book 1) - C T Hunter

Rum & Coke (John Savage Book 1)C T Hunter

Average wait: N/A

John Savage has retired from the Royal Navy’s elite Special Boat Squadron but there’s no time for tending gardens or even relaxing on his much loved boat. His training and lack of gainful employment make him the perfect candidate for a seri… more

Rum & Coke (John Savage Book 1)
C T Hunter
Savage World: Revenge Bondage - John Savage

Savage World: Revenge BondageJohn Savage

Helena and Melody are willing slaves of Judas Cory, and the only two women in the world unaffected by the Savage Virus that turned all the others into man-hating Wild Women. In a world where the only way to handle a woman is to keep her bou… more

Savage World: Revenge Bondage
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
Escape Artist - John Savage

Escape ArtistJohn Savage

Average wait: N/A

Ropes, handcuffs and bondage are Stella’s life. After all, she makes a living as an escape artist, performing night after night in front of eager audiences. But one of her excited admirers, Thomas Crofton, is interested in doing more than… more

Escape Artist
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
The Repression Saga - John Savage

The Repression SagaJohn Savage

The four books of John Savage’s “Repression” series in one volume.The story of a future world in which dissidents are incarcerated, bound, restrained and sexually abused by sadistic nuns under the pretence of “penitence and purification”, a… more

The Repression Saga
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
Repression 3: Revenge! - John Savage

Repression 3: Revenge!John Savage

Average wait: N/A

The third in the “Repression” series by John Savage.Dawn, who had already suffered greatly and risked all in rebellion against the evil nuns, was once more a prisoner. She was having electrical prods shoved in very sensitive places, with ev… more

Repression 3: Revenge!
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
Security of the eftablifh'd ... - John Savage

Security of the eftablifh'd ...John Savage

No editorial review available.
Security of the eftablifh’d religion, the wifdom of the nation: a sermon p
John Savage
Old Classics , English
I Want Pain - John Savage

I Want PainJohn Savage

Average wait: N/A

Take torment beyond words, the true meaning of bondage and pain, two beautiful young women, and sexual desires so powerful that conventional activities can never satisfy them, and you have all the ingredients for another John Savage novel.C… more

I Want Pain
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
The Dungeon Master - John Savage

The Dungeon MasterJohn Savage

King Edward liked to keep a few beautiful young women in his dungeon so he could torture them and ravish their abused bodies for his own pleasure.  But things changed when he appointed a troublesome nephew as the new Master of the Dungeon. … more

The Dungeon Master
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
Ropes and Spurs - John Savage

Ropes and SpursJohn Savage

In the Wild and rugged West, in a hidden canyon off a dusty trail to California, there lives a secret sect. Their beliefs run deep, based on one overriding principle: women should be kept as slaves, constantly chained or bound, and always a… more

Ropes and Spurs
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
CliffsNotes on Huxley's Brav... - Regina Higgins, Charles Higgins

CliffsNotes on Huxley's Brav...Regina Higgins, Charles Higgins

The original CliffsNotes study guides offer expert commentary on major themes, plots, characters, literary devices, and historical background. The latest generation of titles in this series also features glossaries and visual elements that … more

CliffsNotes on Huxley’s Brave New World (Cliffsnotes Literature Guides)
Regina Higgins, Charles Higgins
Cliffs Notes , English
Escape Artist 2 - Imprisonme... - John Savage

Escape Artist 2 - Imprisonme...John Savage

In the first book of this series, the famous and beautiful professional escape artist, Stella Walters, was talked into spying on a man dealing in kidnapping and selling females.  Made captive by Thomas Crofton, she had to endure harsh treat… more

Escape Artist 2 - Imprisonment in Japan
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
Submissive of The Castle - John Savage

Submissive of The CastleJohn Savage

Melinda faces a lifetime of ropes, handcuffs and whips, but for her it is a promising career as a submissive at The Castle, a professional house of domination and submission where men and women pay for the privilege of treating her as the s… more

Submissive of The Castle
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
The Menagerie (Eden Saga Book 2) - Rick Jones

The Menagerie (Eden Saga Book 2)Rick Jones

Average wait: N/A

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FINAL EXTINCTION EVENTTHE HISTORY OF HUMAN ORIGINSTHE RISE OF APEX PREDATORS…Nearly sixty-five million years ago an asteroid collided with the Yucatan Peninsula in the fifth and final Extinction Event that nearly d… more

The Menagerie (Eden Saga Book 2)
Rick Jones
Hive Collective , English
The Hash Quay (John Savage Book 2) - C T Hunter

The Hash Quay (John Savage Book 2)C T Hunter

Average wait: N/A

John Savage has retired from the Royal Navy’s elite Special Boat Squadron but there’s no time for tending gardens or even relaxing on his much loved boat. His training and lack of gainful employment make him the perfect candidate for a seri… more

The Hash Quay (John Savage Book 2)
C T Hunter
The Death of John Savage - Bo Widerberg

The Death of John SavageBo Widerberg

Average wait: N/A

Savage had with the help of some friends succeeded in escaping from the penitentiary. With his old crew, and three new members he sat out to help the Colombian Drug Cartel by killing people close to the Mexican border in California. It work… more

The Death of John Savage
Bo Widerberg
Prisoner on the Moon - John Savage

Prisoner on the MoonJohn Savage

Hidden on our moon is a secret prison.  It has only a few prisoners, each condemned to a life sentence of pain and torture.  A quarter of a million miles away, it is the perfect prison; impossible to escape from, and a place where the sadis… more

Prisoner on the Moon
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
Escape Artist in Trouble - John Savage

Escape Artist in TroubleJohn Savage

The world’s best escape artist, the gorgeous Stella Walters, and her sexy companion, Tara, are back! While on vacation in the Caribbean, the two are kidnapped and held prisoner by an evil madman who wants to put Stella’s skills to the test…. more

Escape Artist in Trouble
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English

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