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The Curiosity Cabinet - Catherine Czerkawska

The Curiosity CabinetCatherine Czerkawska

2 ratings

‘The island reminds her of those magic painting books. The shop here used to sell them. You would dip your brush in water and pale, clear colours would emerge from the page, as this green and blue landscape is emerging from the mist.’

‘She… more

The Curiosity Cabinet
Catherine Czerkawska
Wordarts , English
The Glister: A Novel - John Burnside

The Glister: A NovelJohn Burnside

Acclaimed author John Burnside delivers a profound, page-turning novel about innocence, evil, morality, and the dark corners of the human psyche.  Mysterious illnesses affect the inhabitants of the post-industrial village of Innertown, and … more

The Glister: A Novel
John Burnside
Anchor , English
Connemara: A Little Gaelic Kingdom - Tim Robinson

Connemara: A Little Gaelic KingdomTim Robinson

The triumphant conclusion to Tim Robinson’s extraordinary Connemara trilogy, which Robert Macfarlane has called ‘one of the most remarkable non-fiction projects undertaken in English’. Robinson writes about the people, places and history of… more

Connemara: A Little Gaelic Kingdom
Tim Robinson
Penguin , English
Glister: Roman (German Edition) - John Burnside

Glister: Roman (German Edition)John Burnside

Der neue Burnside – einzigartig, verstörend poetisch. Nach »Glister« sieht man die Welt mit anderen Augen.John Burnside hat gleich mit seinem ersten auf Deutsch erschienenen Roman Leser und Kritiker fasziniert. Jetzt kommt »Glister« – ein s… more

Glister: Roman (German Edition)
John Burnside
Albrecht Knaus Verlag , German
The Ballad of John Clare - Hugh Lupton

The Ballad of John ClareHugh Lupton

The first novel from, the renowned storyteller Hugh Lupton opens with a scene that could be straight out of Thomas Hardy… A helpless observer of the damage that enclosure is doing to his beloved landscape and the people who live there, a … more

The Ballad of John Clare
Hugh Lupton
Dedalus Limited , English
Tir Eoghain:The Life and Tim... - Nora  Brabham

Tir Eoghain:The Life and Tim...Nora Brabham

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Beckley, WV – (Release Date TBD) – A heartwarming story of John Burnside’s family, friends, and early years awaits readers in author Nora Brabham’s Tir Eoghain: The Life and Times of John Burnside. This historical fiction takes readers bac… more

Tir Eoghain:The Life and Times of John Burnside
Nora Brabham
Xlibris , English
Contemporary Scottish Gothic... - Timothy C. Baker

Contemporary Scottish Gothic...Timothy C. Baker

Scotland has long been associated with Gothic literature. Looking at both familiar and neglected contemporary novels by writers including Alasdair Gray, James Robertson, Alice Thompson, John Burnside, Louise Welsh, and many others, Contempo… more

Contemporary Scottish Gothic: Mourning, Authenticity, and Tradition (Palgrave Gothic)
Timothy C. Baker
Palgrave Macmillan , English
Glisters Geheimnis - Interte... - Christoph Ruffing

Glisters Geheimnis - Interte...Christoph Ruffing

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2010 im Fachbereich Germanistik - Neuere Deutsche Literatur, Note: 1,0, Universität des Saarlandes, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: „Ich kannte […] alles, was von Charles Dickens vorrätig war, den ich einfach großarti… more

Glisters Geheimnis - Intertextualität und Symbolik in John Burnsides “Glister” (German Edition)
Christoph Ruffing
GRIN Verlag GmbH , German
Dundee International Book Pr... - Robert Nicholas Murgatroyd, ...

Dundee International Book Pr...Robert Nicholas Murgatroyd, ...

The Dundee International Book Prize has established itself as the UK’s premier prize for debut novelists. The £10,000 cash award together with publication by Cargo Publishing, make The Dundee International Book Prize highly valued by tomorr… more

Dundee International Book Prize Shortlist 2013
Robert Nicholas Murgatroyd, Neil Broadfoot, Lily Barker, Nicola White, Iain Maloney, Dandy McGregor, Shelley Day Sclater, Phillip Kurthausen, Jeff Hayden
Cargo Publishing , English
Dead Interviews: Living Writ... - Dan Crowe

Dead Interviews: Living Writ...Dan Crowe

These ingenious interviews will amuse, provoke and delight. Veering from the intensely serious to the wildly silly, Dead Interviews grants writers the chance to sit down with their heroes and flex their cerebral muscles, or simply indulge i… more

Dead Interviews: Living Writers Meet Dead Icons
Dan Crowe
Granta Books , English
The Dumb House (Vintage Classics) - John Burnside

The Dumb House (Vintage Classics)John Burnside

As a child, Luke’s mother often tells him the story of the Dumb House, an experiment on newborn babies raised in silence, designed to test the innateness of language. As Luke grows up, his interest in language and the delicate balance of li… more

The Dumb House (Vintage Classics)
John Burnside
Vintage Digital , English
The Asylum Dance - John Burnside

The Asylum DanceJohn Burnside

Lucid, tender, and strangely troubling, the poems in The Asylum Dance - which won the Whitbread Prize for Poetry - are hymns to the tension between the sanctuary of home and the lure of escape. This is territory that Burnside has made his o… more

The Asylum Dance
John Burnside
Vintage Digital , English
The Dundee International Boo... - Suzanne Hocking, Kirsty Loga...

The Dundee International Boo...Suzanne Hocking, Kirsty Loga...

The Dundee International Book Prize has established itself as the UK’s premier prize for debut novelists. The £10,000 cash award together with publication by Cargo Publishing, make The Dundee International Book Prize highly valued by tomorr… more

The Dundee International Book Prize-2012 Shortlist
Suzanne Hocking, Kirsty Logan, Jacob Appel, Sean Shannon, Willie McIntyre
Cargo Publishing , English
The Best British Short Stories 2011 - Nicholas Royle

The Best British Short Stories 2011Nicholas Royle

Best British Short Stories invites you to judge a book by its cover or more accurately, by its title. This new series aims to reprint the best short stories published in the previous calendar year by British writers, whether based in the UKmore

The Best British Short Stories 2011
Nicholas Royle
The Hunt in the Forest - John Burnside

The Hunt in the ForestJohn Burnside

Taking its title from Uccello’s famous painting of a band of men - on foot and on horseback - massing for the chase, John Burnside’s new poems take us on a journey out of the light and into the darkness, where we may just as easily lose our… more

The Hunt in the Forest
John Burnside
Vintage Digital , English
Gift Songs (Cape Poetry) - John Burnside

Gift Songs (Cape Poetry)John Burnside

To the Shakers, a good song was a gift; indeed the test of a song’s goodness was how much of a gift it was. In their call to ‘labour to make the way of God your own’, Shaker artists expressed an aesthetic that had much in common with the ol… more

Gift Songs (Cape Poetry)
John Burnside
Vintage Digital , English
The Devil's Footprints - John Burnside

The Devil's FootprintsJohn Burnside

A novel of mysterious beauty, The Devil’s Footprints explores the elemental forces of everyday life: love, fear, grief, and the hope of redemption.Michael Gardiner has lived in Coldhaven all his life yet still feels like an outsider. Marrie… more

The Devil’s Footprints
John Burnside
Anchor , English
The Dundee International Boo... - Willie McIntyre, Hazel Ellis...

The Dundee International Boo...Willie McIntyre, Hazel Ellis...

The Dundee International Book Prize has established itself as the UK’s premier prize for debut novelists. The £10,000 cash award together with publication by Cargo Publishing, make The Dundee International Book Prize highly valued by tomorr… more

The Dundee International Book Prize-Shortlist 2012
Willie McIntyre, Hazel Ellis - Saxon, Matt Hill, Sean Shannon, Pippa Goldschmidt, Margot McCuaig , Craig Stone, Suzanne Hocking, Stephanie Siciarz, Jacob M Appel
Cargo Publishing , English
Ecology and the Literature o... - John Rignall, H. Gustav Klau...

Ecology and the Literature o...John Rignall, H. Gustav Klau...

Premised on the belief that a social and an ecological agenda are compatible, this collection offers readings in the ecology of left and radical writing from the Romantic period to the present. In historicizing and connecting environmentall… more

Ecology and the Literature of the British Left: The Red and the Green
John Rignall, H. Gustav Klaus, Valentine Cunningham
Ashgate , English

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