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Weapons of Choice (Axis of T... - John Birmingham

Weapons of Choice (Axis of T...John Birmingham

4 ratings

On the eve of America’s greatest victory in the Pacific, a catastrophic event disrupts the course of World War II, forever changing the rules of combat… . The impossible has spawned the unthinkable. A military experiment in the year 202… more

Weapons of Choice (Axis of Time, Book 1): A Novel of the Axis of Time
John Birmingham
Ballantine Books , English
Thirst - L.A.  Larkin

ThirstL.A. Larkin

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

The best Antarctic thriller since Ice Station.’ - James Phelan‘Action that hits like an ice-pick in the back of the head.’ - John Birmingham‘The stakes are high and the thrills are as plentiful as the ice in this well-crafted thriller.’ - … more

L.A. Larkin
Rollicking Read Press , English
Final Impact: A Novel of the... - John Birmingham

Final Impact: A Novel of the...John Birmingham

1 rating

“The action is nonstop, the characters very real–and very different from each other–and, to coin a phrase, it makes you think.” –S. M. Stirling, author of Island in the Sea of TimeIn the year 2021 a multinational fleet–experimenting with un… more

Final Impact: A Novel of the Axis of Time
John Birmingham
Del Rey , English
Designated Targets: A Novel ... - John Birmingham

Designated Targets: A Novel ...John Birmingham

It’s World War II and the A-bomb is here to stay.The only question: Who’s going to drop it first?The Battle of Midway takes on a whole new dimension with the sudden appearance of a U.S.-led naval task force from the twenty-first century, th… more

Designated Targets: A Novel of the Axis of Time
John Birmingham
Del Rey , English
The Chimera Vector: The Fift... - Nathan M Farrugia

The Chimera Vector: The Fift...Nathan M Farrugia

Apple iBooks Thriller of the Year#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER #1 Bestseller - Apple iBookstore#2 Bestseller - Kobo#3 Bestseller - Google Play”Farrugia! Bringin’ the awesome from the first headshot to the last ‘splosion.” JOHN BIRMINGHAM, author of … more

The Chimera Vector: The Fifth Column 1
Nathan M Farrugia
Momentum , English
Without Warning (The Disappe... - John Birmingham

Without Warning (The Disappe...John Birmingham

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from John Birmingham’s After America.In Kuwait, American forces are locked and loaded for the invasion of Iraq. In Paris, a covert agent is close to cracking a terrorist cell. And just north of the eq… more

Without Warning (The Disappearance Book 1)
John Birmingham
Del Rey , English
After America (The Disappear... - John Birmingham

After America (The Disappear...John Birmingham

1 rating

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from John Birmingham’s Angels of Vengeance.The world changed forever when a massive wave of energy slammed into North America and wiped out 99 percent of the population. As the United States lay in ru… more

After America (The Disappearance Book 2)
John Birmingham
Del Rey , English
He Died with a Felafel in His Hand - John Birmingham

He Died with a Felafel in His HandJohn Birmingham

John Birmingham has lived with eighty-nine people and kept notes on all of them. This is their story.‘A rat died in the room at King Street and we didn’t know. There was at least six inches of compacted rubbish between our feet and the floo… more

He Died with a Felafel in His Hand
John Birmingham
Duffy & Snellgrove , English
BEX, DRUGS & ROCK 'n' ROLL - Cristian Matheson

BEX, DRUGS & ROCK 'n' ROLLCristian Matheson

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

A former child star’s comedic, psychedelic, rock and roll, coming of age story. If you love Charles Bukowski, David Sedaris and John Birmingham, you’ll love this. It’s a batch of dysfunctional, zany yet poignant tales. Inside you’ll meet ch… more

Cristian Matheson
Essence , English
Helfort's War Book 1: The Ba... - Graham Sharp Paul

Helfort's War Book 1: The Ba...Graham Sharp Paul

“A planet-stomping space opera that bursts off the page like a tactical nuke.”–John Birmingham, author of Weapons of ChoiceThe Hammer Worlds–the most brutal and oppressive interstellar government in the universe–have hijacked the Federated … more

Helfort’s War Book 1: The Battle at the Moons of Hell
Graham Sharp Paul
Del Rey , English
The Company of the Dead - David Kowalski

The Company of the DeadDavid Kowalski

Can one man save the Titanic? March 1912. A mysterious man appears aboard the Titanic on its doomed voyage. His mission? To save the ship. The result? A world where the United States never entered World War I, thus launching the secret hi… more

The Company of the Dead
David Kowalski
Titan Books , English
The Chimera Vector - Nathan M Farrugia

The Chimera VectorNathan M Farrugia

1 AMAZON BESTSELLER - Australia #1 Bestselling Science Fiction - Apple iBookstore#3 Bestselling Ebook - Google PlayTop 10 Bestseller - Apple iBookstore”Farrugia! Bringin’ the awesome from the first headshot to the last ‘splosion.” JOHN BIRmore

The Chimera Vector
Nathan M Farrugia
Momentum , English
Das verlorene Land: Roman (G... - John Birmingham

Das verlorene Land: Roman (G...John Birmingham

Wie sähe die Welt ohne die USA aus?Der 14. März 2003 hatte die Welt in ihren Grundfesten erschüttert: Die USA sowie Teile Kanadas und Mexikos wurden durch einen gigantischen Energieblitz restlos vom Erdboden getilgt. Die Welt ist in Aufruhr… more

Das verlorene Land: Roman (German Edition)
John Birmingham
Heyne Verlag , German
North Reich - Robert Conroy

North ReichRobert Conroy

Average wait: N/A

American military forces are focused on fighting Japan after Pearl Harbor. Hitler’s army has taken Stalingrad, defeated opposing countries in Western Europe, England has surrendered, and German troops, including the terrifying Gestapo, now … more

North Reich
Robert Conroy
Liberty: 1784: The Second Wa... - Robert Conroy

Liberty: 1784: The Second Wa...Robert Conroy

Average wait: N/A

In 1781, George Washington’s attempt to trap the British under Cornwallis at Yorktown ends catastrophically when the French fleet is destroyed in the Battle of the Capes. The revolution collapses, and the British begin a bloody reign of ter… more

Liberty: 1784: The Second War for Independence
Robert Conroy
Baen Books , English
Stalin's Hammer: Rome (An Ax... - John Birmingham

Stalin's Hammer: Rome (An Ax...John Birmingham

Alternate history master John Birmingham unleashes an astounding new installment in his Axis of Time series: an original eBook novella that begins when the future and the past collide.   The year is 1955, ten years after a battle fleet from… more

Stalin’s Hammer: Rome (An Axis of Time Novella)
John Birmingham
Del Rey , English
Der Effekt: Roman (German Edition) - John Birmingham

Der Effekt: Roman (German Edition)John Birmingham

Der Tag, an dem die USA verschwanden …Es ist ein Tag wie jeder andere … scheinbar! Denn an diesem Tag geschieht – ohne jede Warnung – das Unvorstellbare: Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika verschwinden in einem gigantischen Energieblitz…. more

Der Effekt: Roman (German Edition)
John Birmingham
Heyne Verlag , German
Leviathan: The Unauthorised ... - John Birmingham

Leviathan: The Unauthorised ...John Birmingham

An electrifying, epic history of the city of Sydney as you have never seen her before.’To peer deeply into this ghost city, the one lying beneath the surface, is to understand that Sydney has a soul and that it is a very dark place indeed.’… more

Leviathan: The Unauthorised Biography of Sydney
John Birmingham
Random House Australia , English
Don't Tell Mum I Work on the... - Paul Carter

Don't Tell Mum I Work on the...Paul Carter

Great two-fisted writing from the far side of hell.’ - John Birmingham, bestselling author of He Died with a Felafel in his Hand’A unique look at a gritty game. Relentlessly funny and obsessively readable.’ - Phillip Noyce, director of The… more

Don’t Tell Mum I Work on the Rigs…She Thinks I’m a Piano Player in a Whorehouse
Paul Carter
Allen & Unwin , English
Angels of Vengeance (The Dis... - John Birmingham

Angels of Vengeance (The Dis...John Birmingham

“A seamless fusion of alternate history, postapocalyptic fiction, and espionage-fueled thriller.”—Publishers WeeklyWhen an inexplicable wave of energy slams into North America, the world is plunged into turmoil—as wars erupt, borders vani… more

Angels of Vengeance (The Disappearance Book 3)
John Birmingham
Del Rey , English

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