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Apocalypsia Part 3: Two Worl... - Jerry Veit

Apocalypsia Part 3: Two Worl...Jerry Veit

The conclusion of the trilogy and the final battle between good and evil. In the midst of war the lessons of life are learned; the acceptance of sacrifice, and the importance of love.

Apocalypsia Part 3: Two Worlds Collide
Jerry Veit
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Apocalypsia Part 1: The Calm... - Jerry Veit

Apocalypsia Part 1: The Calm...Jerry Veit

The first of a three part story taking place in a post apocalyptic world. The world stands divided as the survivors strive to scavenge and live by fighting demons and each other; however one must learn to trust the right people.

Apocalypsia Part 1: The Calm Before the Storm
Jerry Veit
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Into The Night - Jerry Veit

Into The NightJerry Veit

Two unlikely heroes gather an army to fend off invading barbarians, while seeking to escape the clutches of two vampire sisters who hunt them relentlessly.

Into The Night
Jerry Veit
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Utopia - Jerry Veit

UtopiaJerry Veit

A lawyer wakes up after a 30 year coma to find himself in a new world, a perfect world where everything is provided, but not everything is as it appears to be.

Jerry Veit
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Apocalypsia Part 2: The Awakening - Jerry Veit

Apocalypsia Part 2: The AwakeningJerry Veit

Part two of three introduces a new ally as well as a new villain. Lazul continues to develop his army as humanity start to realize it’s time to come together once again and prepare for war.

Apocalypsia Part 2: The Awakening
Jerry Veit
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Ramp Rats - Jerry Veit

Ramp RatsJerry Veit

A group of misfit and mischievous ramp agents who refuse to act their age and can never seem to stay out of trouble for long work for Delcom Air.

Ramp Rats
Jerry Veit
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Heart of the Elements: Poetry - Jerry Veit

Heart of the Elements: PoetryJerry Veit

Heart of the Elements compiles 92 poems into four categories about life, death, love, struggles and basic human emotions. After the poem section the author shares 13 opinionated discussions and journal entries.

Heart of the Elements: Poetry
Jerry Veit
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Apocalypsia - Jerry Veit

ApocalypsiaJerry Veit

Operation demon eradication, that was the military code name… It seems it did not live up to its purpose. People united then separated. Now all is an enemy. In a post apocalyptic world people struggle to protect their shelters, scavenge f… more

Jerry Veit
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3 Short Screenplays - Jerry Veit

3 Short ScreenplaysJerry Veit

Logline for Red VioletA ruthless king loses his wife in childbirth, upset that the child is born a girl he denounces her. She grows up and falls in love with the royal gardener, however, news of this upsets the king enough to impression her… more

3 Short Screenplays
Jerry Veit
Capricorn - Jerry Veit

CapricornJerry Veit

Capricorn grew up in solitude with no knowledge of the city; Montague spent half his life trying to survive in the city of predators. If they want peace they must first prepare for war.

Jerry Veit
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Army of Heroes: No Fear No H... - Jerry Veit

Army of Heroes: No Fear No H...Jerry Veit

Follow the paths of heroes in their quest to save the world…and each other. Part One: The epic war between good and evil has arrived. An elite army of soldiers has been sent to our world to protect the human race from the rising evil forc… more

Army of Heroes: No Fear No Hesitation
Jerry Veit
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