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The Missing Inheritance - Jean P. Kvavle

The Missing InheritanceJean P. Kvavle

“What kind of fool do you take me for?  Raise two children who are complete strangers to me?  You must think I’m simple minded.”  Holly Smith, now twenty-two, lashes out at Kurt Northrop, the attorney for the estate of Nola Fishbine.  He i… more

The Missing Inheritance
Jean P. Kvavle
AuthorHouse , English
Values - Jean P. Kvavle

ValuesJean P. Kvavle

A double tragedy in a young teenager’s life, her brother sent to prison and her parents dead in an accident, bring her pampered life-style to a crashing end.  With luxury only a memory, an Aunt and Uncle raise her on a small hand-to-mouth … more

Jean P. Kvavle
AuthorHouse , English
Shadow Of Silence - Jean P. Kvavle

Shadow Of SilenceJean P. Kvavle

Average wait: N/A

On a farm in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette valley a young woman struggles to overcome the impact of a family secret that has kept her unwittingly as a second class family member, bullied by an older brother and scorned for reasons she’s nev… more

Shadow Of Silence
Jean P. Kvavle
Now To Louisa - Jean P. Kvavle

Now To LouisaJean P. Kvavle

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Set in the 1950’s, Now to Louisa is the coming of age story of a vibrant young woman fighting against the outdated culture of women as chattel. Having sacrificed her dreams of higher education when her mother fell ill, at her father’s heart… more

Now To Louisa
Jean P. Kvavle
Jean P. Kvavle , English

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