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Who Are The Colesmiths? (Pro... - James Lynch Jr.

Who Are The Colesmiths? (Pro...James Lynch Jr.

The intertwined lives and generations of a family and its heritage. Their emotions, loves, tragedies, successes, and the mysteries behind them. Can you unravel their personalities? Can you make the connections? And more importantly, can you… more

Who Are The Colesmiths? (Product of Culture Book 1)
James Lynch Jr.
Poetry in the Mirror - James Lynch Jr.

Poetry in the MirrorJames Lynch Jr.

Whether you love poetry or never had much interest in it, this small little book will still have something for you! “Poetry in the Mirror” poems and monologues are of such a nature that you can read them repeatedly. Make no mistake about it… more

Poetry in the Mirror
James Lynch Jr.
Standing in the Storm Enigma - James Lynch Jr.

Standing in the Storm EnigmaJames Lynch Jr.

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It is reported from your friends that Sherlock Holmes could take lessons from you. Well, it sounds promising indeed that you are able to put together the puzzles and find out through small clues who done it? But what about the enigma of a p… more

Standing in the Storm Enigma
James Lynch Jr.

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