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Among Women - J. M. Cornwell

Among WomenJ. M. Cornwell

2 ratings
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Trust is always the first thing to go, and the hardest thing to find.Abandoned in New Orleans and left with $50 and the clothes on her back, after six weeks, Pearl believes she’s found a way to reclaim her life.She couldn’t have been more w… more

Among Women
J. M. Cornwell
Creative Ink, LLC , English
Theft of the Seventh Chakra - J M  Cornwell

Theft of the Seventh ChakraJ M Cornwell

Average wait: N/A

Someone — or something — is stealing minds.

Theft of the Seventh Chakra
J M Cornwell
Creative Ink, LLC , English
Legacy - J M  Cornwell

LegacyJ M Cornwell

Average wait: N/A

There’s a storm coming to isolate an island off the coast of Maine, but it is nothing to the storm brewing on the island. Tonight, blood will tell.

J M Cornwell
Creative Ink, LLC , English
First Kiss - J M  Cornwell

First KissJ M Cornwell

Average wait: N/A

Everyone remembers their first kiss. Dylan’s father remember Ellen McKendrick. What Dylan remembers is the stuff of nightmares.

First Kiss
J M Cornwell
Creative Ink, LLC , English
Past Imperfect - J M Cornwell

Past ImperfectJ M Cornwell

Devastated by love and nearly killed in a car crash, Lynn Sanderson disappeared, returning five years later with a new name, a new face, and a plan… Adrian Cahill didn’t realize his ideal woman, his soul mate, was right in front of him, … more

Past Imperfect
J M Cornwell
L&L Dreamspell , English

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