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OpenSSL Cookbook - Ivan Ristic

OpenSSL CookbookIvan Ristic

A guide to the most frequently used OpenSSL features and commands, written by Ivan Ristic.Comprehensive coverage of OpenSSL installation, configuration, and key and certificate managementIncludes SSL/TLS Deployment Best Practices, a design … more

OpenSSL Cookbook
Ivan Ristic
Feisty Duck Ltd , English
Apache Security - Ivan Ristic

Apache SecurityIvan Ristic

With more than 67% of web servers running Apache, it is by far the most widely used web server platform in the world. Apache has evolved into a powerful system that easily rivals other HTTP servers in terms of functionality, efficiency, an… more

Apache Security
Ivan Ristic
O’Reilly Media , English
ModSecurity Handbook - Ivan Ristic

ModSecurity HandbookIvan Ristic

ModSecurity Handbook is the definitive guide to ModSecurity, a popular open source web application firewall. Written by Ivan Ristic, who designed and wrote much of ModSecurity, this book will teach you everything you need to know to monitor… more

ModSecurity Handbook
Ivan Ristic
Feisty Duck Ltd , English

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