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Nanyang - Ian Stewart

NanyangIan Stewart

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Romance, adventure, drama, and history meld in the sweeping Asian saga Nanyang - now republished with a comprehensive guide to the book’s fictional characters and historical figures.It is an epic tale spanning a period of 200 years during w… more

Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart , English
Reunion - Ian Stewart

ReunionIan Stewart

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As an Indonesian air attack on Darwin looms, the mind of Gordon McGregor, architect of this thriving metropolis of 2,750,000 people, is churning with memories of Jakarta 50 years ago and two women with whom he was infatuated.“Two women so d… more

Ian Stewart
The Unintentional Jihadi - Ian Stewart

The Unintentional JihadiIan Stewart

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Charlie Finch is a divorced, Singapore-based stringer for a British newspaper, who is struggling to make enough money to meet his alimony payments and provide the financial incentive required to persuade a Chinese bar girl to live with him…. more

The Unintentional Jihadi
Ian Stewart
The Seizing of Singapore - Ian Stewart

The Seizing of SingaporeIan Stewart

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The seriously obese Morgan Khoo believes he has come up with a brilliant idea to recoup financial losses threatening to sink the family empire he has inherited from his father and, most importantly, allow him to continue a lavish lifestyle … more

The Seizing of Singapore
Ian Stewart
The Peking Payoff - Ian Stewart

The Peking PayoffIan Stewart

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In the 1970s, a Hong Kong taipan, Donald MacGribben, sets out to obtain a secure future for the British Crown Colony amid uncertainty created by a power struggle in Maoist China. He arranges a meeting at the Canton (Kwangtung) Trade Fair wi… more

The Peking Payoff
Ian Stewart
Nobody's Child (The Pandora Files) - Austin Boyd

Nobody's Child (The Pandora Files)Austin Boyd

Austin Boyd’s vivid writing plunges you into Appalachia with such descriptive realism that you taste the perfume of summer clover and melt into the tender heart of a young woman who would sacrifice anything for Daddy. Hearkening to the myth… more

Nobody’s Child (The Pandora Files)
Austin Boyd
Zondervan , English
What Does a Martian Look Lik... - Jack Cohen, Ian Stewart

What Does a Martian Look Lik...Jack Cohen, Ian Stewart

A fascinating and useful handbook to both the science and science fiction of extraterrestrial life. Cohen and Stewart are amusing, opinionated, and expert guides. I found it a terrific and informative piece of work-nothing else like it!”-G… more

What Does a Martian Look Like: The Science of Extraterrestrial Life
Jack Cohen, Ian Stewart
Wiley , English
The Mathematics of Life - Ian Stewart

The Mathematics of LifeIan Stewart

Biologists have long dismissed mathematics as being unable to meaningfully contribute to our understanding of living beings. Within the past ten years, however, mathematicians have proven that they hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of… more

The Mathematics of Life
Ian Stewart
Basic Books , English
Nothing: From absolute zero ... - New Scientist

Nothing: From absolute zero ...New Scientist

Zero, zip, nada, zilch. It’s all too easy to ignore the fascinating possibilities of emptiness and non-existence, and we may well wonder what there is to say about nothing. But scientists have known for centuries that nothing is the key to … more

Nothing: From absolute zero to cosmic oblivion ? amazing insights into nothingness
New Scientist
Profile Books , English
Nature's Numbers: The Unreal... - Ian Stewart

Nature's Numbers: The Unreal...Ian Stewart

It appears to us that the universe is structured in a deeply mathematical way. Falling bodies fall with predictable accelerations. Eclipses can be accurately forecast centuries in advance. Nuclear power plants generate electricity accordin… more

Nature’s Numbers: The Unreal Reality Of Mathematics (Science Masters Series)
Ian Stewart
Basic Books , English
Bifurcation, Symmetry and Patterns -

Bifurcation, Symmetry and Patterns

The latest developments on both the theory and applications of bifurcations with symmetry. The text includes recent experimental work as well as new approaches to and applications of the theory to other sciences. It shows the range of disse… more

Bifurcation, Symmetry and Patterns
Birkhäuser Basel , English
Boogie With Stu - Ian Stewart, Jimmy Page, Joh...

Boogie With StuIan Stewart, Jimmy Page, Joh...

Digital Sheet Music of Boogie With StuComposed by: Ian Stewart;Jimmy Page;John Bonham;John Paul Jones;Ritchie Valens;Robert PlantPerformed by: Led Zeppelin

Boogie With Stu
Ian Stewart, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin, Ritchie Valens, Robert Plant
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
Chaos in Real Data (Populati... - Ian Stewart

Chaos in Real Data (Populati...Ian Stewart

Chaos in Real Data studies the range of data analytic techniques available to study nonlinear population dynamics for ecological time series. Several case studies are studied using typically short and noisy population data from field and… more

Chaos in Real Data (Population and Community Biology Series)
Ian Stewart
Chapman & Hall/CRC , English
How To Get That Job and Beat... - Ian Stewart Roberts

How To Get That Job and Beat...Ian Stewart Roberts

Average wait: N/A

This book is a guide on how to find a job and finding fulfilling employment, even in times of austerity and slow economic growth. There are numerous traditional ways of looking for a job, but few people are aware of all the possible optio… more

How To Get That Job and Beat the Competition
Ian Stewart Roberts
Mindfulness, Acceptance, and... - Joseph Ciarrochi

Mindfulness, Acceptance, and...Joseph Ciarrochi

Many have wondered if there is a key ingredient to living a full and happy life. For decades now, scientists and psychologists alike have been studying the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The positiv… more

Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Positive Psychology: The Seven Foundations of Well-Being (The Context Press Mindfulness and Acceptance Practica Series)
Joseph Ciarrochi
Context Press , English
The Rolling Stones: A WikiFo... - George Andersen

The Rolling Stones: A WikiFo...George Andersen

The Rolling Stones: A WikiFocus Book details the History, 1970–1974, 1975–1982, 1992–2004, Musical development, Early songwriting, Band members, Official videographya and impact of The Rolling Stones.The Rolling Stones are an English rock b… more

The Rolling Stones: A WikiFocus Book (WikiFocus Book Series)
George Andersen
WikiFocus Books International , English
Figments of Reality: The Evo... - Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen

Figments of Reality: The Evo...Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen

Average wait: N/A

Is the universe around us a figment of our imagination? Or are our minds figments of reality? In this refreshing new look at the evolution of mind and culture, bestselling authors Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen eloquently argue that our minds n… more

Figments of Reality: The Evolution of the Curious Mind
Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen
Cambridge University Press , English
Mad About the Boys -

Mad About the Boys

Average wait: N/A

After 12 long years, STARbooks Press is pleased to announce the re-release of “MAD ABOUT THE BOYS” !One of John Patrick’s most popular anthologies of gay erotica has just been released in a new second edition!What can you do? You like sex, … more

Mad About the Boys
STARbooks Press , English
Flatterland: Like Flatland O... - Ian Stewart

Flatterland: Like Flatland O...Ian Stewart

First there was Edwin A. Abbott’s remarkable Flatland, published in 1884, and one of the all-time classics of popular mathematics. Now, from mathematician and accomplished science writer Ian Stewart, comes what Nature calls “a superb sequel… more

Flatterland: Like Flatland Only More So (Art of Mentoring)
Ian Stewart
Basic Books , English
Math Hysteria: Fun and games... - Ian Stewart

Math Hysteria: Fun and games...Ian Stewart

Average wait: N/A

Welcome to Ian Stewart’s strange and magical world of mathematics! In Math Hysteria, Professor Stewart presents us with a wealth of magical puzzles, each one spun around an amazing tale: Counting the Cattle of the Sun; The Great Drain Robb… more

Math Hysteria: Fun and games with mathematics
Ian Stewart
OUP Oxford , English

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