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An Unexpected Date (Treasure... - Susan Hatler

An Unexpected Date (Treasure...Susan Hatler

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An Unexpected Date is a super short and sweet contemporary romance short story (6 pages, 1700 words).

“An Unexpected Date is a wonderful and perfect release to a stressful or crazy day.” — Cafè of Dreams Book Reviews

“It totally made me s… more

An Unexpected Date (Treasured Dreams Book 1)
Susan Hatler
Hatco Publishing , English
Foreign Violation (Study Abroad) - Holly Love

Foreign Violation (Study Abroad)Holly Love

Foreign ViolationAn Erotic Tale of Forbidden Desires           Eric peeked through the small hole she had made with the pencil. Tasia’s bright blue eye stared at him from the other side, and he could hear her small, nervous panting as she w… more

Foreign Violation (Study Abroad)
Holly Love
COLIN (Demon Hunters Book 1) - Evanne Lorraine

COLIN (Demon Hunters Book 1)Evanne Lorraine

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All Holly wants is a Dom to call her own. All Colin wants is a sweet little slave and some rope. It should have been so easy… Why the hell did she have to be human?

Holly loves her job as a private nurse, but the ill and injured offer lit… more

COLIN (Demon Hunters Book 1)
Evanne Lorraine
Evanne Lorraine , English
Little Red and Wolf - Holly Love

Little Red and WolfHolly Love

This is not the usual, low-grade erotic writing littered throughout the rest of the e-book marketplace.   Little Red and WolfAn Explicit Retelling of Grimm’s Classic Fairytale             “A brave thing. Fe… more

Little Red and Wolf
Holly Love
The Satyr's Harem - Holly Love

The Satyr's HaremHolly Love

              A renegade Prince has grown dissatisfied with the women throwing themselves at his feet for their chance to join the royal Harem. He scours the dark corners of his city for a new girl, and he finds a poor pauper with an an... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00CCEE5XA/#editorial-review">more</a>
The Satyr’s Harem
Holly Love
The Big Book of Young Smut: ... - Holly Love

The Big Book of Young Smut: ...Holly Love

Over 300 pages of smut for your reading pleasure! The stories feature plenty of sexy young girls, in a variety of settings that range from classrooms, offices, cruise ships, weight rooms, and public pools! Young sex, exhibitionism, and th… more

The Big Book of Young Smut: Volume Two
Holly Love
Escape To Vegas (A Sexy Roma... - Kelly Young

Escape To Vegas (A Sexy Roma...Kelly Young

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Hollie is a loving mother and wife who has been living a simple life since high school. She gave up her early twenties to have a family and support her husband with his new business. Hollie has no regrets until her seemingly simple life is … more

Escape To Vegas (A Sexy Romance Short Story)
Kelly Young
Sex Stories , English
Getting to Know the Girls - Holly Love

Getting to Know the GirlsHolly Love

When Michael finds himself in bed with his three girlfriends wearing nothing but their panties, he has trouble keeping his lust under control. How can you hide an erection in a bed full of eighteen-year olds? When the girls find out how Mi… more

Getting to Know the Girls
Holly Love
Bishop's Isle (Vol. 1) - Luke Shephard

Bishop's Isle (Vol. 1)Luke Shephard

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Volume 1 of the Bishop’s Isle series - now On Sale!

Life as a lighthouse keeper on a remote Scottish island isn’t always the most exciting. Especially since she split with her husband, Mark. Yet, Holly loves her job, her friends, and her l… more

Bishop’s Isle (Vol. 1)
Luke Shephard
Roja Publishing , English
Summer Camp Fuck - Holly Love

Summer Camp FuckHolly Love

Summer Camp FuckAn Erotic Short    The girl’s lips touched against his midriff as she swallowed the whole of him, and worked his cock deep in her esophagus. Dan felt his load shoot through his cock and pump into the girl’s throat, and stron… more

Summer Camp Fuck
Holly Love
Teen Dreams: Five Stories - Holly Love

Teen Dreams: Five StoriesHolly Love

Teen DreamsFive Explicit Teen Tales      Michelle pulled Audrey to the side. “What’s the deal with you lately?You’re more like a sorority chick every minute.”     Audreygrinned and tugged on Michelle’s ear. “Sorry. I’m just excitedto be at … more

Teen Dreams: Five Stories
Holly Love
Only Dressed Above Water - Holly Love

Only Dressed Above WaterHolly Love

Shay is a teenage nympho, and she loves to show her sexy body off to the boys at the public pool. She will do anything to get their attention, and she gets what she wants by secretly feeling the boys’ cocks under the water. She can’t find … more

Only Dressed Above Water
Holly Love
I Fucked My Coach: Complete Series - Holly Love

I Fucked My Coach: Complete SeriesHolly Love

I Fucked My CoachThe Complete Series        The field was clear of the rest of the athletes and coaches. Mark wondered what his parole officer would think of him being alone with a young, sexy teenager dressed in pink hiphuggers and a sport… more

I Fucked My Coach: Complete Series
Holly Love
Someone Familiar - Holly Love

Someone FamiliarHolly Love

Someone FamiliarAn Erotic Short       Audrey lifted her shirt over her head, and Eric had a quick flashback to the beach, when he had last seen her naked breasts. She had been so nervous and ashamed. He gripped their perfect heft in his han… more

Someone Familiar
Holly Love
My College Roommate - Holly Love

My College RoommateHolly Love

Charlie’s sexy new roommate Claire has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop him from getting her drunk and fucking her like mad in his living room! Once Claire ‘accidentally’ walks in on Charlie in the bathroom, she can’t help but want to st… more

My College Roommate
Holly Love
Fuck Them Young: Volume Two - Holly Love

Fuck Them Young: Volume TwoHolly Love

FOUR stories of young sex sure to keep your dick oozing all weekend! From the popular author Holly Love.Summer Camp Fuck:Dan finds work as a counselor at a dance camp for girls transitioning into college. When he fucks his foxy co-counselo… more

Fuck Them Young: Volume Two
Holly Love
Cherry Poppers: A Collection... - Holly Love

Cherry Poppers: A Collection...Holly Love

This is not the usual, low-grade erotic writing littered throughout the rest of the e-book marketplace.   Cherry PoppersA Collection of Virgin Sex        Charlie let his eyes crawl over the girl’s body, from her fragile fee… more

Cherry Poppers: A Collection of Virgin Sex
Holly Love
Cupid's Lust - Holly Love

Cupid's LustHolly Love

This is not the usual, low-grade erotic writing littered throughout the rest of the e-book marketplace.   Cupid’s LustAn Erotic Story        Flying forward into the wall behind the bed, Cupid pinned Psyche against the cold,… more

Cupid’s Lust
Holly Love
Hot Tub Sleepover - Holly Love

Hot Tub SleepoverHolly Love

Hot Tub SleepoverAn Erotic Short       Mark looked around the group of girls. Their tits were all perfect in their own way, sitting high and firm above their slim stomachs. The dark strips of their neatly trimmed pussies were hidden in thei… more

Hot Tub Sleepover
Holly Love
Foreign Studies - Holly Love

Foreign StudiesHolly Love

This is not the usual, low-grade erotic writing littered throughout the rest of the e-book marketplace.   Foreign StudiesAn Explicit Tale of Seduction        Cory took Aiko and Ami’s wide hips into his arms. He let his hand… more

Foreign Studies
Holly Love

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