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Concealed From Sight - Art Burton

Concealed From SightArt Burton

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George Wilson has disappeared from his farm in Raymond’s River, a small community in rural Nova Scotia. His wife, Connie, is in a frantic state. Was George mugged, robbed and left for dead somewhere? That’s a possibility. George didn’t beli… more

Concealed From Sight
Art Burton
What You Should Know about A... - George Strong

What You Should Know about A...George Strong

It’s the classic dilemma that faces every auto-consumer out there: Pay cash upfront or forego the ownership and pay monthly settlements instead? Buy or lease for a new set of wheels?As is the case with every other common dilemma, there is n… more

What You Should Know about Auto Leasing
George Strong
Polly's Homecoming - J.E. Christer

Polly's HomecomingJ.E. Christer

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Polly and Chris return to Barton after the war. Whereas Chris has returned unscathed, Laura’s husband, George has not. George is often ill and resents being the poor relation, but the strain is too much and he cracks. Polly and Laura resume… more

Polly’s Homecoming
J.E. Christer
School Fundraiser Secrets - George Strong

School Fundraiser SecretsGeorge Strong

Over the years my wife and I have participated in every fundraiser event you can imagine. Our kids were continually coming home with requests for help for this or that fundraiser. The more we volunteered the more we were asked.Over time I s… more

School Fundraiser Secrets
George Strong

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