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Crime - Ferdinand Von Schirach

CrimeFerdinand Von Schirach

From Ferdinand von Schirach, one of Germany’s most prominent defense attorneys, comes a jolting debut collection of short stories that daringly brings to light the motivations stirring within the criminal mind. By turns witty and sorrowful,… more

Ferdinand Von Schirach
Vintage , English
The Collini Case: A Novel - Ferdinand von Schirach

The Collini Case: A NovelFerdinand von Schirach

The internationally bestselling courtroom drama centering on a young German lawyer and a case involving World War IIA bestseller in Germany since its 2011 release—with rights sold in seventeen countries—The Collini Case combines the classic… more

The Collini Case: A Novel
Ferdinand von Schirach
Penguin Books , English
Guilt: Stories - Ferdinand Von Schirach

Guilt: StoriesFerdinand Von Schirach

On a sweltering day in August, a small town drunkenly celebrates its six-hundredth anniversary with a funfair when an anonymous tip leads police to find a young woman brutally beaten, raped, and thrown under the floorboards of the very stag… more

Guilt: Stories
Ferdinand Von Schirach
Knopf , English

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