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Brain Train to InsaneBetty Silver

Rants and raves of the rhyming variety. This book is a collection of poems written over several months while on the daily commuter train from New York City to Norwalk, CT (and back again). Themes include the transition from college to the “… more

Brain Train to Insane
Betty Silver
Betty Silver (at Smashwords) , English

British Legends: The Life an...Charles River Editors

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Includes pictures of George III and other important people in his life.Explains George III’s role and policies during the American Revolution and Napoleonic Era.Discusses George III’s mixed legacy and whether criticisms of it are fair.I… more

British Legends: The Life and Legacy of King George III
Charles River Editors
Charles River Editors , English

Ergo: The DroneJeremy Dooley

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Miles Dawson is a young ‘9t9’ drone pilot covertly fighting the mighty Emerson Corporation from within. As Earth marches toward world war, his battle against a plot to enslave humanity with an alien device takes him to the corporation’s isl… more

Ergo: The Drone
Jeremy Dooley


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Two different centuries in earth’s timeline separated by nearly two hundred and fifty years suddenly collide when eighteen year old Dan Clayton – an idealist stargazer since childhood with a passion for astrophysics – becomes the target of … more

Faruk Nadkar
Faruk Nadkar , English

30 More FallaciesMichael LaBossiere

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30 Fallacies is a companion book for 42 Fallacies. 42 Fallacies is not, however, required to use this book. It provides concise descriptions and examples of thirty common informal fallacies.Accent, Fallacy ofAccident, Fallacy ofAmphiboly, F… more

30 More Fallacies
Michael LaBossiere

The Golden Age of Science Fi...Various

Average wait: 78d, 9h

This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains fifty science fiction short stories and novellas by more than forty different authors. Most of the stories in this collection were published during the heyday of popular science fiction magaz… more

The Golden Age of Science Fiction Volume XI: An Anthology of 50 Short Stories (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics)
Halcyon Press Ltd. , English

PORNRobert D.

The narrator of this fractured novel is suffering from heartbreak, deeply morose, when it occurs to him that never once in any of his half-dozen intense long-term romantic “relationships” has the beloved woman ever been completely faithful … more

Robert D.

Meditations on First Philoso...René Descartes

1 rating

Here is a brilliant new translation of Descartes’s Meditations, one of the most influential books in the history of Western philosophy, including the full texts of the Third and Fourth Objections and Replies, and a selection from the other … more

Meditations on First Philosophy: with Selections from the Objections and Replies
René Descartes
Oxford University Press, USA , English

Cogito, Ergo Whom?Adam Skuos

Average wait: N/A

The Bureaucratic Hub is the center of all bureaucracy in the nation of RandomlyDrawnBorders (RDB), which has become too big to realize that it has already failed. Good, talented people sometimes work there, although not for very long. Jhn L… more

Cogito, Ergo Whom?
Adam Skuos

Welcome to Gehenna and Other...Darren Scothern

Average wait: N/A

WELCOME TO GEHENNA AND OTHER TWISTED TALES A short story collection like none you have ever read before. Darren R. Scothern takes you on a tour of madness and heartbreak in a series of tales that is disturbing, moving and utterly compellin… more

Welcome to Gehenna and Other Twisted Tales
Darren Scothern

Reaper of the Golden SunMARK GREEN

Average wait: N/A

A superb, compelling story which pitches compassion against malice and greed, a story that will take you on a journey which twists and turns through life culminating to an unexpected conclusion. The “Reaper of the Golden Sun” is a psycholog… more

Reaper of the Golden Sun

Slave Cynthia: The Prodigal ...Ergo

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Cynthia was in a rut, working in a dead end job for a man who treated her with dignity and respect. Her thirst for cruel, sadistic sex went unquenched and she missed the days when Mistress Ebony and her friends used and abused her on a dail… more

Slave Cynthia: The Prodigal Mistress

My Girlfriend, the Bitch (Co...Ergo

Average wait: N/A

Vince and Sylvia were a normal, happy couple until Jurgen entered their lives, awaking Sylvia’s desire to be dominated and Vince’s desire to dominate. In this, the first book in the Confessions of a Dog Hater series, Sylvia convinces Vince … more

My Girlfriend, the Bitch (Confessions of a Dog Hater)

Mind Power: The Secret Of Me...William Walker Atkinson

Average wait: N/A

Cogito Ergo Sum”, I think therefore I am…We often forget the mind and the importance of the quality of thoughts,This book is about “the Secret”, the Law of Attraction and the power of mind. It is a practical, detailed guide to self-impro… more

Mind Power: The Secret Of Mental Magic
William Walker Atkinson
Ancient Wisdom Publication , English

How To Buy The Best Ergonomi...Editorial Team Of MPowerUniv...

If you are in the market for an ergonomic chair, then here is help.In this small yet meaty report, our researchers have identified a failproof plan to buy the best ergo chair your money could buy.You can put this to test and if you’re not s… more

How To Buy The Best Ergonomic Chair Your Money Can Buy - A Failproof Plan!
Editorial Team Of MPowerUniversity.com
MPowerUniversity.com , English

Ergo: Poetry EtceteraRobert Squire

Average wait: N/A

Ergo, Poetry Etcetera, is a travelogue of a different sort. It is one of the spirit – a search for understanding and meaning in life, offered in poetry and artwork. Its chapters: Prologue, Portals, Linkages, Findings, Interlude, Gleanings… more

Ergo: Poetry Etcetera
Robert Squire
eBookPartnership.com , English

Caveat Fuzzy (Little Fuzzy)Wolfgang Diehr

Average wait: N/A

CAVEAT FUZZY by Wolfgang Diehr is his sequel to Fuzzy Ergo Sum and the second new book continuing the Fuzzy series of novels first begun by H. Beam Piper. Little Fuzzy was H. Beam Piper’s bestselling novel and was nominated for a Hugo award… more

Caveat Fuzzy (Little Fuzzy)
Wolfgang Diehr
Pequod Press , English

Kaiser Tiberius und der römi...Philip J. Dingeldey

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2011 im Fachbereich Geschichte - Weltgeschichte - Frühgeschichte, Antike, Note: 1,7, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Lehrstuhl für Alte Geschichte), Veranstaltung: Tiberius: Der traurige Kaiser,… more

Kaiser Tiberius und der römische Senat: Eine gescheiterte Beziehung (German Edition)
Philip J. Dingeldey
GRIN Verlag GmbH , German

Pet Girls of Suburbia (Confe...Ergo

Average wait: N/A

Vince loves Sylvia, and Sylvia loves Vince almost as much as she loves sadistic lesbian sex. So it makes sense that they buy a new house together. To Sylvia, a new house means new furniture. To Vince, new furniture means only one thing - Sw… more

Pet Girls of Suburbia (Confessions of a Dog Hater)

Ego Sentio, Ergo Sum: A infl...Daniel Marques

Average wait: N/A

A evolução espiritual e a lei da atracção estão associadas entre si sem que nenhuma delas assuma mais importância que a outra. Ao longo da obra pretende-se descrever de que modo o nosso desenvolvimento espiritual, o amor-próprio e o potenci… more

Ego Sentio, Ergo Sum: A influência da lei do amor na lei da atracção (Portuguese Edition)
Daniel Marques

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