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The List - A ThrillerJ.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn

24 ratings
Average wait: < 1h

There are six books in the Konrath/Kilborn Collective. ORIGIN, THE LIST, AFRAID, TRAPPED, and ENDURANCE are the first five, and can be read in any order. The sixth, HAUNTED HOUSE, contains characters from each of the previous books.more

The List - A Thriller
J.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn

OriginJ.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn

15 ratings
Average wait: 6h

There are six books in the Konrath/Kilborn Collective. ORIGIN, THE LIST, AFRAID, TRAPPED, and ENDURANCE are the first five, and can be read in any order. The sixth, HAUNTED HOUSE, contains characters from each of the previous books.more

J.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn

Shot of TequilaJ.A. Konrath

7 ratings
Average wait: 3h

A GUTSY ROBBERYSeveral million bucks, stolen from the mob…A PERFECT FRAMEAll caught on video, with no chance of redemption…A RED HOT RECIPE FOR RAMPAGING REVENGENow one man must face the entire Chicago Outfit, a group of hardened Mafia … more

Shot of Tequila
J.A. Konrath

Truck Stop - A Psycho ThrillerJ.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn

8 ratings
Average wait: 1h

Before the events of Jack Kilborn’s epic horror novel AFRAID…Before the events of J.A. Konrath’s critically acclaimed thrillers FUZZY NAVEL and CHERRY BOMB…Before the events of Jack Kilborn’s and Blake Crouch’s #1 Amazon Kindle bestsell… more

Truck Stop - A Psycho Thriller
J.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn

Savage NightsW.D. Gagliani

Average wait: N/A

The call came in the middle of the night. Rich Brant was just sweating through another Vietnam nightmare when the phone rang.“It’s Kit,” his brother moaned. “They’ve taken her.”They don’t know what they’ve done…Kidnapped from a busy mall, B… more

Savage Nights
W.D. Gagliani
Tarkus Press , English

Squid Pulp BluesJordan Krall

Krall has quite a flair for outrage as an art form, and with SQUID PULP BLUES, he’s created a wholly unique terrascape of Ibsen-like naturalism and morbidity; an extravaganza of white-trash urban/noir horror.” - EDWARD LEE, author of The B… more

Squid Pulp Blues
Jordan Krall
Eraserhead Press , English

Piecemeal JuneJordan Krall

Average wait: N/A

( Kevin lives in a small apartment above a porn shop with his tarot-reading cat, Mithra. He has gotten used to Mithra bringing him things from outside: dead mice, Twinkie wrappers, donut scraps, houseplants, and the occasional rabbit head. … more

Piecemeal June
Jordan Krall
Eraserhead Press , English

PILATE: DIRECTOR'S CUTReverend Steven Rage

Average wait: N/A

PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale,is the story of Pilate, a drug lord vampire in this re-telling of Christ’s final days set in modern times in a Midwest American ghetto. When given another chance to save the Earth’s new female Christ, will the re… more

Reverend Steven Rage
MorbidbookS. Everything Bleeds. , English

The Castleton Files (Will Ca...David Bain

Average wait: N/A

In this volume, “slightly psychic” U.S. Marshal and paranormal detective Will Castleton (DEATH SIGHT: A WILL CASTLETON NOVEL) takes on ghosts, hardcore criminals, his girlfriend and his relationship to reality itself. Including an all-new 1… more

The Castleton Files (Will Castleton/Green River)
David Bain

Daemon of the Dark WoodRandy Chandler

Average wait: < 1h

A man who digs cursed earth, uncovers great sorrow.

When the women of Widow’s Ridge begin to go missing, a deputy sheriff, a psychiatrist and a community college professor become mired in chilling myth and mystery. When the missing women … more

Daemon of the Dark Wood
Randy Chandler
Comet Press , English

Fistful of FeetJordan Krall

Average wait: 3h

A bizarro tribute to Spaghetti westerns, H.P. Lovecraft, and foot fetish enthusiasts.Screwhorse, Nevada is legendary for its violent and unusual pleasures, but when a mysterious gunslinger drags a wooden donkey into the desert town, the sta… more

Fistful of Feet
Jordan Krall
Eraserhead Press , English

Dead SoulsDavid G. Barnett

Average wait: N/A

What people are saying about “Dead Souls”:• “Well…at least it burned nicely.”• “Dave Barnett is never allowed to speak to me again.”• “Never has a tree died for so little a reason.”• “I need a bath.”• “It’s sad when God forgets about one … more

Dead Souls
David G. Barnett
Necro Publications , English

Beyond the Valley of the Apo...Jordan Krall

Average wait: < 1h

A nudist colony. A rare film. A donkey-headed woman. A murder. The hummingbird. Explore identity, marriage, madness, and obsession in a phantasmagoric orgy of violence and voyeurism.BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE APOCALYPSE DONKEYSa novella by Jo… more

Beyond the Valley of the Apocalypse Donkeys
Jordan Krall
Copeland Valley Electronics , English

Lucifer's LotteryEdward Lee

2 ratings

Just before he’s about to enter a seminary, a young man learns he’s the winner of Lucifer’s Lottery, a lottery held every 666 years, in which the winner receives eternal youth and wealth and a personal tour of Hell.

Lucifer’s Lottery
Edward Lee
Dorchester Publishing , English

Terror TownJames Roy Daley

1 rating
Average wait: 19d, 7h

Author’s note: Terror Town, my second novel, was written before I had started my publishing company, Books of the Dead Press. Originally, the rights for the book had been signed away to two separate publishers, one was planning to release t… more

Terror Town
James Roy Daley
Books of the Dead Press , English

Muerte Con CarneShane McKenzie

Average wait: N/A

“Shane, how do you sleep at night?”-Jack Ketchum“McKenzie’s prose strikes like a sledge-hammer to the belly and a baseball bat to the crotch.”-Edward LeeHuman flesh tacos, hardcore wrestling, and angry cannibal Mexicans…Welcome to the Borde… more

Muerte Con Carne
Shane McKenzie

Nightmares from a Lovecraftian MindJordan Krall

Average wait: N/A

From Jordan Krall, the author of TENTACLE DEATH TRIP and UNFRUITFUL WORKS AND OTHER PERSONAL HORRORS comes this collection of Lovecraftian tales of horror both cosmic and personal. This is a collection of cryptic weird fiction… dreamlike … more

Nightmares from a Lovecraftian Mind
Jordan Krall
Dunhams Manor Books , English

Recollections and Letters of...Robert Edward Lee

Average wait: N/A

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee
Robert Edward Lee

RAGE PRIMERReverend Steven Rage

Average wait: N/A

From Morbidbooks. … everything bleeds

Please note: The fictional world of RAGE contains graphic violence, illicit drug use, non-consensual extreme sex, and potentially offensive material given the religious references.


Reverend Steven Rage
MorbidbookS. Everything Bleeds. , English

DarkenedBryan Smith

Average wait: 6d, 15h

PLEASE NOTE: DARKENED was originally published as DEADWORLD in 2011.”Bryan Smith’s DEADWORLD is a full-throttle pedal-to-the-metal ride straight into the heart of the apocalypse. Deeply disturbing and absolutely riveting. Highly recommende… more

Bryan Smith
Bitter Ale Press , English

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