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The Bride of Time - Dawn Thompson

The Bride of TimeDawn Thompson

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SOME LOVES…There was little of joy and beauty for Tessa LaPrelle, a scullery maid in 1903 London, but a painting called The Bride of Time. The nude raised eyebrows and speculation that Tessa had posed. Impossible! Even if some man could m… more

The Bride of Time
Dawn Thompson
Montlake Romance , English
Lord of the Deep - Dawn Thompson

Lord of the DeepDawn Thompson

2 ratings

Accused of witchcraft and banished to the Isle of Mists, Meg is utterly alone, until the night the selkies appear for a moonlight orgy, glistening wet, proudly naked. As beautiful bodies entwine and shapes shift within the sea, a man comes … more

Lord of the Deep
Dawn Thompson
Kensington , English
The Ravencliff Bride - Dawn Thompson

The Ravencliff BrideDawn Thompson

As the coach flies up the Cornish coast, Sara sees the end of her journey: Ravencliff Manor. But what sort of man would rescue her from debtors prison by marriage, sight unseen, by proxy? Obviously, a wretch—the same sort of man who lets a … more

The Ravencliff Bride
Dawn Thompson
Montlake Romance , English
The Falcon's Bride - Dawn Thompson

The Falcon's BrideDawn Thompson

At twenty-one, after two Seasons with no takers, Theadosia Barrington should have been grateful to snare Nigel Cosgrove. The earl-to-be was a blue-eyed Adonis, a true catch-and surely the incident in Covent Garden was exaggerated. And yet… more

The Falcon’s Bride
Dawn Thompson
Montlake Romance , English
Sexy Beast IV - Deanna Lee, Kate Douglas, Da...

Sexy Beast IVDeanna Lee, Kate Douglas, Da...

Average wait: 9h

They are men with a fierce, feral power and a sensuality that seduces all who come near. No woman can resist their primal urges for wild and wanton sex. . .”Chanku Destiny” by Kate DouglasMystical and sensual shapeshifters, the Chanku wel… more

Sexy Beast IV
Deanna Lee, Kate Douglas, Dawn Thompson
Kensington , English
Lord Of The Dark - Dawn Thompson

Lord Of The DarkDawn Thompson

Average wait: 254d, 0h

Come To Me Gideon, the greatest among the archangels of the Arcan gods, fell from grace eons ago when he lusted after a mortal woman, knowing well that it was wrong—and that he would live forever with his sin. In his flight from Paradise … more

Lord Of The Dark
Dawn Thompson
Kensington , English
Blood Moon (Blood Moon, Book 1) - Dawn Thompson

Blood Moon (Blood Moon, Book 1)Dawn Thompson

Start of a stunning new series! THEIR DARK CURSE Jon Hyde-White was changed. Neither his horse nor his dog trusted him any longer, and with good cause; the transformation was almost complete. Soon he would cease to be an earl’s… more

Blood Moon (Blood Moon, Book 1)
Dawn Thompson
Love Spell , English
Lord of the Forest - Dawn Thompson

Lord of the ForestDawn Thompson

Average wait: N/A

Midsummer Madness Pagan revelers dance naked to the music of flute and lyre, their lithe bodies golden in the firelight, inviting the lord of their deepest desires to appear from t… more

Lord of the Forest
Dawn Thompson
Kensington , English
Belle of the Blue Moon Ball - Dawn Thompson

Belle of the Blue Moon BallDawn Thompson

Average wait: N/A

A short story -A delightful paranormal romp through Regency London…Legend has it that a blue moon is enchanted.Lady Arabella Gilmartin and Nigel Reardon, Earl of Everton, were destined for each other but weren’t getting very far—in fact,… more

Belle of the Blue Moon Ball
Dawn Thompson
Highland Press Publishing , English
The Waterlord - Dawn Thompson

The WaterlordDawn Thompson

Average wait: N/A

Lady Rebecca’s life changed forever in the blink of an eye. One moment she was fleeing her father across a storm-swept Bodmin Moor; in the next, her carriage overturned on a steep gorge. But she did not die. Somehow, she was pulled clear.Sa… more

The Waterlord
Dawn Thompson
Montlake Romance , English
Blood Moon - Dawn Thompson

Blood MoonDawn Thompson

Average wait: N/A

Start of a stunning new series!THEIR DARK CURSE Jon Hyde-White was changed. Neither his horse nor his dog trusted him any longer, and with good cause; the transformation was almost complete. Soon he would cease to be an earl’s second son … more

Blood Moon
Dawn Thompson
Montlake Romance , English
The Ravening (Blood Moon Book 3) - Dawn Thompson

The Ravening (Blood Moon Book 3)Dawn Thompson

Average wait: N/A

THE HUNGER IS BOUNDLESS…In the moonlit forest, bewitched by a wolf and dancing to music only she could hear, Paloma was first taken. And though she escaped her attacker, she could not flee her destiny.…AND IT CANNOT BE DENIEDMilosh could se… more

The Ravening (Blood Moon Book 3)
Dawn Thompson
Montlake Romance , English
Regency Diary - Dawn Thompson, Dawn Thompson

Regency DiaryDawn Thompson, Dawn Thompson

Average wait: N/A

You are about to take a step back in time, into the heart of Regency England, where a watering pot is not something you water flowers with, and a bluestocking is not something you wear. So, without further jabberwocky, why not repair with m… more

Regency Diary
Dawn Thompson, Dawn Thompson
Highland Press Publishing , English
Blue Moon Enchantment (Once ... - Jeanne Van Arsdall, Michelle...

Blue Moon Enchantment (Once ...Jeanne Van Arsdall, Michelle...

Average wait: N/A

Blue Moon Enchantment from Highland Press offers eleven writers worldwide, many from the No Law Against Love anthology, with enchanting romance tales of what happens when a wish is made on a Blue Moon. Presented as two volumes, Blue Moon Ma… more

Blue Moon Enchantment (Once In A Blue Moon Series Book 2)
Jeanne Van Arsdall, Michelle Scaplen, Jill and Julia, Deborah MacGillivray, Leanne Burroughs, Dawn Thompson, Candace Gold, Victoria Houseman, Patty Howell, Gerri Bowen
Highland Press Publishing , English
The Marsh Hawk (Leisure Hist... - Dawn Mactavish

The Marsh Hawk (Leisure Hist...Dawn Mactavish

THE PRIVATEER Lark at first hoped it was a simple nightmare: If she closed her eyes, she would be back in the mahogany bed of her spacious boudoir at Eddington Hall, and all would be well. Her father, the earl of Roxburgh, would not be dead… more

The Marsh Hawk (Leisure Historical Romance)
Dawn Mactavish
Leisure Books
Blue Moon Magic (Once In A B... - Dawn Thompson, Leanne Burrou...

Blue Moon Magic (Once In A B...Dawn Thompson, Leanne Burrou...

Average wait: N/A

Blue Moon Magic from Highland Press offers eleven writers worldwide, many from the No Law Against Love anthology, with enchanting romance tales of what happens when a wish is made on a Blue Moon. Presented as two volumes—Blue Moon Enchantm… more

Blue Moon Magic (Once In A Blue Moon Series Book 1)
Dawn Thompson, Leanne Burroughs, Deborah MacGillivray, Katherine Smith, Diane Davis White, Lee Roland, Billie Warren Chai, Kristi Ahlers
Highland Press Publishing , English
Light Looking at Itself: Eig... - Dawn Thompson

Light Looking at Itself: Eig...Dawn Thompson

When light looks at itself, what does it see? Maybe a fat man eating to fill a lonely heart. Maybe a bored office worker who finally ventures outside to find herself. Perhaps a grieving husband making a choice about where to go next, a girl… more

Light Looking at Itself: Eight Short Stories
Dawn Thompson
iUniverse , English
Rape of the Soul - Dawn Thompson

Rape of the SoulDawn Thompson

Average wait: N/A

Anya Seton meets Stephen King…The house seemed to beckon her. Welcome her. As if it knew her. The light had faded, and dark, bilious clouds had taken its place. In the three short weeks I’d spent in Cornwall, I’d learned two things: that … more

Rape of the Soul
Dawn Thompson
Highland Press Publishing , English
The Billionaire's Babysitter... - Julia Bryn

The Billionaire's Babysitter...Julia Bryn

Average wait: N/A

When inexperienced Dawn Thompson gets asked to babysit for the rich families that make their vacation homes in her idyllic town, she’s more than a little intrigued. But Mr. Whittaker is more than just wealthy, he’s a billionaire. For the fi… more

The Billionaire’s Babysitter (BBW first time rough pregnancy erotica)
Julia Bryn
The Brotherhood (Blood Moon Book 2) - Dawn Thompson

The Brotherhood (Blood Moon Book 2)Dawn Thompson

Joss Hyde-White left London for answers about who and what he was. What he found, with night falling, Cornwall consumed by a snowstorm quickly obscuring the road, was a carriage—a brougham by the look of it—its snow-covered horses standing … more

The Brotherhood (Blood Moon Book 2)
Dawn Thompson
Montlake Romance , English

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