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The Second Amendment #1 (Cri... - John Matthews

The Second Amendment #1 (Cri...John Matthews

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One simple thesis. But it threatens the very roots of the Constitution. There’s too much at stake.

20,000 gun deaths a year, schoolyard massacres, and now a wave of militia bombings… America is under siege.

At the heart of the storm… more

The Second Amendment #1 (Crime, legal thriller (action, political))
John Matthews
E-media books , English
Dreams of One Country: Passi... - Jagjit Daniel, John Daniel

Dreams of One Country: Passi...Jagjit Daniel, John Daniel

Passion and compassion dominate the human interest story of my novel Dreams of One Country. An Ek Desh (One Country) campaign of youth spreads across India to unite the people and strive to build one of the world’s most modern nations. Desp… more

Dreams of One Country: Passion and Compassion Inspire India’s Luminous Spring
Jagjit Daniel, John Daniel
John Daniel and Son , English
Lincoln and His Admirals - Craig Symonds

Lincoln and His AdmiralsCraig Symonds

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Abraham Lincoln began his presidency admitting that he knew “but little of ships,” but he quickly came to preside over the largest national armada to that time, not eclipsed until World War I. Written by naval historian Craig L. Symonds, L… more

Lincoln and His Admirals
Craig Symonds
Oxford University Press , English
He's my damn husband! - Todd Daniels

He's my damn husband!Todd Daniels

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A powerful and gripping tale focused on a beautiful couple, John and Angie McBride, married and madly in love, who find themselves in a twisted relationship that spirals out of control. Soon, Angie is struggling to keep her husband and her … more

He’s my damn husband!
Todd Daniels
Prayers That Bring Change: P... - Kimberly Daniels, John Eckhardt

Prayers That Bring Change: P...Kimberly Daniels, John Eckhardt

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Use the authority God has given you to move to the next level in your prayer life with this collection of proclamation prayers by best-selling author Kimberly Daniels. More than just a book on how to pray, Prayers That Bring Change is fille… more

Prayers That Bring Change: Power-Filled Prayers that Give Hope, Heal Relationships, Bring Financial Freedom and More!
Kimberly Daniels, John Eckhardt
Charisma House , English
A Mind Supreme: SF Short Stories - Thomas Fay

A Mind Supreme: SF Short StoriesThomas Fay

An interviewer at a center for gifted children encounters a child unlike any she has ever met before. A man experiencing time lapses suspects he may be guilty of committing murder. The benevolent organization known only as the Farm is accus… more

A Mind Supreme: SF Short Stories
Thomas Fay
Chain of Events - Daniel John

Chain of EventsDaniel John

Everyone has that one moment in their life that they wish they could take back; For Billy Cahill that moment came when his wife was out of town and he went out with his secretary and her friends. After a night of drinking and heavy flirting… more

Chain of Events
Daniel John
America is in Prophecy;  Int... - Joseph Dulmage

America is in Prophecy; Int...Joseph Dulmage

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Present day America is evolving into something unrecognizable to the way the country was even 20 years ago. America’s political leaders are so paralyzed with conviction and incompetence they surrender the future to fate. The consequences of… more

America is in Prophecy; Introducing Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom
Joseph Dulmage
Joseph Dulmage , English
Brittney (Evolution's of Bri... - Tawayne Tawa McNeil

Brittney (Evolution's of Bri...Tawayne Tawa McNeil

Average wait: 2h

BRITTNEY NICHOLE DANIELS is the girl that your daddy warned you about. She is the one that you look out of the window for when you hear that bump in the night. Brittney was born into a loving and caring world and raised by her father, JAMESmore

Brittney (Evolution’s of Brittney Book 2)
Tawayne Tawa McNeil
Versatile Writing & Movie Making , English
Prophesy, End Times, and the... - Daniel, John The Beloved

Prophesy, End Times, and the...Daniel, John The Beloved

Two great books that deal with End Times and the BibleOne in the Old Testament and one in the New TestamentThe books of Daniel and RevelationAlso an in depth study of the rapture by John R. Hargrove.The Rapture is a Christian belief that fo… more

Prophesy, End Times, and the Rapture
Daniel, John The Beloved
The Eleventh Horn: The Europ... - Dr Daniel-John Ezekiel de No...

The Eleventh Horn: The Europ...Dr Daniel-John Ezekiel de No...

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Read in this book the astonishing revelations about the European Union, and about all the cataclysmic events that the EU-lead project of globalization will lead the global world into.The author is a reputable scientist who has used a unique… more

The Eleventh Horn: The European Union as Predicted by the Prophet Daniel
Dr Daniel-John Ezekiel de Nostradamus
Wrap My Words Around You - Daniel John Bedingfield

Wrap My Words Around YouDaniel John Bedingfield

Digital Sheet Music of Wrap My Words Around YouComposed by: Daniel John BedingfieldPerformed by: Daniel John Bedingfield

Wrap My Words Around You
Daniel John Bedingfield
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
The Cold Spot - JG Faherty

The Cold SpotJG Faherty

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Clay Daniels is an outcast among outcasts. Cursed with a terrible birthmark on his face, his life is an endless misery of teasing and physical abuse from his classmates. Things only get worse when his parents die and he’s forced to move in … more

The Cold Spot
JG Faherty
JG Faherty , English
The Sirian-Strain Report - C... - Count. Daniel John  Fogarty

The Sirian-Strain Report - C...Count. Daniel John Fogarty

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This is a book, listing a channeling experience I had with a Dolphin Collective Mind when I was writing another book in 2012. I was expecting to be writing and editing my book Thoughts, Distinctions and Certainties when I found a watery lik… more

The Sirian-Strain Report - Contact with Dolphin Intelligences
Count. Daniel John Fogarty
Count. Daniel John Fogarty , English
The American Meta-Economy: A... - Daniel John Hancock

The American Meta-Economy: A...Daniel John Hancock

This unique message proposes investments for America in creating the meta-economy using wisdom and knowledge technology, and moving beyond fictitious ego-based consciousness to avoid the fate of Atlantis.

The American Meta-Economy: Atlantis Transformed
Daniel John Hancock
Trafford Publishing , English
Commentary on Daniel - John Calvin

Commentary on DanielJohn Calvin

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For hundreds of years John Calvin’s Commentaries have been admired and relied upon for their deep insights into Scripture.

Charles Spurgeon told his students, “It would not be possible for me too earnestly to press upon you the importance … more

Commentary on Daniel
John Calvin
Titus Books , English
Textbook of anatomy [Illustrated] - Daniel John Cunningham

Textbook of anatomy [Illustrated]Daniel John Cunningham

Anatomy is a comprehensive term, which includes several closely related branches of study. …If the students have not already acquired a general idea of that system, they should consult a text-book of Anatomy, in order that they may apprec… more

Textbook of anatomy [Illustrated]
Daniel John Cunningham
No Bedrock Foundation of Men... - Daniel John Barnes

No Bedrock Foundation of Men...Daniel John Barnes

No Bedrock Foundation of Mental HealthDaniel John Barnes (Author)

No Bedrock Foundation of Mental Health
Daniel John Barnes
AuthorHouse , English
Beauty Brought Back To Hold - Daniel John  Greening

Beauty Brought Back To HoldDaniel John Greening

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Beauty Brought Back To Hold is the first visual narrative published by D J Greening. The aim of the story is to take the reader on a journey through a lyrical landscape inhabited by many strange and mysterious characters, some friends and s… more

Beauty Brought Back To Hold
Daniel John Greening
D J Greening , English
Blown It Again - Daniel John Bedingfield, Jah...

Blown It AgainDaniel John Bedingfield, Jah...

Digital Sheet Music of Blown It AgainComposed by: Daniel John Bedingfield;Jahaziel ElliotPerformed by: Daniel John Bedingfield

Blown It Again
Daniel John Bedingfield, Jahaziel Elliot
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English

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